BMXie Balance Bike Review: Chillafish BMXie-RS (BMX Kids Bike)

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Teaching your child how to ride a bike is like their first ever rite of passage. There’s no set age when you should teach or motivate your child to ride but usually, the earlier you do the better. The first stages when learning ride is the most crucial for a child who is at least two years of age. Here you can get the child interested in riding as they are at that age where they consume everything they are taught.

But where do you start? Do you go straight to a normal bike, a bike with training wheels or will start with a balance bike do the trick? With a bike like the BMXie balance bike, there’s no sense of false balance. The child is also more in control over when to let go and when to stop. Ultimately, you’ll notice that it takes shorter for a child to move from a balance bike straight to a normal bike without needing training wheels. Want to know more about this bike? Here’s an in-depth review.

The Key Features of Chillafish BMXie-RS

The bike is a one of a kind bike that brings immense fun and joy to any child. It has a fun yet elegant design that makes every kid look cool. Here are some of the key features that come with this bike.

Convenient design

On purchasing a balance bike, it is delivered in parts packaged inside a box for you to assemble. It can be tedious and overwhelming trying to figure out which part goes where. But the good news here is that the Chillafish BMXie-RS needs very little effort to assemble. You can do it with your bare hands! You need no tools to put it together from start to completion. In addition, this bike comes installed with the signature BMX style bicycle frame that enhances the child’s experience for increased fun. This frame is also reliable in regard to ensuring the kid’s safety especially when sliding.

Easy adjustments

Not all children are the same height or weight. As such, this bike comes with an adjustable twist and lock seat and a detachable footrest. This help accommodates your child needs as he or she advances closer to gaining a perfect balance in readiness for a normal bike. For instance, you can push the seat upwards or further downwards to enhance the comfort of a child whose legs are longer or shorter. You can also install the footrest if it is going to help the child balance well or detach it if it’s coming in the way of him learning how to ride.

Provisions for customization

Even children want to appear unique. They do not want the same outfit as some other kid nor do they want a bike that is just the same as the other kid’s bike. The makers of the BMXie-RS realize this fact and have hence made creative provisions for customizations. This includes a detachable number plate where you can place different stickers that either match the child’s personality or of things the child likes. Beyond making the bike look unique, the stickers help the child place his own stamp of ownership on his or her bike in addition to whetting the child’s creativity.

It fits right in

Owing to its simplicity many prefer to train their kids only within their compound. However, this bike is made to be gentle with your child yet tough enough to withstand a ride in the skating park, down a safe street or even on an adventurous rough road. Here the child gets to train and socialize with other kids. Even better they can show off their new skills while racing with their friends. The change in terrain helps the child diversify his or her balancing while training outside of the house makes it even more worthwhile for both you and the kid.

Strong and durable

Considering that this balance bike will be used for the sole purpose of training, it is pretty obvious that minor accidents will take place. The child could lose control and bump into the trash bin, a tree stump, ride through the mud or even fall. The child is left safe of course thanks to the kid bike helmet, elbow and knee caps. But can the same be said about the balance bike? The BMXie-RS bike is made of high-quality fiberglass in anticipation of such accidents. It is strong enough and durable to withstand all minor accident the child may encounter. It is extremely light and does not draw the child’s strength during training. This way, the child can focus on his or her training fully without the worry of wrecking the bike.

High-quality bike

No punctures here! The bike comes with a unique set of tires that are made of rubber skin. This is of utmost importance as it ensures durability and keeps the bike grounded thanks to its superior grip. Irrespective of the type of terrain this balance bike will work just the same on rough terrain as it will on the tarmac. In addition, the tires are airless leaving you worry free with no chance of the tire bursting or deflating. They are safe to use and look just like real tires. Your kid can use this bike and it will still be in superb condition for use by his or her younger siblings.


  • This bike is made of high-quality materials including rubber skin airless tires which are burst resistant.
  • It is strong and durable to withstand any kind of terrain and minor accidents.
  • It can be customized with stickers to make it unique.
  • It is versatile enough to withstand and accommodate different types of terrain.
  • Made of fiberglass reinforced BMX frame this means the bike is very light and hence can balance with little effort.
  • Has a detachable footrest and an adjustable twist and lock seat for increased or decreased height.
  • Convenient design that looks cool for boys and comes in a variety of vibrant colors to suit every little girl’s taste.
  • It is easy to assemble with no tools required.
  • Ideal for children between the ages of 2 years and 5 years and weigh a maximum of 77 lbs.


  • This balance bike may be unable to support a child who may be within the recommended ages but has surpassed the maximum weight limit of 77 lbs.
  • Failure to lock the seat after adjusting the height may contribute to immense discomfort when riding or even worse lead to an accident.

Final Words

Successfully training your child how to ride using a balance bike can be absolutely rewarding for both you and your kid. Seeing your little one conquer his or her fears not only teaches them to ride their bike but also equips them with the basics of life. Nevertheless, ensure all the parts are tight and secure during assembly and when adjusting the seat. This, in a bid to keep the kids riding experience unscathed.

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