The 19 Best Hybrid Bikes Under $500 & $1000 for Men & Women

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In 2022, market is offering many top class models with different price range. Maybe you are on a limited or tight budget (that is under $500 or under $1000). To be honest, choosing the best hybrid bike under this price category can be quite a headache, especially for new riders.

Well, we’ve researched and sifted through the many types and models of hybrids out there to give you affordable and top quality rides. We’ve narrowed down the list to 19 competitors that offer the best in performance, comfort, and durability.

List & Reviews of Best Hybrid Bikes for Men & Women

Hybrid Bikes Under 500 Ranking Best Fit For View on Amazon
Schwinn Hybrid Bike Network Best pick 1 Unisex
Retrospec Beaumont-7 Urban City Best pick 2 Women
Diamondback Bicycles Clarity 1 Runner-up Unisex
Gama Bikes Metropole Also great Women
Critical Cycles Parker City Men
Critical Cycles Barron Men
Populo Metro 3-Speed Urban Unisex
Schwinn Men’s Voyager 1 Men
Head Revive 700C Men
Fortified Commuter Theft-Resistant Men Currently unavailable
Hybrid Bikes Under 1000 Ranking Best Fit For View on Amazon
sixthreezero EVRYjourney Step-Through Best pick 1 Women
Tommaso La Forma Best pick 2 Unisex
Raleigh Bikes Venture 2 Runner-up Women
sixthreezero Relaxed Body Also great Women
Schwinn GTX 2.0 Comfort Also great Women
Raleigh Cadent 1 Urban Unisex
Montague Urban Folding Pavement Unisex
Diamondback Bicycles Trace Comp Unisex

19. Retrospec Hybrid-Bicycles Beaumont City

Retrospec is not new name in the world of hybrid bikes. Enters Beaumont 7-speed bike, one of its latest offerings. This ladies bike feels at home in the urban terrain. It sports a classic, retro-style frame fabricated from high-tensile steel. A step-thru geometry provides a lower stand-over height, which makes it a whole lot easier to get on and off the bike. Full 7-speed Shimano drive-train has all it takes to ride long flats and slight inclines.

RevoShift shifters let you down the gears without a hitch for ultimate control and precision. Beaumont 7 offers the stability and reliable grip of extra-robust 700c Kenda tires. These tires have been tested for resilience against uneven grounds and potholes. Front and rear alloy brakes provide the stopping power you need while adding more precision to the ride.

This retro-inspired hybrid comes fully fledged with matching fenders and mid-century bell. A sturdier rear steel rack allows you to carry some stuff during the ride. Beaumont 7 is available in small (38cm) and medium (42cm) sizes and a whopping many different colors to choose from. Well, this increases your chance of getting a ride that fits your style and size. The bike comes 85% assembled to save the time needed to put everything together.

18. Gama Bikes Metropole Women Jade

Gama is one name you can trust when it comes to hybrids with a timeless design. One such beauty is the Metropole 7-speed cruiser. Well, calling it a cruiser is an understatement. It goes an extra length to double as a performance bike. This transforms it into an ultra-versatile hybrid with the convenience of a lightweight aluminum alloy frame.

What you get is a ride that’s quicker on the road and much easier to carry. A step-thru design used on the frame accommodates the needs of women with different wardrobes. I mean, the low stand-over height makes getting on and off quite easy regardless of the type of clothes you’re wearing. It puts the rider in an athletic position suitable for casual city use. This urban cruiser has 7-speed Shimano drive-train. That’s more than enough to conquer urban flats and some bit of inclines in your way.

700c tires offer better momentum and smooth ride, even on uneven surfaces. These tires are a tad larger than standard 28-inch wheels for improved road-grip and stability. Metropole 7-speed hybrid comes complete with matching fenders and a rear rack. It’s a one-size bike with a 18-inch frame designed for riders who are 5 feet 1 inche to 6 feet 1 inche tall. There are many colors to choose from. This urban cruiser comes 80% assembled.

17. Head Revive 700C Hybrid

Want a hybrid that adds a twist to the conventional aerodynamic road bike design? Well, Head is one brand that makes that possible with a low budget (under $1000). Enters Revive 700c, one of its flagship creations. This unisex hybrid puts you in an aerodynamic position without leaning forward. It has a lightweight aluminum frame built for speed.

It enters the few lines of hybrids fitted with a front suspension. That means you can take it out of the streets and do a bit of off-road riding. Talking about off-road riding, the has a double-walled rim built for the purpose. Combined with 700c tires, you get a strong wheel-set that can take a beating.

