Foldable E-bikes: Advantages and Misconceptions

It’s very challenging to park your car near your office, primarily if you work in a city. That’s why it’s really helpful to have a foldable e-bike that will be pretty easy to carry and don’t take much space. Because of its portability and compactness, it has expanded in popularity in the past couple of … Read more

EuroMini Folding Bike Review: Zizzo Folding-Bicycles Via

As far as folding bikes go, the Euro-mini Zizzo Via is as close to perfection as it gets. It is a lightweight 20-inch bike with a snappy 7-speed Shimano crankset and a decent pair of alloy V-brakes. Without a doubt, the most impressive thing about the Via is its incredibly flexible build. It can fold … Read more

Schwinn Loop Adult Folding Bike Review

Does your garage or studio not have enough space? Or maybe your trail to work involves the subway, the few stairs, or an elevator? Then a foldable bike is a solution you’ve been looking for. With your limited space and this product’s versatility, it should be the ideal solution for your woes. Folding bikes are … Read more