YBIKE Balance Bike Review: High Impact Plastic Bike

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Looking for the ideal balance bike that provides a perfect combination of dynamic balance, coordination and self-confidence? Well, many models match this definition. However, you want a balance bike that excels over all the others and provides a quick transition to traditional bikes.

I have searched various models on the market to give you something that you and your kid will actually love. YBIKE Balance Bike caught my attention to the extend that I had to bring my search to a halt. Why? Because I had found what I was looking for my dream balance bike that scores very well in all aspects: affordability, style and quality.

The Features of the YBIKE Balance Bike

This bike features a few improvements over other balance bikes on the market. I knew I had actually struck “gold” and got a bike that will provide the best “bang for my buck”. Without further ado, I’m presenting my review on this bike and the features that make it one of the best you can ever get.

Tough and durable plastic construction

Well, you may actually be skeptical at first when I call this bike durable. This is because many of us have the perception that plastic balance bikes don’t score very well in terms of durability. However, this is a new face that changes all that. This bike is made of tough plastic and molded to eliminate any weak joints. This results into a balance bike that is tough, sturdy and durable enough to last for years.

The frame is perfectly curved and ergonomically designed for maximum comfort. This bike is strong enough to support kids weighing up to 75 pounds. The bike can withstand impact and other forms of abuse thrown at it. Unlike metallic balance bikes it doesn’t rust or wear over time. It maintains its original look in the entire length of its useful life.

Broad wheels for great stability

The first thing that catches your eyes in this balance bike are the bigger wheels. Actually saying “bigger” is an understatement when describing these wheels. They are enormous and the biggest I have ever come across. This is in terms of their broadness that far exceeds those of other models. This renders it more stable to the extend that the bike can even stand on its own when placed on a flat surface.

The unsurpassed stability of this bike makes it an ideal choice for kids as young as 18 months. It substantially improves your child’s biking skills in just a matter of weeks and quickly builds physical self-confidence in them. The broad 12-inch wheels work well in preventing the bike from tipping over especially when riding on uneven surfaces. All you have to do is just sit back and watch as your child slowly develops riding skills.

Lightweight construction

This bike model comes in a lightweight construction. However, there are many other models that provide the convenience of a lightweight design. So what is it that makes the weight of this balance bike quite unique.

Well, to start off this bike has an overall dimension of 33 x 17.3 x 9.4 inches. From this, you can actually see that it is quite bigger compared to most models on the market. But the good thing is that it weighs at just 10 pounds for all that size. This gives your kid an easier time when it comes to handling and maneuvering the bike. It can be lifted with ease for transportation, which makes it ideal for those that like to travel a lot.

Enhanced comfort

The bike was specially built for extra comfort. The built-in seat is large and wide. It is perfectly curved to mold into the user’s body. The seat of this kid’s bike is not adjustable and some might think that it adversely affects the overall comfort provided by the bike.

However, that is not the case. It is equipped with other advanced features that compensate well for a fixed-seat design. It provides enough legroom so you can bend your knees and adjust to the size of the bike. The handlebars are one of a kind. They have advanced hand grips that are totally covered in a non-slip material to enable your kids keep a secure hold.

Maximum Safety

Safety was a major consideration in the construction of this balance bike. The wheels are designed for safety, thanks to their broadness. The exceptional stability they provide means no more falls that might result into injuries. It has a low profile that makes it much easier to bring to a halt by putting the legs on the ground. It is definitely the best alternative for hand brakes.

Most balance bikes that have spoke wheels can bruise your child. YBIKE took this into consideration and brought something different. The wheels of this bike don’t have spokes. This means no injuries in case your kid falls off the bike. It is the ultimate choice for those that value the safety of their kids during the ride.


  • Tough plastic construction that is designed to last for years with minimum maintenance
  • Large, built-in seat that is molded to provide a comfortable sitting platform
  • Great static balance for enhanced safety and maximum control
  • Lightweight construction makes the balance bike portable and easier to maneuver
  • Provides excellent traction on virtually any type of surface
  • Grows with your child and fits children up to 5 years old to eliminate the need for purchasing other replacements
  • The bike builds your child’s skills much quicker and incorporates great confidence in them


  • The bike comes in a fixed-seat design that eliminates the option of any adjustments in height
  • It provides less balancing skills since most of the balance is provided by the bike’s great stability

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What is the seat height range of this balance bike?

The seat height is 10 inches (from the seat to the floor).

Q: Are the wheels of this bike rubber or plastic?

The wheels of this kids bike are hard thick and high grade plastic.

Final Verdict

Overall, YBIKE balance bike is a top option worth considering for those in search of a stable yet affordable bike. It provides so many benefits that far outweighs its drawbacks. The user-friendly design and enhanced safety features of this bike make the transition process much quicker and great fun. And despite being a plastic balance bike, it has a reputation of lasting for longer. I recommend it to those in search of a balance bike that will bring more fun into the process.

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