Long flats and inclines are nothing to worry about, thanks to a 24-speed Shimano drive-train. I mean, there’s a gear for every road variation you may encounter. Shimano shifters give you the precision and reliability you need. This hybrid road bike is fitted with Promax front and rear aluminum brakes built for reliable stopping power. It’s available in medium (18-inch) and extra-large (22-inch) size.

16. Raleigh Bikes Venture 2

Raleigh is one of the oldest bike companies in the world with a ton of experience to match. Those looking for an entry-level comfort recreational bike should consider giving Venture 2 a spin. Well, this is a hybrid built with the recreational rider in mind. It’s one of the ultimate lightweight entry-level hybrids out there built to provide a ton of fun. The bike feels at home whether on the boardwalk, bike path, or when doing some turns around the neighborhood.

An upright geometry puts you in a laid back position for ultimate riding comfort. This riding position reduces stress on your body while letting you enjoy the true freedom of riding on two wheels. Venture 2 comes with 7-speed Shimano drive-train to tackle long flats and small inclines. It uses Revo twist shifters built for ultimate precision without having to move your hands.

Big, wide tires keep up your confidence on the road. They roll easily and do a good job in absorbing road shock. When it comes to Raleigh Bikes Venture 2, comfort is king. That’s evident from the plus saddle that offers the benefits and comfort of memory foam. Combined with a micro-adjustable seat post, you get an ultra-comfortable seat that filters vibrations from bumps. Well, this is definitely a hybrid designed around one simple idea in mind. It is available in 4 different sizes: small (15-inch), medium (17-inch), large (19-inch), and extra-large (21-inch).

15. Schwinn GTX 2.0 Comfort Adult

Ask about any top bike brands in the world and you won’t miss Schwinn on the list. This is a brand that lets you ride lighter, go further, and cruise in comfort. GTX 2.0 hybrid bike is one model that lets you explore the new world of Schwinn like never before. This is a hybrid specially designed with women riders in mind.

This is evident from its step-thru frame design that offers a low standover height. The frame itself is made of aluminum to give a lightweight ride. Schwinn adds more comfort in this hybrid with a rigid suspension fork. The suspension filters vibrations and keeps your arms on the handlebars. It offers a window of opportunity to do some gentle off-road riding. The seat has a spring mechanism that further filters vibrations.

GTX 2.0 hybrid bike has a 21-speed that conquers all road situations. EZ-Fire shifters offer quick gear shifting. High profile lightweight yet strong aluminum wheels offer nimble maneuvers and improved stability. The front wheel has a quick-release mechanism that saves you time when fitting or removing. Linear pull brakes come in handy to provide sure stopping power. The saddle has a wide comfort design to further remove the stress out of every ride.

14. Schwinn Network 3 700C 21-speed

Want a versatile everyday ride that won’t leave you with an aching back? Well, Schwinn has the answer to that. It’s the versatile Network 3 hybrid bike. It gives you the comfort of a cruiser, the speed of a road bike, and the durability of a mountain bike all in one package.

A lightweight frame and a front suspension fork give you the freedom you get from riding a Schwinn. The lightweight frame makes the bike more aerodynamic yet strong enough to take a beating on some off-road trails. The suspension fork further opens the possibilities for off-road adventure.

A full 21-speed Shimano gives you the extra gears you need for tackling hilly climbs. Gear shifting is quick and sure, thanks to EZ-Fire shifters. The rims are made of lightweight and strong alloy material for a nimble, stable ride. The front wheel gives the time-saving benefits of a quick-release mechanism. Additional comfort is provided by a padded saddle and a suspension seat post. This is a hybrid that makes your commuting experience better like never before. It comes in white color and 15-inch frame.

13. Raleigh Redux 1 Urban

Sometimes added simplicity and reliability are all that matters in a hybrid bike. In that case, you might want to consider a hybrid, such as Redux 1 Urban Assault. This is a bike built for versatile performance. It has all it takes to withstand the rigors of riding all around town. The bike comes with a lightweight aluminum frame that adds an aerodynamic feel to the overall design. Blade integrated aluminum fork further keeps the weight to a minimum and adds some degree of durability to this hybrid.

8-speed Shimano drivetrain makes a generous offer for riding the long flats. It also gives something extra for conquering small inclines. Its smooth shifting and with low maintenance. The bike is equipped with mechanical disc brakes. With these brakes, you get proven the efficiency and stopping power even in wet and dirty conditions.

