Prince Lionheart Balance Bike Review

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Who doesn’t like a balance bike that teaches their child to be environment-friendly, apart from the valuable lessons of balance, coordination, steering and riding? The Prince Lionheart does just that. Made of 100% natural birch wood, it combines the best of two worlds- high standards of construction & easy maneuverability. Its solid wooden frame has been chosen keeping the Earth’s well-being in mind. In spite of being strong on the exterior, it’s surprisingly lightweight and encompasses low-rise 12-inch wheels for effortless motion.

The sporty yet stylish design of this kid’s bike is complemented by solid rubberized hand grips. And broad 12-inch rubber tires that include eye-catchy metallic spokes for enhanced performance. Although it’s not as fancy as the metal balance bikes, the Prince Lionheart is ideal as a simple starter bike for your child. Child will find it easier to balance, steer and control this lightweight model than the bulky versions.

The Features of the Prince Lionheart Balance Bike

The excellent features of this balance bike ensure superior quality and compatibility of kid’s need. Keep reading this review on a high reputed wooden bike to know more about this manufacturer’s marvel!

100% Birch Frame

Akin to its competitors, the bike features a birch wooden frame. From the saddle and hand grips, to the wheels, the entire balance bike has been constructed from solid wood. This wooden make lends a timeless appeal to the bike. This comes across as a welcome respite from those gaudy, plastic versions out there.

Additionally, birch wood is quite light weight in nature. This makes the bike easy to maneuver around, especially for young kids who are just about taking baby steps in riding.

Moreover, birch wood is a favorite among the bike developers as it comes with the option of re-usability. Thereby fulfilling the eco-friendly standards of manufacturing. So when the bike has served its lifetime, its frame can be recycled and re-used to construct another Prince Lionheart bike.

Adjustable Seat

The seat is adjustable in nature, and offers flexibility to an extent of three to four different heights. This enables your child to fit snugly in the seat and even use it as he grows older and bigger.

Thanks to such adjustable features, you can comfortably rely on this bike to provide you with a minimum three years of use. This is especially advantageous when you have more than one child. When you buy it for your elder child, you can trust it to far outlive its warranty period.

With that said, modifying the seat’s size may need an extra tool and a little skill, as four bolts need to be eliminated for varying the height.

Rubber Hand Grips for Balance

The bike features easy-to-steer hand grips that offer a secure grasp and are comfortable even during lengthy rides. In addition to that, the saddle size as well as the handlebar, both belongs to the one-dimension-fits-all category. This enhances the comfort quotient during ride and allows your child to focus on the driving experience with greater zest. Steering the hand grips is extremely easy and your kid can eventually turn it into a worthy obsession.

Furthermore, the concise design ensures perfect alignment of your child’s weight with respect to the center of gravity. He feels instantly confident about riding and balancing as soon as he sits on the bike.

Further enhancing the stability quotient of this wooden balance bike are the handlebars. That are made of solid rubber and preclude your beloved child from grazing his hands during lengthy rides. They also ensure a secure grasp and prevent unforeseen injuries from losing control and falling.

12-Inch Pneumatic Rubber Tires

Like many of its competitors uses 12-inch pneumatic tires created from solid rubber. The combination of rubber and air is simply eclectic. While the “pneumatic” attribute of the tires help them offer maximum amount of traction for riding on uneven surfaces. The rubber exterior makes them remarkably durable and cushions them from abrasive conditions.

Having said that, it’s recommended to use a tire sealant, as these are air tires that have a tendency to go flat at times. The 12-inch size of the tires suits the 4-year-olds perfectly and extends the functionality of this bike to a period of three years or more.

To top it all, the tires have been incorporated with stylish metal spokes that offer commendable performance on harsh terrains and do not show signs of wear and tear for years.

No Brakes & Footrests

It comes free of footrests or brakes, both of which are integral to the structure of other balance bikes. The manufacturers of Lionheart decided to do away with these two features as the bike has been mainly designed for toddlers, who are just beginning to balance.

The presence of a footrest or a brake may in essence, distract them and give them a false feeling of security. By triggering them to attempt adventurous rides rather than focusing on learning to ride properly. Not many people know but things like footrests and brakes pose immense safety hazards to children. Moreover, they are not really necessary for the beginner-level bikes. In fact, eliminating them makes the balance bike lightweight and easy to handle.


  • For the environment-conscious parent, the Prince Lionheart is a suitable option as its manufacturers have gone the eco-friendly way to create it from 100% natural birch wood. When no more needed, its frame can be recycled and may be reused once again.
  • At 10 lbs, this bike is quite lightweight, albeit with a sizable weight capacity of 65 pounds. Coupled to that is the adjustable seat, that basically allows your kid to use it all throughout his growing years. So until he gets bigger, older and most importantly, confident about his balancing skills, he can ride this balance bike without any worry.
  • You can buy this bike at a budget-friendly rate from online marketplaces. As a high-quality bicycle, it is surprisingly affordable. Moreover, it comes with a 1-year warranty, that itself gives you a great value for your money!
  • The 12″ wheels are set low from the ground. This reduces the chances of losing balance and falling from the bicycle upon hitting an uneven surface. Therefore, apart from staying safe, your kid feels more confident about handling the bike.
  • The rubberized hand grips allow your kid to hold on to his vehicle firmly and maintain balance while riding fast and gliding over hilly areas. This also fans his adventurous spirit!
  • In spite of featuring a state-of-the-art technology, the Prince Lionheart has a very compact design and doesn’t comprise of loose or dangling parts that might make it difficult to assemble. Therefore, it’s easily portable and can be loaded onto the SUV for family picnics.


  • Firstly, because this bike has a wooden frame, it does require periodic servicing. This limits its utility to people who are too busy to devote some time to its maintenance.
  • Secondly, it is vulnerable to decaying as well as warping through moisture. However, the 1-year warranty compensates for this particular drawback.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Can I buy the tires of this balance bike?

Yes, you can find the tires of this bike easily on Prince Lionheart Website. Otherwise you can search in your local bike store, may be they will help you.

Q: Does this balance bike come with any warranty?

Yes, this wooden bike has a 1 year limited warranty. You can visit at and for details information about warranty and get helps.

Final Verdict

To wrap up this kid’s bike review, it can be rightfully said that this is a high-quality wooden bicycle that’s not only simple to assemble but also functions well while looking elegant in the process. As a simple starting bike, it offers much more than just balance and durability- It instills confidence in children to take on the wheels, and coordinate themselves to prevent tripping over on tricky terrains.

The Prince Lionheart is therefore, an excellent changeover from your child’s ride-on toy. Being easy to assemble and disassemble, it offers the unusual convenience of carrying it comfortably to faraway locations. The fact that it’s re-usable is like the icing on the cake! So, if you’re looking for an economic and eco-friendly option of a balance bike, this wooden bike is apt for you.

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