The 15 Best Mountain Bikes Under $300: Cheap MTB Reviews

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The market is witnessing a number of new product launches in the world of mountain bikes. It’s becoming increasingly tougher for first-time riders to figure out which MTB will best serve their requirements. Well, there are many mountain bikes out there each with its unique selling point. But you’ll agree with me that we tend to put more focus on the aspect of price. The good news is that you can find affordable MTB’s built with quality, performance, durability, and rider comfort in mind.

With a lot of research and testing, we’ve been lucky to come up with a roundup of the best mountain bikes under $300 for men and women. Without further ado, we get straight to reviewing these cheap yet quality bikes that will offer a ride that is one of a kind without putting a huge dent in your pocket!

Comparison & Reviews of Mountain Bikes Under 300 Dollars

Mountain Bikes for Men Ranking Frame View on Amazon
EUROBIKE TMSX1 MTB 27.5″ Best pick Steel
Hiland 26″ Mountain Bike Runner-up Aluminum
Huffy Hardtail 21-Speed Budget pick Steel
Trinx MTB 26″ M136 Also great Aluminum
ORKAN 27.5″ MTB Aluminum
Merax 26″ Dual Suspension Aluminum
Merax Finiss 26″ Aluminum
URSTAR 26″ Purple Aluminum Currently unavailable
Kingttu EURG6 Folding MTB Steel
Mongoose Malus Fat Tire Steel
Kent Excalibur 29″ Aluminum
Mongoose Impasse 29″ Aluminum
Mongoose Switchback Comp Aluminum
Mountain Bikes for Women Ranking Frame View on Amazon
Mongoose Status 2.2 Best pick Aluminum
Royce Union RTT 24″ Runner-up Steel
Titan Wildcat Hard Tail Steel
Raleigh Bikes Eva 1 Recreational Steel
Raleigh Bikes Eva 2 Aluminum
TITAN Trail 21-Speed Steel

1. ORKAN 27.5″ MTB Shimano Hybrid 21 Speed

This general purpose bike sports a blend of characteristics derived from mountain, touring, and road bikes. The bike can withstand a wide range of riding conditions while offering stability, comfort, and ease of use.

A front suspension adds comfort to bumpy rides and keeps the weight of the bike to a minimum. In fact, this MTB bike weighs at just 35 pounds, a feature that works well to minimize vibration. Thin wheels and smooth tires give greater speed and less exertion during the ride. The tires are heavily belted to withstand road hazards.

This bike gives a more upright seating position for improved posture. The seat is adjustable in height to fit users who are 5 feet 1 inch to 5 feet 9 inch tall. A triple chainring crankset makes this bike an excellent choice for all-around use. 21-speed gear shifters come in handy to help the rider tackle various terrains. This bike has a rated weight limit of 250 pounds.

2. Merax 26″ Bicycle with Suspension Fork 24-Speed

Experience awesome comfort and superior control on rugged terrains with this full suspension mountain bike. This is a bike that keeps the wheels in contact with the ground resulting in more speed and traction.

The bike has a lightweight frame made of aluminum. The 17-inch frame size makes this MTB bike a great choice for riders who are 5 feet 6 inches to 5 feet 10 inches tall. Despite being lightweight, this frame is tough enough to support users up to 330 pounds.

The gears of this bike give 21 speeds for trouble-free shifting. This bike uses a lightweight, traditional linear-pull brake system to provide greater stopping power. 26-inch traditional wheels make the bike lightweight for snappier acceleration. The pedals of this bike have threads for the better foothold and more efficient pedaling experience. Merax Falcon is a good option for riders looking for an entry level mountain bike.

3. Titan Wildcat Women’s 12-Speed Hard Tail

Titan Wildcat hard-tail mountain bike is a great start for beginners and makes a good choice for many seasoned riders. This bike is designed to be light yet tough enough to iron out the bumps. The result is greater control and responsiveness.

The bike has a 15-inch frame height especially designed to give comfort to female riders. The saddle of the bike can be adjusted to match the height of the rider. These adjustments give a perfect fit for riders who are 5 feet to 5 feet 7 inches tall. That means it can be used by both women and young girls.

