BEIOU Carbon Fiber Mountain Bike Review

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Are you looking for a mountain bike that is both lightweight and solid? The secret is in the material a manufacturer uses. Aluminum bicycles are great, but when it comes to weight, carbon fiber versions are lighter. Different companies are offering a variety of carbon fiber bikes for you to consider purchasing. In as much as they are made of the same material, they differ in various ways, such as quality, design, and performance. For that reason, it is always an excellent idea to research about a given brand before buying it. Reading as many reviews as possible is one way to find out more about a product.

Have you come across the name BEIOU? It is a Chinese company providing diverse products, including carbon fiber mountain bikes. Its items are also available for US buyers. If you need to know more about the bikes, you are reading the right article.

The Features of BEIOU Carbon Fiber Mountain Bike


Available in two sizes, 19-inch and 17-inch, the bike is suitable for riders of various sizes. If the 17-inch version is small for you, you can always go with the 19-inch option. It comes in three colors black, white, and a combination of red and white. Despite there being three shades only to choose from, they all look elegant. You should be able to find a suitable match for your preferences. It is usable on moderate trails, making it a versatile model. You can use it on the road or off-road. That way, you do not have to buy separate bikes for different surfaces.


As mentioned in the introductory section, the bike is made of carbon fiber (specifically the Toray T800) frame, handlebars, and seat post. The material is responsible for the bike’s lightweight nature. Enjoy smooth, comfortable rides on different terrains while cycling a light bike that does not drag you behind. Focus your energy on covering more miles and having fun if you are on an adventure. You are also in a position to ride fast because you are not using a heavy bicycle. Note that carbon fiber is also a durable material; thus, it will be a while before you have to buy another bike or replace parts.


Remember, we said that Beiou bike is available in two sizes 17 and 19 inches. The tires also vary in size 27.5 and 29-inch options, respectively. However, the two tires are big, making the bike suitable for different surfaces, including muddy roads. Get to ride around sharp corners with ease. The bike consists of Shimano Deore components (speed control, derailleur lever, and the rear and front derailleurs) to ensure efficiency and top-notch performance. The braking system, on the other hand, uses Shimano M315 or M335.


It utilizes a hydraulic disc braking mechanism with hidden disc brakes. They allow you to stop easily in every scenario, including instantaneous and planned braking. Besides, you can cycle at 30 different speeds, which increases convenience. It does not matter whether you are going uphill or downhill.

In addition to the diverse speeds, this brand weighs slightly above 10lbs, thus helps enhance your swiftness. The air suspension fork is great at absorbing shock to ensure a smooth ride. That way, you can go riding on all kinds of surfaces, including the rough ones without feeling the bumps on the road.


Do not worry about putting together the bike. It comes with most parts fully assembled. That way, you get to save the cash you would have spent on hiring a professional to help with installation. The parts you will have to set up on your own are the handlebars and pedals. However, if you feel you have to use a specialist for assembling, there is no harm in doing so.


  • Lightweight, sturdy, durable
  • Comes in two different sizes to suit various user needs
  • Made of carbon fiber
  • Uses disc brakes
  • Has an ultra-light frame
  • Offers 30 speeds for riders to enjoy and experiment with
  • Utilizes Shimano components for uniformity and consistency
  • High performance
  • Easy to put together
  • Elegant and high-quality
  • Great for moderate trails
  • Fast while providing stable, smooth rides
  • Usable for long distances without causing discomfort
  • The seat fits riders of different sizes
  • The three color choices are eye-catching


  • The quality of handlebar grips needs improvement
  • Plastic nylon pedals could be better; several users say they had to replace them with better ones

Who is it suitable for?

If you love cycling, this mountain bike is for you. It is easy to assemble and ride. You can go wherever you want to, be it tarmac or moderate trails. The product is also great for beginner professional riders. Start your journey to the championship with a reliable, solid, durable bike that offers you smooth rides on easy and rough terrains. Remember, there are three different speeds to try out as you up to your game and challenge yourself to achieve more.

Why we like it

The first aspect we like about the bike is the fact that it uses Shimano Deore components to ensure high performance. Besides, it is available at affordable rates while still giving you top-notch experiences that are comparable to popular expensive brands. That is not all. You have 30 speeds to enjoy, which are much more than what some bikes offer. Have fun with both slow and swift paces as you make your way around corners, slopes, and flat surfaces.

Final Thought

If you need a carbon fiber mountain bike, Beiou is one of the brands to keep in mind when shopping. It boasts of an ultra-light frame, high performance, and solid construction. It has a lot more to offer riders, including the 30 speeds. The manufacturer incorporates air suspension fork to assist with shock absorption for smooth cycling.

You have three stunning color choices and two bike sizes to select 17 and 19 inches. That way, you are not stuck with a specific shade or dimension. Between the two sizes, you should find one that fits you appropriately to prevent you from straining during rides. Despite the bike’s handlebars and pedals requiring quality improvements, it is a product worth buying. Its pros outweigh the two downsides by far.

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