Chicco Red Bullet Balance Training Bike Review

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Is the little one throwing a tantrum over their older brothers’ bikes? What they need is a bike that looks true enough -only, one designed to train them to balance, steer and coordinate. More precisely, they need a balance bike that looks almost just like a real bike. Plastic balance bikes have the advantage of being really light in weight while wooden bikes exude a touch of elegance. Even so, there is nothing that quite beats the feeling of a true pedaled bike as an all-metal frame balance bicycle. Something like the Chicco Red Bullet Balance Training Bike would suffice.

It is highly recommended for 3 to 4 years old. It gives your toddler the feeling they are riding an actual bike-only without the pedals and chains. This actually makes the kid happy for feeling like they own one that looks exactly similar to what their older siblings might be using. Also, this model comes quite affordable as compared to other budget balance bikes. All without compromise on the quality, durability and overall riding experience the kid should expect.

The Features of the Chicco Red Bullet

There is more than just a surprisingly low price on this bikes tag, it comes with lots of features that make it the best bike for training the young rider. It is a stable ride that offers the rider a good sense of experience before they can transition to real bikes. Your kid is able to balance, lean, and steer this bike with much ease. Have a closer look at some of the outstanding features both you and the young rider should expect.

Quick assemble

Popping the box open, you realize the bike is shipped in four pieces. This makes assembling the bike pretty much straightforward. There is a wrench included in the box, but this could prove hard to use sometimes. Consider using your own wrench if you keep one in your toolbox. Even so, it is certainly doable with the included wrench.

The assembly takes about a few minutes to complete. Once this part is done, the bike is ready for the riding. I must admit, it does make a pretty slick ride. Weighing at about 10lbs, this model is certainly not one of the lightest balance bike you’ll come across, but it’s definitely lighter than most of the bigger models.

Minimal design

You’ll love the design of this balance bike for being pretty well straight forward. By eliminating aspects like pedals, balancing wheels, bells and brakes, this bike is able to remain true to its purpose to teach the young rider how to balance, steer, and coordinate. Even with a simple design, the frame of the bike appears to be very solid and durable. This certainly adds to the weight, but it’s all well and good.

You’ll appreciate this decidedly simple design for taking the distractions and complications out of the way of the kid’s progress. The young rider is able to channel all focus on attaining a good balance and steering right rather than trying to have their feet up on the pedals.

Puncture-resistant foam tires

Most people are not fond of foam tires, especially on their own bikes. But, foam tires on the little ones’ balance bikes are good things for several reasons. Although they have a low drag resistance than inflatable ones, these kinds of tires are less weighty, and they don’t puncture easily.

This is quite a relief for the parent since they will make no trips at all to the repair to fix a puncture. The other advantage of foam tires is that the kid is able to comfortably ride on surfaces plagued with debris. What’s more, they offer a comfortable ride even on difficult terrain.

Comfy padded seat & handlebar

The bike’s seat and handle bar are nicely padded for comfort. The young rider is able to easily fit on the wide seat. This offers quite the riding experience to the rider. They are able to ride over difficult terrain with much ease. At the end of the day, the youngster has had fun and will have made considerable progress learning their balancing, steering and coordination.

You’ll notice that the handlebars for this bike come with nice and comfortable padding. This eliminates fatigue if the rider goes for longer riding sessions. They are also able to steer well since their grip feels firmer and more comfy.

Adjustable seat post

This Chicco red bullet is a really small balance bike. At first, you may think your toddler won’t be able to fit on it, but it actually makes quite a good ride for children of different heights. The seat post can be adjusted to accommodate any height differences and the adjustable seat height range is 13 inches to 15 inches.

This is actually a good thing because the small size accommodates the youngest starting ages while the adjustable feature ensures that the kids are able to grow with their bike. This could be the only bike your child will need growing up. As the child grows, they quickly master their motor and balancing abilities.

Budget friendly

This bike is obviously not a high-end balance bike. The manufacturers did not try to do anything fancy or elegant with the bike’s design. And, you’ll appreciate that its rather decidedly simple design works well the bikes overall theme. It is a cheap balance bike that doesn’t seem cheap at all. You’ll want to see your child ride it every day, and the kid will want to ride it everywhere you go.


  • Quick and Easy to assemble
  • Lightweight yet sturdy frame for agile riding
  • Looks and feels like a ‘real’ bike
  • Adjustable/comfortable seat and handlebar
  • Wider handlebar for better steering
  • Foam tires are puncture resistant
  • Very affordable budget balance bike


  • Foam tires offer less comfort especially on bumpier terrains
  • Choking Hazard small parts. Not for kids under 3 years old

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Does this Chicco Red Bullet have a fully rotatable handlebar?

Yes, this bike has rotatable handlebar.

Q: Is this bike ok for a 2-year-old boy?

Actually, this bike is recommended for 3+ years old, but under 3-year-old kids can easily handle it.

Final Verdict

If you are working on a fixed budget but still wish your toddler had something to train them for the real bike you had bought their older sibling, then the Chicco training bike is a great option. It looks and rides like a real bike to the toddler. Unlike other balance bikes that are made of plastic or wooden frame, this one is made of the all-metal frame. It is light weight yet sturdy.

The kids will love it for its rather chic-looking but decidedly minimal design. The wide handlebar really helps teach them their steering act quick. And, the easy ride bike makes it easy for the kids to balance and learn to coordinate different muscles as they anticipate to transition to a real bike with pedals. Above all, you’ll appreciate the quality features for a bike that goes for very cheap. It’s a great buy.

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