KaZAM Classic Balance Bike Review: No-pedal Kid’s Bike

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When it comes to variety, balance bikes have quite a lot of catching up to do, as compared to their pedaled rivals. Nevertheless, that doesn’t change the fact that their popularity is soaring and that means the options are increasing too. Among the abundance of exotic designs, the traditionally-styled KaZAM bike has been received well by the kids and it doesn’t take very long to understand why. Simple, sturdy and yet, packed with superior features. This smart offering from the house of KaZAM first catapulted to fame with its debut appearance on the much-loved television show, Shark Tank. Being a tad heavier than its competitors, this balance bike has been solely designed for kids belonging to the 3-6 years age group.

With a solid metallic frame, a patented footrest as well as pneumatic rubber wheels that perform well on every terrain. The KaZAM balance bike promises to stand up to your expectations and even exceed them. Though designed to flaunt a traditional appeal, its elegant exterior is bound to enthrall your child and spur him into taking charge of the wheels.

KaZAM Classic Balance Bike Overview

RATING: Recommended (4.4 out of 5)

BEST FOR: Suitable for 2 to 4 years

SEAT HEIGHT: Adjustable (14″-17.5″)

WEIGHT: 1.9 lbs

TIRES: Air Inflated tires

FRAME: 12 inch steel, patented frame

HANDLEBAR: Adjustable (18.75″-22.5″)


WEIGHT CAPACITY: Maximum 75 lbs

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Kazam classic balance bike

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Attractive Features of the KaZAM Classic

This is one of those rare bikes that incorporate modern technology, albeit with a straightforward approach. The seat is ergonomically constructed and adjustable, so as to literally “grow with your child”. Apart from that, the presence of intricate detailing in the form of a patented footrest and flexible handlebars vouch for his safety, especially during those early days of learning. Here in this KaZAM classic balance bike review, we have compiled a set of its main features. They are as follows:

Solid metallic construction

This balance bike boasts a sturdy make. Built with high-quality materials to the likes of aluminum and steel alloy, it is guaranteed to withstand the ravages of time and regular use. Moreover, the two-year warranty further testifies its durability.

At 11.2 pounds, the KaZAM is undoubtedly a heavier and larger bike as compared to its lightweight competitors. However, a heavy bike automatically translates into a sturdy bike and even if your kid loves playing rough, this bike can handle that.

All in all, it has a solid construction and that’s not at the cost of comfort either! In fact, the seat is incredibly comfy and your child can race around for miles at a stretch before getting fatigued.

Adjustable handlebars (18.75″-22.5″)

KaZAM’s hand grips are constructed from soft plastic. Therefore, your child is not likely to get his delicate little hands chafed while riding it around. Moreover, they offer a superior grip, that’s extremely important for young learners to glide over tricky terrains and unexpected turning points.

The chrome handlebars add to the snazzy look of this bike. Not that it really matters, but this exactly is the design that’s irresistible to kids and parents alike, as they won’t find embarrassing to lug it around in public.

Thanks to the remarkable flexibility of the handlebars, you can expect them to offer optimal use for a minimum of three years at least. This is simply because as your child grows and adapts to its usage, the handlebars, owing to their flexibility, come across as easy to clasp.

Patented footrest

The patented footrest design allows your child to use the bike just like a scooter while he is still learning the ropes. To top it all, the compact inclusion of the footrest into the frame enables him to place his feet at a normal position. This, in turn, smooths out the hassles of balancing, thereby preventing unforeseen falls and subsequent injuries.

The foot rest is pretty unique, in the sense that it comes free of jagged edges or angles, and flaunts a nice sleek design. This may seem useless but it actually ensures the safety of your child by preventing his clothes or shoelaces from getting entangled while riding.

In addition to that, the footrest is placed at a proper angle and slopes neither too upwards nor too downwards. This allows your child to maintain a firm footing over the bicycle and control it when an emergency comes calling.

Pneumatic rubber tires

KaZAM Balance Bike offers excellent stability for the tiny tots. This, in part, may be attributed to its pneumatic rubber tires that are not as slippery as the hard plastic tires.

Additionally, the frames of these tires are made from aluminum, not metal. This reduces the friction in general, and lengthens their lifetime, causing them to outlive their warranty period even. Children find it easier to lift up their feet normally and place it on the footrest, for maintaining perfect balance and gravity akin to a conventional bicycle.

The best thing about pneumatic tires is that they don’t go flat easily and endure all kinds of terrains with alarming ease. Their rubber exterior further adds to their durability quotient, offering dependable protection from the elements as well.

Adjustable seat (14″-17.5″)

This classic bike incorporates an ergonomically designed seat. This adjustable seat is not only padded and comfy to ride, but also comes with the option of re-sizing. Indeed, it has been built to keep pace with your kid’s growth and accommodate him as he gets bigger.

However, the seat has a downward slope, so your child may end up sliding initially. With time, though, it becomes easier to maintain a firm position. The seat and the handlebars make the KaZAM Classic look traditionally appealing. The seat being adjustable and padded, allows your child to ride for miles without any discomfort.

Additionally, this kid bike is available in an exhaustive range of dynamic color choices and the seat too features considerable versatility in terms of color.


  • With its proper air inflated tires, the bike ensures safety for your little one. If you wish to teach your child to ride a pedaled bike safely plus quickly, try this particular bike.
  • This is one of the bikes that essentially encourage your child to play. Nowadays, kids only prefer indulging in video games indoors. But with this bike, your child is bound to get his due exercise for the day and experience something very fulfilling.
  • With its padded seat, adjustable chrome handlebars and compact footrest, the KaZAM Classic makes for a comfortable ride. Moreover, its cushioned hand grips ensure minimal injury to his delicate fingers during those long hours of play.
  • Luckily, it has an incredibly high weight capacity of 75 lbs. So you need not worry about buying a new bike for your growing child for at least a few years from now. Added to that, is the fact that it comes below the $100 price range. This makes it a budget-friendly option, as it gives a great value for money.
  • The easy-to-step-in footrest that’s incorporated into the frame supports balance and makes the bike very comfortable to ride. Kids love doing the adjustments with this bike at their own will. Furthermore, they don’t need any equipment to re-size the seat or the handlebars.


  • First of all, this bike is not really self-balancing. Due to its high weight and big size, it may come across as a bit tough for kids to balance themselves initially. However, it becomes better with time.
  • Secondly, the seat slopes downwards. While this may help the bigger children to fit in, the fidgety ones may end up falling during initial use. With that said, it does become easier to maintain steadiness with time.
  • Lastly, the acceleration of this bike is slow, although that may be advantageous for parents who are extra paranoid of their children’s safety.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What age is KaZAM Classic balance bike perfect for?

This KaZAM Bike is highly recommended for 2 years to up. But 2 year-old kid easily can ride it.

Q: Is the handlebars of KaZAM Classic adjustable?

Yes, this kid bike has adjustable hadlebars and adjustable height range is 18.75″ to 22.5″.

Final Verdict

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that this is a suitable choice of a balance bike. It truly grants your kid with the pleasure of zooming through the driveway and into the recreation area without fearing a fall or an injury. The included “patented footrest” is a wonderful way for children to make a seamless transition to bicycles.

Additionally, this bike uses 12″ pneumatic rubber tires, that add to the ease of riding. The metal spokes embedded in the tires make the ride smooth, irrespective of the terrain. Most importantly, the KaZAM Classic is light on your wallet and that too without compromising on quality. Overall, it is perfect for your beloved children.

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