Strider – 12 Sport Balance Bike Review

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Hunting for an ideal balance bike that your kid will get to love? Well, its time to call of your search since I’ve got something better for you. You may be asking yourself what model of balance bike I have in store for you. Well, this is a balance bike that has been a favorite among millions of parents the world over. It combines the key elements of durability, comfort and safety to bring out the best in the world of kids bikes.

This is no other than Strider – 12 Sport Balance Bike. But the million dollar question is – what exactly makes it an ideal bike for your child? I am going to give you my review on this bike that functions to provide a clear answer regarding that. There are countless reviews that have been written on this particular model.

Strider – 12 Sport Overview

OUR RATING: Best pick (4.8 out of 5)
BEST FOR: Children aged from 18 Months to 5 Years
SEAT HEIGHT: Adjustable
WEIGHT: 6.7 lbs
TIRES: Never flat, no-maintenance tires
FRAME: Lightweight steel frame
WEIGHT CAPACITY: Maximum 60 lbs

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The Important Features

I have decided to go a step further and provide you with something even more special – a comprehensive review that touches on everything that comes with the bike. Well, brace yourself and let me slowly walk you through its advanced features that have won the hearts of many, both young and old.

Lightweight construction

You may argue that there are other lightweight balance bikes that flood today’s market. However, what makes this bike unique is that it takes the concept of lightweight construction to the extreme.

Actually, calling this bike “lightweight” is an understatement. The best word to describe it would be “super lightweight”. Why? Because it weighs a surprisingly 6.7 pounds that makes it among the lightest in its class.

But with such a weight, you may probably think that the frame of this bike is made of lightweight aluminum, right? Wrong, since it provides the sturdiness and durability of a steel frame.

The major benefits provided by the lightweight construction is easy handling and effortless lifting. It is definitely a dream come true for anyone that desires a lightweight design in a mid-level balance bike.

Tool-free adjustment

As a parent, you definitely want a bike that won’t give you a hard time when it comes to seat and handlebars adjustment. This is something that you get in Strider – 12 Sport. It is a balance bike that eliminates the need to burden yourself with tools just to achieve that perfect and comfortable fit for your child.

The adjustments are done totally tool-free, which makes this bike convenient for use just about anywhere. Unlike other balance bikes you won’t need to purchase any tools, which saves you some cash to spend on other accessories that will help make your child’s riding experience even better.

Adjustable seat and handlebars

What makes them say that this balance bike grows with your child? Well, the bike doesn’t grow in real sense. What it provides is an adjustment mechanism that works well in keeping up with the needs of your child. It can be set to conform to the desired fit that ensures maximum comfort and safety.

The adjustments are made on two components – the seat and handlebars. The quick-release mechanism enables the height of the seat and handlebars to be varied to match the needs of different users.

In essence, the adjustable design allows the bike to fit kids who are 3 to 5 years old. But you may probably want to know more about the user height that this balance bike can accommodate. Well, the bike fits kids who are 30 inches to 42 inches tall.

Maintenance-free wheels

It can be very irritating having to mend punctures on an almost daily basis. This balance bike provides a way out of all that. It provides the convenience of maintenance-free wheels that measures 12 inches in diameter. This means your child can venture anywhere as the wheels are designed to cope with all types of terrain. The great flexibility makes the whole ride great fun and helps your child better his skills on many different surfaces.

With it, your child has endless possibilities to explore and push his balancing and steering skills to the limits. The wheels provide better traction that makes slippery surfaces quite easy to tackle. They are actually built to provide the best riding experience both indoors and outdoors.

Sturdy and durable

I pointed out earlier that this bike has a steel frame. But its not just a plain steel material. The steel is powder coated to provide the desired level of strength and scratch-resistance. The excellent combination of these two qualities equates to unrivaled durability. This enables the bike to last for years and be used in any kind of weather without the worry of rusted frames.

Strider 12 Sport works well in providing a sturdy platform for your kids to nature their riding skills. Despite the small size, it can support kids weighing up to 60 pounds.


  • Lightweight frame and wheels make the bike much easier to handle by just about anyone.
  • The bike provides the widest range of seat adjustment and has the lowest adjustable seat height.
  • Wheels are designed to be maintenance-free to withstand all types of terrain and help your kids get the most out of their training.
  • A sturdy bike that is built to last and grows with your child in almost every aspect.
  • No tools are needed to adjust the seat and handlebars, which makes it more convenient and user-friendly.
  • Padded seat and integrated foot-rests provide your child with a high level of comfort and bring more fun in the training.


  • Some components like the fork are prone to rusting if not properly taken good care of.
  • The seat clamp doesn’t provide a tight fit and shifts very slightly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Is this balance bike the same as the Strider Classic?

Actually, slightly similar but Strider – 12 Sport is different model from Strider 12 Classic or ST-4. It includes the XL seat post and padded, large seat/saddle.

Q: What types of tools need to assemble this balance bike?

This balance bike model has tool-less assembly, which makes this convenient for use just about anywhere.

Final Verdict

I have weighed the ups and downs of Strider balance bike and decided that its a worthwhile purchase for a mid-level balance bike. The bike performs well in providing the desired level of comfort and is built to grow with your child. It is a lightweight bike that won’t create a hassle when it comes to handling. The bike is priced well for the great features it provides and I highly recommend it for any parent in need of a mid-level bike that will sharpen their kid’s biking skills.

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