Lightweight 26-inch tires provide nimble handling and rapid change of direction. Traditional pull brakes keep the weight of the bike to a minimum without sacrificing stopping power. A 12-speed gear system gives an easy time tackling different terrains.

This bike is fitted with a power rear derailleur designed for minimal adjustments and maintenance. The pedals are marked to prevent confusion during installation. This MTB bike comes 85% pre-assembled. It makes a good choice for the cross country and trail riding.

4. EUROBIKE TMSX1 21 Speed MTB Bicycle

This bike combines the features of a hard-tail and that of a conventional rigid mountain bike. The result is a comfy riding position, low maintenance, and ability to tackle rougher terrain. The rims of the bike are constructed of double-walled aluminum alloy for maximum durability and control.

With a tire size of 26 inches, this bike gives fast nimble maneuvers. The frame of this bike is designed to keep you upright so less pressure is exerted to the handlebars. At 17 inches, this frame gives a comfortable fit for riders who are 165 cm to 175 cm tall.

The 21-speed gear system and a double disc brake system means you have no trouble when it comes to quick gear changes and getting that remarkable stopping power. Bead pedals used on this bike give better foothold to let you pedal with confidence. This bike is sturdy enough to support riders up to 200 pounds. The design and construction of this bike make it a nice treat for students. It comes 85% pre-assembled to give you an easy time putting it together.

5. Raleigh Bikes Women’s Eva 1 Recreational

Raleigh recreational mountain bike gives you the joy of hopping on your bike and riding, just for the fun of it. This is a bike designed to handle trails, pavements, and greens without any trouble. It gives a riding position that is relaxed and stable to give you the comfort you always want in your ride.

A plush saddle with an ergonomic built provides a comfortable seating platform with plenty of room to shift around. This bike sports a women-specific geometry, a feature that provides that bump-absorbing comfort. The step-thru design of the frame makes it easy to get in and out of the bike.

EVA tires fitted on this bike is definitely your ticket to fun. These tires give the benefit of lightness and low maintenance over the conventional air tires. They are typically puncture proof to remove the worry of flat tires while on the ride. At 27.5 inches, these tires are large enough to let you roll over bumps with confidence. 21-speed shifters make gear changes quicker with a simple flick of your wrist. This bike is available in frame sizes of 13-inch, 15-inch, 17-inch, and 19-inch.

6. Trinx MTB Mens 26 inch 21-Speed M136

This hard-tail mountain bike adds some fun in trail and rough city riding. It is a 26-inch aluminum alloy bike designed for lightness and a smooth, steady performance. With a frame size of 17 inches, this MTB bike makes a perfect fit for rider heights of 5 feet 6 inches to 5 feet 10 inches.

A short-travel fork suspension of 100 mm makes this bike a good choice for dirt jumping and those leisure park rides. The handlebars of this bike mimic the forward lean angle of the street bikes. This gives a super comfortable position for regular riding. The double walled rims used on this bike giver stronger support and improved tube protection. The rims come a little bit thinner to keep weight to a minimum.

A 21-speed gear shifter gives all you need to tackle various terrains. The mechanical disc brake used on this bike gives better control, durability, and dependability. Furthermore, you get sweet, adjustable modulation and the ability to adjust for pad wear. The chain provides high tensile strength and has a degree of elasticity designed to accommodate movement.

7. Merax Finiss 26″ Aluminum 21 Speed Mg Alloy Wheel

Merax Finiss mountain bike gives a ride of your dream without the burden. This is a lightweight aluminum bike that stays tough enough to tackle those dirt trails without a hitch. The 19-inch frame size gives a comfortable ride to users who are 5 feet 10 inches to 6 feet 1 inches tall. The frame is made of heat-treated aluminum, a feature that increases its mechanical properties for maximum durability.

A lockout front suspension lets you iron out bumps while providing better control on uneven terrain. This bike is fitted with a front and rear disc brake. The result is improved stopping power, increased modulation, and reliable braking in any kind of weather. 21-speed derailleurs make gear shifting a whole lot easier.

The wheels are made of lighter magnesium alloy that gives a high specific strength for maximum support. Blade-style spokes let you slice through the wind effortlessly for increased speed. This bike is rated for use by riders weighing up to 330 pounds.

