FirstBIKE Street Bike With Brake Review

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Are you looking for a perfect bike for your kid’s first ride? Then, you must know that all bikes are not as great as you think. They differ from one another and you also have to make sure that you buy the best one for them.

One such product that you can try for your kid’s first ride is the FirstBIKE Street balance bike. It is a great product which is packed with some versatile features that will help your child to get the best experience. It is available in different colors as well as the handbrakes are in perfect size. Even the frame of the bike is durable and made up of waterproof material.

FirstBIKE Street Bike Overview

RATING: Exceptional (4.6 out of 5)

BEST FOR: Suitable for children aged from 24 months to 5 years

SEAT: Horse saddle seat, adjustable (12″-17.5″)

WEIGHT: 8.6 lbs

TIRES: Inflated top-quality Schwalbe air tires

FRAME: High-strength yet flexible composite frame

LOAD CAPACITY: Maximum 77 lbs



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Attractive Features

There are a number of features that make this bike even more useful and beneficial. With the right features any products get better and beneficial. It has some great features that make it a versatile one for the kids. Here are some of those features:

High quality frame

This balance bike has a great durable and high quality frame which is extremely lightweight. It provides a great strength to the entire bike yet very flexible. Since it does not have any harsh or sharp edges it is best for the children.

Even the frame is entirely waterproof which makes sure that the frame does not get swollen or scratched and it is resistant towards rust. Thus providing a great and proper functioning that will help your kids to get the best experience.

Hand control and brakes

The great hand controller is really safe and secured. Even the child sized brake is perfect for the kids. The small and flexible brakes make it easier for the kids to control. They do not have to put any extra pressure or strength to get it worked.

Child can control it smoothly and gently. Even the non slip seat which is made especially for the children helps them to have a comfortable ride. It also makes sure that you get 100 % stability and even it can be adjusted according to your child need.

Comfortable saddle seat

Street Bike has a special horse saddle shape seat that ensures more comfortable and stability. This special shape of seat prevents your kid from slipping off during riding and also reduces the chances of getting hurt or injured for kids. This beautiful bike has adjustable seat height option. Seat height range is 12″ to 17.5″ that easily adjustable without any tools.

Cushioning air tires

This is a very important feature for the bikes which are made for the kids. Kids often tend to ride on the bumpy surfaces. For this cushioning air tires are perfect. It will not absorb any shock and thus the ride will be very comfortable and soothing. Moreover, these tires are really great and durable.

These tires work fine on any kinds of surfaces and terrains. So, whether it is a difficult terrain or your child is cycling through ups and downs, with the help of this cushioning air tires child will feel completely comfortable. When you get the best tires then your kid’s ride will be comfortable and smooth throughout.

Add accessories

You can add different types of accessories with this bike. This is completely according to your child need and preferences. If you want, then you can add a basket that will help the kids to carry the favorite outdoor toys, doll or water bottle while riding the bike.

Even a cool designer bell can be a great accessory for the bike. It will help them to have fun with it as well as to alert the persons in front of them with the sound. One of the interesting accessories is the skis which you use for riding in the snows. This will be quite fun and you can choose the accessories based on your own wish.

Safety feature

Kids often get tends to ride roughly for the competition or some other reasons. Thus, with the help of the steering limiter feature it will help the young riders to ride smoothly and also prevent them from falling down. Thus, there is no chance of rough driving and falling down causing injuries.

This kid’s bike is really great for the safety of the kids. Even it comes with reflective stickers. This is one of the most important features again which will help to see even during the low lights. Thus it is great to avoid any kinds of accidents.


There are a lot of advantages of this bike. Some of the pros are listed below to give you a good idea in short that what are the benefits.

  • The waterproof and durable frame provides the best safety and longevity.
  • Since there is no sharp edges, even if the kids fall off there is no chance of getting injured from the bike
  • Different accessories help to get the best function from the bike with different features.
  • It is small in size which is great for kids to control and also quite efficient to make sure they work smoothly.
  • It is extremely light in weight which makes it easier for the kids to control and ride.


  • The bike size is only for the kids who are 2 to 5 years old. If your kids are younger than that, then riding it can be a problem. This is a kind of restriction more than a drawback which does not allow the kid under 2 years old to ride this bike. The height and the weight of the kid will not be supported by this bike.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Is FirstBIKE Street a suitable bike for a child to riding in anyplace?

Yes, it is fully comfortable and safety for your kids to riding in anyplace. Because special horse saddle shape seat of this bike prevents a child from slipping off and cushioning air tires are perfect for all-terrain.

Q: Is the seat of this bike adjustable and what heights?

Yes, the seat of this bike is adjustable and height range from 12″ to 17.5″.

Final Verdict

The best part about this bike is that children can ride it safely without the fear of getting injured. Your kids are totally safe. The weight of the bike is about 8.6 lbs which is pretty amazing for them. They can ride though the pebbles as well as ups and downs smoothly without much problem. This is because of the air cushioned tires which are highly beneficial.

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