Smart Gear Balance Bike Review: My First Smart Ultra-Lightweight Bike

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Teaching your kid how to ride a traditional bike takes time. I mean, it’s a long process that’s best done in stages. The first stage starts with balance bikes and training wheels. But the latter has lots of frustrations to deal with. That makes balance bikes the ultimate choice for kids that want to learn how to ride in their early years.

Smart Gear balance bike is one of the newest and comfortable rides around. This is a bike that your kid will literally fall in love with. Below, we take a deeper look at this smart bike review and the features that set it apart. Who knows it might be that perfect bike you were looking for!

The Features of the Smart Gear Balance Bike

I know you might be asking yourself what features give this bike an edge over other competitors. Well, some of the features of this bike might look the same as those you get from standard balance bikes. But there’s something that sets them apart. Let’s look at its unique features to find out.

Ultra-lightweight construction

Weight is possibly one of the first features that parents keep into consideration when shopping for a balance bike. Well, the good news is that this bike gives an ultra-lightweight construction of just 8 pounds. That means it’s easier to push, carry, and transport. The best part is that this bike comes lightweight without sacrificing the important features.

Well, experts say that a balance bike needs not exceed 30% of a child’s weight. Take for instance this balance bike. The bike is designed to fit kids up to 75 pounds. Now 30% of 75 pounds and you get a weight way above 8 pounds. In short, this bike falls within the recommended weight and does so in a great way.

Maintenance-free 12-inch no-flat EVA tires

My First Smart balance bike is fitted with EVA foam tires. As we all know, this is a type of tire that never punctures. That means no tube repairs to deal with. The tread on these foam tires is quite minimal. In short, the tires tend to wear a little more quickly compared to other types of tires. But then, this is compensated with the fact that foam tires are cheaper. With them, you tend to be less frustrated when your bike needs tire replacement. The 12-inch tires make the bike a good fit for your toddlers.

Good geometry

Balance biking is all about running and gliding. For the running part, you need plenty of room to maneuver. How best you achieve this will be determined by the geometry of your bike. Smart Gear bike was designed with this in mind. The bike gives enough room between the seat post and handlebars. That means you get more legroom for running.

Another notable feature about the geometry of this bike is that the seat is positioned close to the rear tire. The result is a low center of gravity, which results in improved balancing experience and a slight bend of the knee for riding comfort.

Adjustable seat height

Some might argue that tire size is the most accurate indicator of the overall size of a bike. Well, it’s not that right. The true indicator of the size of a balance bike is the height of the seat. The seat of Smart Gear balance bike is made in such a way that your kid gets to hit and push off the ground while in a comfortable sitting position.

This is made possible by the easy height adjustment of the seat. The seat adjusts from 12.2 inches to 15.6 inches. That means you get a maximum of 3.4 inches above your kid’s current inseam. In short, the bike gives more room for growth starting from the age of 3 years to 6 years.

Limited turning radius

Proper steering is a skill that your kid can learn from riding a balance bike. The steering limiter on this bike can be seen as a compromise to learning proper steering. Well, that’s not true. What the bike gives is a safe turning radius that prevents a complete revolution of the handlebars. By doing so, you prevent the brake cable from getting twisted. The fact that it reduces turning radius only to a small extent means you can still negotiate sharp bends. In short, it’s a well-designed limiter that’s not too restrictive.

Cushioned saddle and handlebar grips

Smart Gear has something to offer when it comes to comfort. This includes an ergonomic saddle and handlebar grips. The saddle is cushioned so your kid can sit on it for long without feeling fatigue. Apart from the cushioning, the saddle is made wide to give plenty of room for shifting. The handlebar grips are covered in textured rubber to give a comfortable, non-slip grip. Well, I shouldn’t forget to mention that the handlebar grips are adjustable in height for added comfort.


  • Good geometry that gives more room for running and maneuvering while lowering center of gravity
  • Can be used on almost all surfaces since the tires are puncture proof
  • Adjustable seat post and handlebars allow room for growth and add more useful life to the bike
  • Ultra-lightweight construction that is easier to push, carry, and transport
  • The handlebars have a limited turning radius for safety purposes
  • Large, cushioned saddle gives comfort and plenty of room for sitting


  • The bike lacks footrests for leg support
  • Foam tires give limited traction, except on pavements
  • Steering limiters make it difficult to do tight turns

Final Words

I hope this smart balance bike review has helped you find out what makes it one of the best balance bikes for your kid. But in order to get the most out of the cool features of this bike, there are some things you need to factor in, which include your kid’s age and size. I think it’s time you now visit a shop and make your order. Well, I’ll recommend buying from Amazon to ensure you get good quality at a reasonable price. Balance biking has never been more fun than with Smart Gear bike!

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