The stability is good and the grip is sure. This bike comes with clean lines and is available in bold block colors that add to its overall nice looks. You get 4 different sizes to choose from: small (15-inch), medium (17-inch), large (19-inch), and extra-large (21-inch). Redux 1 arrives partially assembled and you’ll need anywhere from 30 minutes to 120 minutes to put it together.

12. Diamondback Clarity 1 Performance

Clarity 1 is a low-maintenance companion that comes as versatile as you need it to be. This comfort hybrid bike adds joy and relaxation to your summertime cruises and occasional rides. It has a durable, 6061-t6 aluminum alloy frame and a comfortable geometry that supports an upright riding position. The design is a great plus for making it easier to get on and off the bike.

It has a front suspension fork that combines with a suspension seat to smooth out bumps and filter vibrations. The suspension systems add more confidence, especially when going downhill. An adjustable stem allows you to customize both the angle and height of handlebar for a more comfortable fit. The handlebar is made of steel to withstand the rigors of everyday riding.

You get the reliability of a full 21-speed drivetrain that offers extra gears for hilly climbs. Double-tunnel aluminum alloy rims and wide 700c performance hybrid wheels come in handy to tackle dirt and paved surfaces. Cornering treads provide maximum traction, especially on gravel surfaces.

Diamondback Bicycles Clarity 1 is available in small (14-inch) and medium (18-inch) sizes. The small size fits riders from 5 feet 4 inches tall to 5 feet 7 inches tall. The medium size is for riders who are 5 feet 7 inches tall to 5 feet 10 inches tall. This hybrid arrives 95% assembled. Completing the assembly process takes 30-60 minutes depending on your skill level.

11. Sixthreezero Explore Your Range Women’s Commuter

sixthreezero Explore is a 7-speed hybrid designed for the urban adventures. This is a bike that gives you the power and speed needed for the daily commute or urban scouting. It is packed with features designed with women riders in mind.

It has a lightweight aluminum frame that makes it quicker on the road and easy to carry upstairs. A diamond frame design and handlebar geometry put you in an upright riding position for improved comfort and visibility of the road ahead.

7-speed makes long distance riding possible. It lets you conquer both city streets and those hard-packed trails. Twist shifters make gear changes quick and easy. Reliable stopping power is provided by front and rear hand brakes. The stem of the handlebar is adjustable to let you customize the height and angle for a perfect fit.

This bike spins on 700c wheelset and double-walled rims built for a smooth and stable ride. It comes with a rear rack where you can mount a basket or pannier. sixthreezero hybrid bike is available in 3 different colors. With a 17-inch frame size, this bike fits riders from 5 feet to 6 feet 2 inches tall. It arrives 85% assembled.

10. Critical Cycles Parker City Bike

Looking for a hybrid bike with straightforward functionality? Well, this modern, urban hybrid bike offers that. Parker City bike has a stylish minimalistic retro look free offenders and rack. A track frame makes it a perfect blend of comfort and aggressive ride. The frame is made of steel for more resilience on the rough urban landscape.

Vegan leather saddle and mustache handlebar provide the comfort you get from a beach cruiser. This bike boasts coaster brakes that add to its minimalistic built while providing a simple foot braking power. That means no cables or wires to deal with. Well, this is a single-speed hybrid specially designed for the urban rider. It has quality Shimano components to offer the best ride possible.

The bike’s deep V-rims are built for a solid ride while freestyle pedals make for a smooth, deliberate navigation. Parker City bike is available in two different colors of black and ice blue. There are 5 sizes to choose from: extra-small (43cm), small (49cm), medium (53cm), large (57cm), and extra-large (61cm).

09. Raleigh Cadent 1 Urban Fitness Bike

It seems like Raleigh has a hybrid bike for every style and occasion. Enters Cadent 1, one of its flagship models in the urban series of hybrid bikes. Well, this is a sturdy bike built with practicality in mind. It looks solid from all angles, a feature that lets it handle daily commutes, whether in city streets, dirt roads, or rocky trails.

It has an aluminum frame that adds a lightweight built to the package for speed and efficiency. The frame supports a more upright posture for improved comfort and visibility. 35mm tires and 700c wheels offer all you need to ride changing terrains. The wheels make for a smooth transition between urban flats and hilly roads.

Cadent 1 gives the choice of 21 gears that add more possibilities on the road. The Shimano Tourney drivetrain gives you the quality you need for a smooth ride. The handlebars have a mid-rise design for easy reach and strain-free ride. The saddle is designed to provide a casual ride. Raleigh Cadent 1 is available in 4 sizes to fit riders from 5 feet 3 inches to 6 feet 4 inches tall.

