Vilano Rally Balance Bike Review: Training No-Pedal Push Bicycle

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Learning how to ride a bike doesn’t have to be that difficult, especially for toddlers. Various equipment have been devised to make the whole process hassle-free and great fun. However, balance bikes have proven to be the most convenient in terms of economics and practicality.

The market has hundreds of models that boast of providing the best quality and performance. But do you have an idea of any model that will provide your child with the ultimate riding experience? If not, then you might try to consider Vilano Rally balance bike. This is a quality bike that will definitely make your child the envy of other kids in the neighborhood. It stands true to Vilano’s reputation of superior quality in the world of bikes.

The Features of the Vilano Rally Balance Bike

Chances are that you may not be familiar with the specs and features that come with this balance bike. And that is precisely the main purpose of this article – to give you an in-depth review of this bike and what it has to offer for your money.

Lightweight construction

This bike doesn’t qualify to be a super lightweight model. However, it is light enough to provide the convenience of easy transportation. It doesn’t require much effort to lift or maneuver.

As mentioned earlier, the bike comes in a steel frame. This makes it sturdy and strong without adding tons of weight to it. At just 7.25 pounds, it features among the lightest in Vilano’s long line of models.

This is a balance bike that will give your kid an easy time to push. You don’t have to be around to lend them a hand. They can just do it perfectly on their own. With this balance bike, learning how to ride doesn’t have to be a hassle but rather a fun moment for you and your kids.

Adjustable seat

Adjustable handlebars are not the only thing that makes this bike a perfect fit for your child. It has more in store – an adjustable seat height. And you don’t have to get any tools in order to make the adjustments. It can be done completely tool-free from a height of 15.5 inches to a maximum height of 17.5 inches.

The lowest setting creates a low profile that eliminates the need for brakes, especially for short users. All that your kid has to do is just put the feet on the ground to act as brakes.

Adjustable handlebars

Ease-of-customization is one thing that makes any ride on a balance bicycle simple and enjoyable. This bike was designed for just that. It comes equipped with padded handlebars that provide the convenience of both comfort and easy adjustment.

It gives the best possible fit that can accommodate the needs of any child. Simply put, this is a bike that has the ability to grow with your child to toddler stage.

You may be wondering the adjustable height range that the handlebar of this bike has to offer. Well, the handlebars are designed to be adjusted from a height of 20 to 21.5 inches.

Durable steel frame

The bike provides the strength of a steel frame. This is a frame that is designed to take a beating regardless of the weather condition.

The frame makes it an ideal bike for both indoor and outdoor use. It sports an elegant blue color that will definitely make your child stand out from other kids in the neighborhood.

Beneath the elegant color is a durable powder coating that takes the durability of this bike to the limits. The coating makes the frame more resilient to rust and possible corrosion. It is a bike that will definitely last for years to come.

Built-in footrests

Fatigue can greatly compromise the level of comfort provided by any balance bike. Vilano Rally bike is specially designed to keep fatigue to the minimum. This is achieved through integrated footrests that provide the most comfort particularly during long rides.

The footrests are relatively large enough to accommodate just about any foot size. Besides the comfort, the footrests also eliminate the need for pedals and provide the best balancing platform for your child.

The footrests are finished in the same blue color to give them a touch of elegance. A little texturing goes a long way in providing better grip for the feet. Therefore you will have peace of mind knowing that chances of your child missing their hold are rather slim.


  • Has a lightweight construction that provides the convenience of easy handling and hassle-free maneuvers.
  • Comes in an elegant blue color that makes the bike stand out.
  • Provides the comfort of non-slip hand grips and built-in footrest.
  • Has a strong and sturdy steel frame that makes the bike durable and safe for use just about anywhere.
  • The seat and the handlebars can be adjusted to provide a perfect fit for your child regardless of the age.
  • Have flat-free foam tires that eliminate the need for puncture repairs while providing smooth movement.
  • The bike only requires limited assembly.
  • Comes at an affordable and consumer-friendly price.


  • The assemble instructions are quite hard to follow.
  • The bike has no mudguards for added protection from dirt.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Can the seat be set to accommodate an 18-month old kid?

Well, the seat of this balance bike can be adjusted all the way down to the tires. This will definitely provide a comfortable fit for an 18-month child.

Q: Does the bike have conventional inflatable tires or the hard plastic tires?

The bike has hard plastic tires known for their super lightweight construction.

Final Thoughts

This kid’s bicycle is among the best deals you can ever get on the market. It is a bike that provides a fun moment for your kids. It provides a perfect balance of superior quality and great aesthetics. The bike is priced well to make it affordable to the low income population.

From this review, it receives many positive comments from customers and I’m sure that it might have a positive impact on your child’s riding skills. I recommend it to any parent that is in need of a quality balance bike but doesn’t have enough cash for those high-end models.

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