8. URSTAR 26″ Aluminum 24 Speed with Front and Rear Disc Brakes

Looking for a mountain bike to tackle steeper routes or those smaller climbs and descents? Well, this 24-speed mountain bike has got you covered. This is a bike that gives you an easy time in maintenance and part replacements. This hard-tail bike gives 70 mm of fork travel making it a good choice for dirt jumping, park riding, or cross-country racing. The suspension cushions you from bumpy rides and gives better control.

The frame of the bike is made of lightweight yet tough aluminum capable of supporting up to 265 pounds. This bike runs on standard 26-inch tires designed to provide better control and nimble maneuvers. A double rim construction adds more to the strength of this bike and gives a good barrier to protect the tube.

Powerful, all-weather braking is made possible by front and rear disc brakes. These mechanical brakes give increased modulation and allow adjustment for pad wear. A spacious leather saddle provides great user comfort and gives plenty of room to accommodate even the large riders.

9. Kingttu EURG6 26″ 3 Spoke Wheels Dual Suspension Folding Bike

Expect less impact on your body when riding this MTB. It gives the comfort of a full suspension mechanism specially engineered for better control in rugged terrains. The dual suspension means the tires are always in contact with the ground to provide increased traction.

This bike has a lightweight 16-inch frame that makes it easier to maneuver and move around. The frame is designed to fit riders from 5 feet 4 inches tall to 5 feet 8 inches tall. The stem of the bike is made of forged aluminum for maximum durability and stiffness.

Lightweight, nimble maneuvers and direction change are made easy with 3-spoke integrated wheels. The fewer spokes keep wind resistance to a minimum for increased speed. The rims are made of magnesium alloy that has a high specific strength and keeps the weight of the wheels to a minimum. Light 26-inch tires give snappier acceleration and provide hassle-free handling.

This bike has 21 speeds for easy shifting. A soft seat gives a plush seating area and is spacious enough to give some room for shifting seating position. Kingttu G6 mountain bike uses a disc brake mechanism to provide greater stopping power. This bike folds in seconds for easy storage and transportation.

10. Mongoose Men’s Malus Fat Tire Bicycle

This full service mountain bike serves the needs of beginners as well as advanced cyclists. It is a lightweight, year-round ride designed to handle just about any terrain. Fat knobby tires give better traction and bounce. The 4-inch wide tires exert less pressure, a feature that makes the bike safe to ride over sand, snow, and dirt. These tires absorb road shock and the wide design makes the bike more stable.

A supersized frame gives plenty of clearance so you have all the comfort you need when riding over different terrains. This bike provides a perfect fit for both young people and adults. In fact, children as young as 13 years old have a chance to experience the fun ride that this bike has to offer.

Thanks to a front and rear disc brake, you are assured of getting great stopping power on this bike. Low-rise handgrips put you in an athletic posture that doesn’t strain your back during the ride. This humongous mountain bike has 7 speeds to help tackle various terrains. The beach cruise pedals are not rigid, a feature that adds more comfort to your ride.

11. Raleigh Bikes Eva 2 Women’s Bike

This is an awesome mountain bike for both trail riding and commuting. It is a bike that rides well over its price range (under $300). A step-thru frame of this bike is specially designed to give lots of comfort to women riders. This design makes it easy to get in and out of the bike.

Stability, comfort, and maneuverability are among the juicy stuffs you get from this bike. Comfort and easy maneuver are made possible, thanks to a lightweight main frame made of aluminum. The seat post is adjustable so you can choose how high or low you want to ride. This means lots of comforts that make it easy to conquer longer trails.

This bike has a front suspension that irons out bumps to give a smooth riding experience. Excellent control and reliable stopping power are provided by a manual brake lever system. 24 speeds give a flexible ride that helps you conquer harder terrains and cruise level ground with ease. The 26-inch EVA tire gives good traction and keeps the bike stable while making those treacherous turns. This is a good bike for entry-level riders.

12. Kent Excalibur Men’s Mountain Bike 29″

Want a large wheeler for a mountain bike? I bet Kent Excalibur bike makes a perfect candidate. Large 29-inch wheels allow the bike to literally glide over obstacles. Actually, this MTB combines the features of a hard-tail and a full suspension bike for all-around and cross-country use.

