Kiddimoto Kid’s Super Junior Balance Bike Review

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The market provides various kids’ bikes to consider buying. Purchase a model that matches your child’s age to prevent discomfort. Different brands provide size charts to help you know which model to buy your little one. The other factor to consider is comfort. Ensure the bike you buy has a comfortable saddle and a proper grip. A padded seat provides additional comfort, and a good grip keeps your kid safe during rides. Adjustability also matters so you are not stuck with specific bike dimensions. You can change the seat height and adjust the handlebars to match your kid’s needs.

A good bike also has a sturdy, durable construction. The frame is well-built and lightweight too to prevent fatigue. You don’t want your child to strain pulling and riding a heavy bike. It makes riding difficult, and you can be sure your kid will no longer want to ride it after the first few rides. The market offers light bikes that make riding fun for children, and the Kiddimoto Kid’s Super Junior is one of them. For details about the bike, below is an in-depth review to help.

Kiddimoto Super Junior Balance Bike Overview

RATING: Highly Recommended (4.4 out of 5)

BEST FOR: Suitable for children aged from 18 months to 5 years

SEAT HEIGHT: Adjustable (12.6″-17.7″)

WEIGHT: 9.7 lbs

TIRES: 12-inch diameter EVA puncture proof tires

FRAME: Lightweight steel frame

HANDLEBAR: Adjustable handlebar with rubber grips



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Kiddimoto balance bike

Bike’s Performance

This balance bike is a well-made product that ensures kids have a good time. It is lightweight to prevent your child from getting tired fast, thus allowing him or her to save up energy and have more fun. The bike teaches your child to balance without using stabilizers and makes it easier for him or her to transition to a pedal bike quickly. Your precious one should have an easy time learning how to ride the Kiddimoto bike, which comes with adjustable aspects for comfort purposes.


  • High-quality and has a lightweight robust frame
  • Simple to ride and comfortable for kids
  • The puncture-proof tires allow riding the bike on different surfaces, and you get to save on maintenance costs
  • The tires are shock-resistant to ensure smooth rides
  • With the flexible handlebars and seat height, little rider does not strain and gets to have more fun
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Easy to assemble


  • Footrests need better positioning
  • Color options could be more

Most Attractive Features

Check the material a manufacturer utilizes as well. You want to spend money on a long-lasting bike made from tough materials. It can stand rides on and off the road. Besides, you get value for your money. You do not want to buy a bike every other time because it cannot withstand the fun your child has.

What child does not want a stylish bike? It is great to have an efficient bike that has essential features, but it looking stunning is also fantastic. Let your child cruise around with a bike that every kid envies and wants to ride. As you consider buying your kid the Kiddimoto Balance Bike, it comes with the following features.

Robust construction

The Kiddimoto manufacturer designs the bike with a sturdy, steel tube frame. It is lightweight (4.3kg), so your child can easily carry it around and have a wonderful time riding. You can also carry it to the park or playground and let your child have fun with friends. The bike has 12-inch wheels and requires some assembling. The company provides assembly tools.

Features adjustability

It has adjustable handlebars and a seat. You can position the saddle and handlebars to suit your child’s physique. On that note, the seat can be adjusted between 340mm and 450mm. That way, your little one can use the same bike as he or she grows taller over the years. You do not have to purchase a new balance bike every other time. With flexible handlebars, your child does not strain during rides. No fatigue means more energy and fun when riding at home or around the neighborhood.

Provides comfortable rides

With the Kiddimoto Bike, children get to enjoy comfortable rides. For starters, the flexible handles and seat ensure smooth riding and no straining while at it. You can quickly adjust them to your kid’s liking and keep the fun going. The seat is also padded for additional comfort, while the handlebars have a soft, secure grip to foster the safety of your little one. You do not want your kid to complain of a sore bottom or hands sliding on the handles.

Has puncture-proof tires

It comes with puncture-resistant tires that ensure durability. They consist of solid plastic material filled with EVA foam. The foam material is shock-resistant to prevent bumpy rides and provide comfortable rides. Have quality time with your child as he or she rides the bike on the driveway, lawn, or pavement without worrying about punctures.

Available in an elegant design

It is an elegant product that looks stylish to every child. You can get it in red and black color options. The bike has a spectacular finish that sets your child apart from other riders. It is a combination of high functionality and style to help your child learn to balance and advance to a pedal bike.

Who is the Kiddimoto Kid’s Super Junior the Best Fit for?

This Balance Bike is suitable for children aged from 18 months to 5 years. With the adjustable seat and handlebars, kids of different ages can ride the bike. Your child can ride the bike over the years and even share it with siblings.

Kiddimoto Balance Bike vs. Other Brands

Kiddimoto Kid’s Super Junior: The bike is a bit lighter than other brands but has a stable construction. You have nothing to worry about, as the lightweight design makes it easy for kids to pick up the bike and ride. Besides, it suits younger kids as little as 18 months old and older ones of up to 5 years of age. However, it has a durable steel frame and adjustable handlebars and seats that enable it to compete against other bikes.

Schwinn 12-inch: Schwinn is a popular bike brand, and it offers a 12-inch balance bike for kids. It is available in various colors, including red, pink, green, and blue, and features a durable, sturdy steel frame like Kiddimoto. The air-filled tires provide smooth rides for your little one. You can adjust the seat height tool-free and the handlebars as well to fit your kid. The bike weighs 6.52kg and has rubber tires that can ride on different surfaces easily. However, this bike is ideal for 2-4year olds or kids of 28-38inch height.

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Radio Flyer Glide & Go: This balance bike is made for 2.5-5-year-olds. It can carry a maximum weight of 50lbs and comes with traction tread tires that ensure smooth riding. It weighs 3kg, making it lighter than Kiddimoto, which is a 3.3kg model. Like Kiddimoto and Schwinn, this brand also has a steel frame and an adjustable seat. You do not need any tools to change the seat height. However, Radio Flyer comes with a ringing bell that makes bike riding even more exciting for your child. You do not have to buy a bell separately.

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Final Thought

Is your child’s birthday coming up? It would be a perfect gift. It is also a wonderful play tool to encourage your kid to play outdoors instead of staying glued to screens. The bike is high-quality and well-built to ensure the safety of your child. You can have fun with your little one as he or she learns to ride the bike and have fun at the same time. If you need an elegant bike, Kiddimoto is such a model.

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