Traveling with Toddlers: 6 Tips & Practical Advices

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Traveling is something that requires proper planning. Because of wrong planning, your entire trip can turn into a disastrous one. Or even you might be compelled to cancel it on the midway. The prime part of a smoother trip while traveling with toddlers is balancing between their needs, resting time and their activities. When your little one will remain active, not cranky, your trip will be one of your memorable and best experience as a family. To minimize the hassle while traveling with kids, we are here to assist you with recreational ideas, survival strategies, and practical advice. If you follow these tips, your holiday will certainly meet both of your and your kids’ expectations. Here are the tips:

1. Choose your destination carefully

To derive the maximum enjoyment and pleasure from your trip, choosing a perfect destination is the step. When you are traveling with a kid, it becomes more necessary. You need to balance the demand for an energetic toddler and your dreamy calm holiday. You need to make sure that anyone’s expectation is not compromised. Try to find the weather, opportunities and location may suit everyone, especially your little one.

2. What kind of trip do you want?

A big part of your overall trip planning is controlled by this point. What do you want to experience and how your daily routine is will determine most of the planning. What do you like- cities, landscape, hilly areas or beaches? What do you prefer, festival or cultural experience? What is your favorite, shopping or tasting different cuisine? Do you want adventure or absolute relaxation and last but not the least, your budget, do you want a luxurious, mid-range or economy trip?

Try to specify these answers. But always keep your toddler’s demand and comfort on your priority list.

3. What about luggage?

Packing your luggage is one of the most important parts of any travel. And when it comes about a toddler, it becomes more important as you will have to suffer in the whole journey if you miss anything important. So, you should be attentive in this part.

Packing the right stuff and keeping it light at the same time is a challenge when you have a toddler with you. Moreover, if they still need diapers or formula the situation gets more difficult.

At first, keep your credit cards, tickets, passports, cash and other most necessary items in a waist wallet or somewhere you won’t forget.

Use a backpack to keep your hands free so that it may ease to carry your child.

When your partner is also accompanying you, you two can divide the stuff. Pack one small bag with the clothes you will wear the next day and some necessary stuff like toothpaste, toothbrush, proper camping hat and other things you would need immediately. It will be easier than carrying a big suitcase.

In another bag, you can put your and your partner’s clothes. Follow a trick while selecting clothes for a trip. Select versatile and comfortable clothes. If the clothes are color coordinated, it’ll be more beneficial. If your cloth gets dirty, you won’t need to change the whole outfit.

If your toddlers are little grown up, you can encourage them to choose and pack own clothes. As a result, their travel skill will improve.

As toddlers make a place messy, a roll of paper towels and a box of wipes will come handy.

Always try to make your luggage lightweight. For this, you can skip those stuff that will be available in your traveling spot.

4. Plan around naps and sleep

This part is very important and perhaps most tricky also, especially when you have a child with you. Though you can’t always keep up your children’s normal sleep routine, there are few certain tips, by following which you can minimize the difference.

Choosing your flight at your baby’s nap time can work well. For timely nap, feed properly and make sure the nappy is clean.

And if your toddler is of school age, before starting your journey, let them do some physical activities so that they may settle down when you start your trip.

Toddler’s sleep is very important because a cranky child may create frustration. To maintain a normal sleeping routine of your child as much as possible, you should try that the child may feel at home. For this, carry your child’s favorite toy, blanket and other stuff like stuffed animals, lullaby CD and so on. Make the sleeping area homely surrounding his favorite items.

Even after taking all possible precautions, be mentally prepared that, your baby may not respond the way you want. Only then you will be able to tackle any situation calmly.

5. Gate check your stroller

While carrying a stroller in your trip, consider the option of checking it through the gate. Most of the time, you may have this for free of cost. If you get it checked, you will be allowed to use it at your departure and arrival at the airport.

But you will have to wait for some time to be delivered it to the jetway, which may be irritating. So, choose any option after second thought.

Getting a compact stroller which is foldable and comes with cargo space may be the best option to avoid this problem.

6. Sooth your crying baby

When your baby will cry, everyone will be disturbed, especially on an air trip.

At first, try to find out the reason for crying, whether the child is crying because of tiredness, hunger or any other discomfort.

As a precaution, feed your baby at the time of takeoff and landing. During takeoff and landing, when the air pressure changes, babies may cry out of fear. Here, you can try bottle feeder. If the child doesn’t eat, you may try a pacifier.

At times their favorite items may work also. Try to pacify with those.

If the child is bored, try to distract and surprise with a new toy or book.

But never stress yourself or the baby worrying about other passengers. This will aggravate the problem.

Advantage of traveling with toddlers

  • Traveling is a happy occasion for growing toddlers. According to family travel experts, it helps them to grow smarter.
  • Travel experiences give them good memories that help to get through tough times later in growing age.
  • Traveling with your children strengthen the family bond.
  • Children eat and sleep most of the time while traveling. On the top, if your baby is under 6 months and breastfeeding, you won’t have to worry about food either.

traveling with toddlers

Disadvantage of toddler travel

  • Toddler stage is something unpredictable. So, traveling this time can be stressful for the child and the parents.
  • More care and constant watch is needed for toddlers.
  • You may be exhausted due to carry them always.
  • Eating out may be an unpleasant experience.

Final words

However, considering all the advantages like family bonding, global education and life-enriching memories of traveling with a toddler, it’s beneficial for your children. And if you follow these guidelines carefully, probably you going to have a hassle-free trip. Happy traveling!

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