08. Critical Cycles Men’s Barron 21-Speed

A bike that adapts to any road situation. Well, that’s what you get with Barron hybrid bike. It has a lightweight aluminum frame designed to take a beating on a variety of terrains. This frame provides the agility you need for speed. Comfort is key when it comes to this hybrid. You get a zoom-suspension fork that evens out bumps for improved comfort and handling. The saddle is extra wide to make those long rides more enjoyable. Its flat handlebar puts you in a natural, relaxed riding position.

It has trustworthy Kenda tires built for versatility in all weather and road situations. Double-walled rims make a sturdy wheelset that keeps up your confidence on those rough trails. Barron hybrid bike has 21 gears to choose from. This mega range gearing provides all it takes to conquer climbs and do long distance rides. The drivetrain boasts quality Shimano Tourney components to offer the best ride possible.

Twist grip shifters make for quick and easy gear changes. Ergonomic brake levers provide reliable stopping power. It comes with a kickstand for easy parking after a long day’s ride. It’s available 4 different sizes: small (16-inch), medium (18-inch), large (20-inch), and extra-large (22-inch).

07. Schwinn Men’s Voyager 1 700C Wheels

Voyager 1 700c bike is packed with more than a decade of Schwinn’s ingenuity and quality built. This is a comfortable hybrid designed to be easy going for consistent performance. It’s a versatile commuter with a lightweight aluminum frame for bonus functionality. This frame is strong and flexible to accommodate all your requirements. Fender mounts are included on the frame for extra flexibility. The diamond frame design supports an upright riding posture for improved comfort.

The seat has a suspension mechanism with 50mm of travel enough to even out bumps and filter vibrations. This combines with a 63mm front fork suspension to boost your confidence when riding downhill. Voyager 1 provides the nimble maneuver of Kenda tires and the stability of a robust 700c wheelset.

21-speed Shimano drivetrain makes riding flats and hills a breeze. SRAM grip shifters let you gain speed fast and easy. It used linear-pull brakes to provide reliable stopping power. It’s available in small (16-inch) and medium (18-inch) sizes.

06. Populo Bikes Metro 3-Speed Urban Commuter

Populo’s ingenuity goes beyond its line of family-friendly electric bikes. The brand has some specialty in hybrid bikes and Metro 3-speed urban commuter stands out among its notable creations. It gives you the minimalistic look of a single speed and the versatility of a geared bike. The result is a bike that doesn’t disappoint, whether in commute or adventure ride.

A lightweight yet sturdy aluminum alloy frame gives you an easy time riding uphill or carrying upstairs. This all-weather, rust-resistant frame lets you enjoy your ride, be it in rain or shine. Metro urban bike settles for a simple 3-speed internal drive-train built for durability and low maintenance. It provides enough gear ratio to quench your thirst for smooth, easy commute. Twist grip shifters give the option of a low, medium, and high gear with just a flick of the wrist.

Riser handlebars and seat are positioned to put the rider in a comfortable upright posture. The front wheel has a quick-release mechanism that comes in handy during storage and transportation. The wheels are double-walled and fitted with 32c tires that feel at home in any urban jungle terrain.

High-performance front and rear brakes provide stopping power when you need it. This is a medium 52-inch bike designed for riders who are 5 feet 7 inches to 5 feet 11 inches tall. There is the option of small (49cm), large (55cm), and extra-large (58cm) sizes to fit riders from 5 feet to 6 feet 2 inches tall.

05. Montague New Urban Folding 700c Pavement

Montague is a bike brand with a long history of quality and performance. This urban hybrid bike is one of its models that keep up the good trend. This bike takes the concept of hybrids to the extreme. It’s packed with a lot of extras to provide everything you need for the ultimate urban commute.

This fully-fledged hybrid has a custom drawn aluminum tube frame with DirectConnect system that gives a robust built. The frame comes in a 21-inch size to provide a perfect fit for riders who are 5 feet 11 inches to 6 feet 4 inches tall.

The bike has 21-speed built for maximum comfort, even on hilly areas. Semi-knobby 35mm tires make the bike feel at home, whether on a pavement, gravel, or anything in between. These tires provide the strong grip and balance to keep you in full control.

A patented rack-stand comes in handy to offer cargo carrying capacity. The built-in fender doubles as a kickstand or stand when the bike is in the folded position. The bike has dual caliper brakes that provide a reliable stopping power. As the name suggests, this hybrid bike is designed to fold for easy storage and transportation.