The 18.5-inch frame is constructed of aluminum to give a lightweight built without sacrificing the sturdy support. It can support riders weighing up to 300 pounds and still provide the comfort you need in your ride. This bike has two types of brake for fail-safe use. There are a front mechanical disc brake and a linear pull brake on the rear. The two brakes give great stopping power and improved control.

This is a 21-speed bike designed to tackle the various terrains you might encounter. The saddle is made longer to give a spacious, plush seating area. It is contoured to hug your body and keep you from shifting, especially when riding along those bumpy trails. This is a heavy-duty mountain bike specially designed for men who want to get their hands on a bike that conquers obstacles with ease.

13. Mongoose Impasse Mens 29″ 21-Speed Rear Deraileur

This is a 29er MTB, a bike that hangs with the big boys out there. The large tires of this bike make it easy to conquer rough terrains and obstacles. These are knobby tires built for stability. Despite the large tires, this bike comes lightweight for easy and reliable handling.

Well, compared to other hybrid bikes out there, it is relatively heavier. This is a good feature for ensuring sturdiness while being able to withstand heavy-duty use. The bike has a front suspension good for ironing out bumps and absorbing shock. The rims of this bike are lighter to compensate the weight of the tires.

Front and rear disc brakes system give better response and great stopping power. With these mechanical brakes, you get precise speed control, especially when riding down the mountain. The bike has 21 speeds for smooth shifting on rough terrains. A 3-piece crank system ensures optimal gearing while keeping bike maintenance to a minimum. Simple pedals ensure any rider can use the bike with less effort. A quick-release post provides easy seat adjustments to suit your need.

14. Mongoose Men’s Switchback Comp

Mongoose Switchback MTB comes in three different sizes. You get it in frame sizes of 16 inches, 18 inches, and 20 inches. This bike is built for agility and greater response in every ride. The rigid aluminum frame used on this bike gives maximum support and keeps vibrations at a minimum on the rough trail.

A front suspension fork smooth out the ride on bumpy surfaces and keeps you in full control. This bike has 24 speeds for conquering different types of terrain. A unique drivetrain mechanism provides optimal gearing for any situation. This hard-tail MTB has standard 26-inch wheels. This wheel size is a good choice for keeping the weight of the bike to a minimum. It makes direction changes more rapid and gives the convenience of nimble handling.

Front and rear disc brakes give reliable stopping power regardless of the weather condition. This is a bike that lets you reverse without employing brakes, thanks to a free-wheel hub design. The rims have a double wall construction to give a sturdy support and offer maximum protection to the tube. This is a good mountain bike for both entry-level and intermediate riders.

15. TITAN Trail 21-speed Suspension Women’s Bike

This is a ladies mountain bike optimized for comfort on every ride. The bike is a hard-tail sporting a front fork suspension. This suspension option makes it lighter and increases pedal efficiency. It is super smooth in all ranges of travel, which is a good thing for avid riders as well as beginners. This suspension fork absorbs road shock to reduce body impact.

The bike has a hi-tensile17-inch frame that stays stiff for maximum support and regular use. A step-thru design makes stepping in and out of the bike trouble-free, which is a good feature especially for short riders. The gear set gives 21 speeds enough to conquer various terrains. This is a gear set that stands up to everyday cycling and may never need replacement throughout the service life of the bike.

This MTB uses easy-to-access brake levers to give better control and great stopping power. The handlebars are adjustable to match the height of the rider. 26-inch tires give easy handling and make direction changes much quicker. A double-spring saddle gives the rider hours of comfort, which is a good feature for long trail cycling. This MTB is 85% pre-assembled so putting it together is less of a burden.

Final Words

I hope this article has been of great help in your search for the best mountain bike under $300. As you can see, the list has a good combination of bikes so you can’t miss one to cater to your specific needs. Now it all comes down to making that crucial decision and decide which bike impress you most on the list.

One thing before I wind up, I would recommend making your purchase on Amazon online store to ensure you don’t pay more than it’s required. Happy day shopping and look forward to hearing from you after hitting the trail with one of these awesome MTB’s.

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