ENKEEO Balance Bike Review: 12-Sport No-Pedal Walking Bicycle

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You want your child to know how to ride a pedal bike soon, so you can enjoy biking together. What is the first tool to buy? A balance bike. It is exactly what it sounds like. It does not have pedals; thus, the rider has to establish stability when cycling. This type of bike is useful for toddlers, as it teaches them to achieve balance and steering prowess when riding.

When buying balance bikes, remember factors such as durability, ease of use, and material. A helpful product for your child lasts. It is also simple to operate and rolls easily on surfaces. About material, you can choose bikes made from aluminum, wood, steel, or plastic.

Honest Review of Enkeeo Balance Bike

Considering balance bikes are all over the market, you should buy the best ones available. How do you identify a bike worth your money? Online reviews can assist you with that. Below is an Enkeeo balance bike review with most attractive features, pros and cons in case you are planning to buy this brand.


This is a comfortable bike. The distance between the saddle and the handlebars is short to prevent straining. Why buy a bike that causes a backache and neck pain on your loved one? Enkeeo is colorful; therefore; attracts children. It incorporates a black body and bright, green wheels.

This model gives children an easy time, as it is easy to learn how to ride. He will be able to master steering, balance, and coordination within a short period. The flexibility of the seat and handlebar stem is another feature Enkeeo offers. Adjust the two to a height that suits your kid. Doing so enables his feet to touch the ground fast, easily, and when need be.


The material of a bike is made from determines its durability and safety. You cannot afford to risk your child’s life on a low-quality product that could cause accidents. Besides, do not spend valuable money on a bike with substandard components.

What materials does the Enkeeo manufacturer use in making bikes? For starters, this product consists of carbon steel material that promises durability, strength, and sturdiness.

The tires boast of an EVA foam construction. They are not prone to punctures. This way, you will not have frequent flat tires. Besides, foam tires do not need inflation. The PP wheels ensure smooth rides since they foster stability on the road. Every material on Enkeeo is safe for the environment. They are non-toxic; thus do not pose health risks to children.

Capacity and comfort

Enkeeo is usable for children aged 2-6 years. It can accommodate a child’s weight of up to 50 kg (110.2 pounds). Therefore, your child will use it for a while. By the time he is 50 kilograms heavy, he will have known how to use the balance bike.

Regarding comfort, this brand offers several things. For example, the carbon steel material does not rust. This gives the bike a lustrous look for a long time. The elegance gives a child confidence and pride that she is riding a cool balance bike.

This brand is sturdy with a high capacity. You do not have to worry about it falling during a ride. Your toddler will appreciate the soft handlebars that come with great grips. They guard against slipping. The saddle seat contouring provides extra comfort.

Ease of use

Every helpful review of this bike mentions how simple and flexible the product is. For instance, we have already mentioned that the seat is adjustable. It prevents discomfort by ensuring the saddle is at an appropriate position (not too low or too high) for the rider. When the seat is at a proper height, reaching for the handlebars is easy. This prevents straining of the arms, legs, and back.

Handlebars adjust from 22-24.8 inches while the seat height 13.7-17.7 inches. Any child that is 36 feet or 110 cm tall can use Enkeeo. Whenever a balance bike is lightweight, it is convenient for a child to ride and control. This brand is light for children (only 5.9 lbs). They can push and pull it around on all kinds of surfaces be it the playground or trail.

Safe and fun

Every aspect of this bike is built to offer safety when in use. The TPR handlebars are soft and with a good grip. The adjustable height allows your child’s feet to reach the ground when necessary. With the contouring on the seat, there is guaranteed comfort so the rider does not ride in a dangerous position.

The EVA tires and two PP wheels are high quality to prevent sliding or falling on pavements and other surfaces. Your child will enjoy riding this bike. Since it is light, it is portable. Carry it when going for hiking and let him enjoy the trails. As long as you are around to watch him, he will be safe.

Installation and accessories

You don’t need any special skills to set up the bike. It is small. If you are buying a balance bike for your son or daughter, you probably like biking. Therefore, assembling your child’s bike should be a walk in a park for you. Afterward, start to train your girl or boy and enjoy every second of it.

If you do not know how to assemble, there is a manual to help you. Apart from the bike, the package usually has a bike stand, a wrench, a tube clamp, two tube clamp cups, four screw head caps, and a user manual. The manufacturer drops in a thank you card as well.


Here is a summary of all the good things Enkeeo balance bike provides.

  • The bike is lightweight and portable
  • It is sturdy, durable, and stable
  • Made from top quality materials
  • Highly adjustable and simple to ride
  • It is elegant and comfortable
  • It has a strong carbon steel construction for stability and safety
  • Versatile for use on pavements, trails, tarmac, and lawns
  • The adjustable height increases comfort
  • It is designed to last saving you money
  • 12-inch high-quality bike
  • More efficient than training wheels
  • Bolts have rubber clips to prevent scratching a child’s skin
  • Provides a footrest
  • The manufacturer uses long-lasting materials
  • It looks as sleek as ever with the rust-proof carbon steel frame
  • Usable for long when a child is 2 years up until he is 6
  • Flexible seat height suits kids of different ages and heights
  • The 50 kg capacity is functional
  • It is user-friendly
  • The bike serves its purpose: trains a child to balance and steer
  • It is fast to learn
  • Offers high stability
  • Has tough tires and wheels
  • There are other frame colors to select including red, white, and blue


On the downside, Enkeeo has the following cons.

  • The saddle could be small for some children
  • Can be more costly than some brands

Riding a bike is a helpful physical activity for your child. It improves his or her motor skills and coordination. If you wish to train your child on how to ride a bike, start with a balance bike such as Enkeeo. It is sturdy, safe, and easy to learn. With the above our honest review, you are in a better position to determine if it suits your child or not.

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