Trikke Bikee Balance Bike Review: One-sided Fork Design Bike

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Has your child shown interest in riding a two-wheel bike? Well, then getting a no-pedal balance bike for your tiny tot is the smart thing to do. When it comes to lightweight and easy-to-ride balance bikes, there’s nothing like the Trikke Bikee Balance Bike. Designed specifically for kids aged between 2 to 5 years, it adopts a no-pedal approach that most of its contemporaries too, although with a twist. Compact and lightweight as it looks, in fact, packed with a lot of adjustable components that make for a smooth and hassle-free ride.

The design is ergonomic and the vivid, eye-catchy color choices give the impression of a real bike. Additionally, there is an unobtrusive footrest integrated into the bike to help him glide along safely. Once your child learns how to balance on this two-wheel bike, he’ll find it a breeze to graduate to the next level, i.e a regular bike. In this kid’s bike review, we seek to explore the features of this bike and help you understand whether it’s likely to suit your specifications or not.

The Most Important Features

This balance bike isn’t a mindless assortment of useless features. Instead, it is the example of an intuitively designed vehicle. Here, in this bike review, we discuss a few of its features:

Integrated footrest

We start off first with this feature because it is basically what sets this bike from the regular bikes. The integrated footrest plays a pivotal role in enhancing the safety quotient of a balance bike. This is the component of the bike where your child can rest his foot while using his other foot to push the bike along. Needless to say, its addition to a bike simplifies the tedious process of bike riding and also goes a long way in diminishing any fears that he may have regarding the same.

The most beneficial aspect of this bike’s footrest is that it’s padded. Kids love its foamy and comfy feel as it helps them rest their delicate feet with ease. Also, it is spacious enough to accommodate both feet, which is great for activities like speedy biking or downhill biking. Moreover, opposite to other balance bikes where the foot rest juts out, with this model, it’s tucked away in a small section of the frame, making it simple for your kid to push the bike when walking.

One-sided fork design

Another standalone feature of the Trikke Bikee is its one-sided fork design. While the overall structure of the bike seems quite straightforward and common at the first glance, the wheels are quite unique in the sense that they’re attached to the frame with only a single-side fork. Thus, the metal frame basically extends to just a single side of wheel, instead of extending on both sides. Now this is helpful in many ways.

Firstly, this sort of an intelligent design reduces the material and cost required to construct the balance bike, thereby making to cheaper to buy. Secondly, the one-sided fork design makes it easier for your child to adapt to the concept of bicycle riding.

This it does by clearing the path for your child when they’re just about learning to walk their bike. Often stones, objects and strewn pebbles may pose obstacles for him while walking the bike. As an inexperienced novice, he may not know how to maneuver around the bike and sail through the obstacles. But thanks to the one-sided fork design, he’ll probably not face this situation with this balance bike.

Steering stopper

While many balance bikes come embellished with unnecessary and snazzy features to give the impression of a high-end vehicle, the Trikke Bikee bike begs to differ. Each and every component of this bike adds to its functionality and also simplifies the process of learning to ride a bike in the shortest time possible. An example of such a feature is the steering handle.

Just like regular bikes, balance bikes too have steering handles to let the kids control the direction they are riding. But what makes the steering handle of this bike unique is that it features a steering stopper. The function of a steering stopper is to limit the extent to which the steering handle can turn. So by preventing your child from over-steering, it reduces the chances of an untoward injury or accident.

Adjustable seat & handlebar

It is quite easy to brush off this feature as a common component of all balance bikes, but in reality, many of them do not incorporate this feature. The advantage of an adjustable seat is that you can outstretch the lifespan of the bike and consequently, get a better value for your hard-earned money. This is because, the bike’s seat can be adjusted as far as five inches and adjustable seat height range is 14.5″ to 18.5″.

Therefore, you can easily lengthen its dimensions as your child grows bigger with age. Other bikes have seats that are extensible only till a maximum of three inches. Another desirable feature of this kid bike is the adjustable handlebar. This not only increases the comfort level in long arduous bike rides but also vouches for safety. An adjustable handlebar provides a better grip so your kid can easily glide across unfriendly terrains and bumpy roads without any fear. This lets him control speed also, should his adventurous spirit goes off-limit.

Airless & all-terrain tires

The Trikke Bikee kid’s bike is set with the regular 12-inch tires that decorate most balance bikes designed for the same age band. However, there is something unique about these tires and that is, the fact that they come integrated with authentic ABEC5 ball bearings. It is the set of ball bearings that makes the tires so precise and accurate while running over rough terrains.

Moreover, the wheels can turn and revolve around reliably. Hence, you need not worry about unexpected falls and subsequent accidents as these wheels promise to deliver when needed. The airless nature of the tires makes them durable, time worthy and also takes out the hassle of running a flat tire or having to maintain the tire pressure at all times.

And thanks to the all-terrain feature of the tires, your child can ride his bike in the park or down the hill without worrying that the tires won’t hold properly. The tire’s grooves are perfect for both on-road as well as off-road use.


  • The bike is surprisingly simple to adjust. Since it comes with only a few extra parts, it’s also very easy to assemble/disassemble. Thanks to the one-sided fork design, you’ll find it easy to mount the wheel on to the frame. Ideally, it shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes to put this balance bike together.
  • This bike carries a generous sprinkling of safety features, right from the adjustable handlebars and footrest, to the one-sided fork design and all-terrain tires. With this vehicle, you can finally bid adieu to your fears of seeing your kid fall every now and then while learning to balance.
  • The footrest is padded, comfy and spacious enough to accommodate both feet. This makes the bike apt for downhill biking.
  • Trikke Bikee enables your child to learn bike riding in an enjoyable way. Because it’s free of pedals, your child need not fear unforeseen falls and injuries.
  • The design is eye-catchy and ergonomic. Kids do care about appearance and the Trikke Bikee, with its vivid color choices and attractive look doesn’t disappoint. Moreover, it even resembles what the “big kids” ride!
  • In spite of being lightweight and easy to carry around, the bike has a decent strength capacity of 45 lbs. So you can easily expect it to last till your child becomes five years and even beyond that. In fact, many users have reported this bike to have outlived its warranty.


  • The single-sided fork design is like a double-edged sword. While it does simplify the process of walking the bike, it tends to make the overall structure of the bike a tad bit unbalanced. That’s quite ironical for a bike that has been designed for practicing how to balance.
  • Secondly, the footrest is a little problematic especially during initial use. Because it is located compactly in the frame, inexperienced kids end up rubbing against the tires while using the footrest. However, with the passage of time, this complaint usually wanes off.

Final Verdict

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that this balance bike justifies its price. Packed with good credentials, this no pedal kid bike is extremely effective in teaching kids to ride a bike. And once they learn how to balance, they wouldn’t find it tough to learn to pedal. Because it incorporates only a few essential features, this bike doesn’t force your kid to learn all the aspects of bike riding at one go.

To top it all, it is durable and crafted with safety in mind. If you have a child who is between 2-5 years old and wishes to learn bike riding, then the Trikke Bikke Balance Bike is what he needs!

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