04. Sixthreezero EVRYjourney Women’s Step-Through Cruiser

A bike for every occasion. That’s what you get with EVRYjourney hybrid bike. Well, this is a cruiser bike built with style and fun factor in mind. However, it does more than just being an eye-catching, modern showpiece and very reasonable price (under $500). This versatile cruiser has a step-thru aluminum frame that makes getting on an off a breeze.

The swooping frame puts the rider in a more upright, forward pedaling position for increased comfort. Apart from saving you from aching back and shoulders, this riding position provides proper leg extension that’s a great plus to your fitness goals.

7-speed provides enough gears for long distance commutes and leisure rides. This hybrid boasts semi-slick 26-inch tires built for minimum rolling resistance. They offer a cushioned, stable ride for added comfort.

It has matching fenders and a rear rack for holding optional basket or pannier. A cushioned dual-spring seat comes in handy to keep vibrations at a minimum on bumpy surfaces. This bike can cruise at speeds of up to 30 mph and is recommended for 30-mile single trips. It’s built for riders who are 5 feet to 6 feet 4 inches tall. EVRYjourney cruiser arrives 80% assembled.

03. Tommaso La Forma Lightweight Aluminum Bike

La Forma is a versatile performance bike built with commuters and fitness riders in mind. It has a sporty look that offers a good blend of balance, comfort, and efficiency. Aluminum frame and carbon fork keep the weight of the bike at a minimum. The fork soaks up bumps and dampens vibrations to give a smooth ride. The frame is drilled to accommodate a variety of racks and fenders.

A full 27-speed Shimano offers a mountain bike style gearing that allows you to tackle climbs with ease. The unbeatable assortment of gears makes the bike ready for all riding conditions and road variations. The bike has Rapid Fire shifters that are fast and reliable in making gear changes. Flat handlebars set the rider in an aerodynamic position for increased speed.

It has extra-wide tires that can easily transition from road to dirt trail. Professional assembly is recommended when putting this bike together. The bike is available in 2 colors and 3 different sizes that fit riders from 4 feet 10 inches to 5 feet 7 inches tall.

02. Diamondback Bicycles Trace Comp Complete Dual Sport

Looking for a hybrid bike that’s capable of riding anywhere? Well, this dual sport bike is a ride to watch out for. This hybrid is made with the best possible parts to create a more capable, robust hybrid with a mountain bike feel.

This solid commuter has an aluminum alloy frame that makes it lightweight, durable, and easy to carry. A 75mm front suspension fork acts as a shock absorber to cushion you from bumpy rides. These characteristics make it suitable for sporting purposes and for riding on those mountainous tracks.

It uses an avid disc brake system that provides the immediate stop in any condition, a feature that assures safety and keeps up your confidence. You get the versatility and excellent traction of all-terrain tires that feel at home both on the road and dirt trail.

It has a 9-speed Shimano derailleurs that provide a wide range of gears for improved speed and motion control. It boasts upgraded SL-M360 shifters and the drivetrain is a step up from the standard. The grips are made of dual density material for improved comfort and durability. This bike is available in 3 sizes: small (16-inch), medium (18-inch), and large (20-inch).

01. Fortified Theft-Resistant Disc-Brake City Commuter

How would you feel losing a bike worth hundreds of dollars? Well, you can rest assured of your bike’s safety with this theft-resistant city commuter. This is hybrid built for both seasoned and newbie riders. It’s one of the most reliable and toughest hybrid bikes out there.

A high-quality aluminum frame adds to the tough and rugged look of this bike while keeping weight to a minimum. The frame is rust-resistant to survive the city environment. The wheels, handlebars, and seat come fitted with security bolts to keep off burglars. This solid commuter has 8-speed that offers enough gear for tackling changing terrain. Trigger thumb shifters make gear changes smooth and easy.

Don’t worry about flat tires since this bike comes with 32c puncture-resistant tires. It has a strong 700c wheelset that combines with the solid frame to support up to 270 pounds. It has efficient and reliable disc brakes to provide the stopping power you need in any condition. Reflectors are included to make you visible to other motorists for enhanced safety.

The saddle is waterproof to prevent it from soaking in rainy weather. It comes in small (50cm), medium (54cm), and large (58cm) size. It fits riders from 5 feet 2 inches tall to 6 feet 3 inches tall. This hybrid arrives 80% assembled and there are online instructions to help you put the remaining parts together.

Final Thoughts

I hope this article has been of great help in helping you choose the best hybrid bike under $500 to $1000. As you can see, all these models are strong competitors and actually deliver on quality, performance, and comfort. Now all that remains is for you to make up your mind and decide what your next ride is gonna be. No matter what model you choose, be rest assured you’ll get the ultimate commuting experience like no other.

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