Schwinn Balance Bike 12-Inch Review

If you have a small child and you are keen on teaching him/her the first lessons in biking, then opting for the right balancing bike is certainly important. The single biggest reason why it makes sense to buy your child these bikes is because of its safety features. While tricycles could be an option, they are slow and clumsy and riding them will not help your child to gain balance any sooner. Additionally there are other advantages which also could be factors in its favor. It will help your child to develop a love for the outdoors and also prevent them from getting hooked to TV, computers and other addictions which will make them couch potatoes. There are many models of self balancing bikes available. That’s why we are presenting detailed review on Schwinn Balance Bike 12-Inch.

The Features of the Schwinn Balance Bike 12-Inch

Here are some important features of this kid bike that make this bike more advantageous and useful. Hopefully, all the features of this bike will help the kids to learn proper balance during riding efficiently and very quickly.

Quality tires and ergonomically designed

Schwinn 12-Inch is a feature rich product and is famous for its unique foot to floor design and the technology and finesse of it is very much evident here. Its aerodynamic design makes it easy to push through the atmospheric pressure and young children will certainly find it very easy to learn and balance.

The ergonomically designed balance bike is also something which will draw the attention and awe of neighbors. Your child therefore will have quite a few good things to talk about this machine.

The all tires and tubes is also something which makes this cycle unique and worth being used. It comes in bright color and the seat is also conveniently located. The distance between the seat and the handle has also been well researched and designed making it easy to ride and balance even if the child is around 2 years.

Adjustable seat

Another interesting feature which makes this balance bike popular amongst parents is the adjustable seat height facility. Hence there is no doubt that children will continue to use the bike even as they grow up.

If the bike is bought for a child who is around 2 years old, it certainly can be used till the child reaches 5 years of age. There are many homes where the bike has been used by more than one child and therefore it well and truly offers the best value for money. This is without any doubt one of the main reasons why this bike is popular amongst dozens of customers.

However, there are some reservations about its ability to cater to children who are around 5 years but this again would depend on the height of the child.

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Adjustable handlebars

The handlebars are also adjustable and this again is an interesting feature which will benefit for children of different ages. It will make the process of learning and balance that much simpler and stress free.

There are many other brands where there is a problem with the handlebar adjustment. This is perhaps because it may not be getting properly aligned with the seating arrangements. However, as far as the Schwinn 12-inch bike is concerned, this problem is not to be seen.

Further the design features of the bike are also quite stunning. It combines ergonomics with convenience. It does not have sharp and damaging edges and therefore even if the child falls down when in process of learning the chances of getting hurt are very little.

Lightweight and easy to maneuver

In spite of being sturdy and tough, the bike is relatively lightweight. The packing weight is around 13.6 pounds and single item weight is 10.5 pounds and therefore children will not any drag when they move around and learn the first lessons of biking.

The basic frame of the bike is made from high quality material. It is rust proof and is also not toxic and dangerous. The same is the case with other moving and fixed parts of the bicycle.

The seat is well designed, ergonomic in style and offers the best of seating comfort. Since it is lightweight children will not have much of problems moving it around even when the bicycle is not on the move will not be a big burden on the child.

Safety aspects taken care of

Apart from the above there are a few more features which are quite interesting and worth mention. The bike frame is designed in such a way that it prevents scratches to legs. This is because of the wide tubing.

Coming back to the tires there are a few interesting points which might interest customers. The tires are pneumatic in nature and therefore they offer the smoothest of rides even when negotiating rough roads and bumpy surfaces.

The treads on the bike often resemble adult sized bikes and therefore they go a long way in increasing the life of the tires and also the frame on which the tires sit. Besides, the steel spokes ensure high quality.


  • It has around 475 reviews and customers in general talk favorably about the bicycle.
  • The fact that it has 4.5 star rating is another point which makes it a special bike.
  • Made from specially made material customers have found this bike to be long lasting and durable.
  • The price for which it is available (around $75) without any doubt makes this bicycle a good buy offering the best value for money.
  • It is an easy to assemble bike.
  • It is available in a number of eye-catching and bright colors.
  • As mentioned above in features, the adjustable handlebars and seats are pluses as far as this bike is concerned.


  • The bulky size of the bike may not find favor with parents who have young children.
  • Paint scrapping and resultant rusting has been reported by a few customers.
  • The footrest according to few customers may cause injuries.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Would this bike be appropriate for a 1.5 or 2 year old boy?

This balance bike is highly recommended for 2.5 to 5 years old. But many under 2 years growing kids can easily ride it. You can see another post to know the balance bike for 2 year old.

Q: Does this balance bike has brakes for riding safety?

No, child’s feet are the brake! Actually this Schwinn Bike has no foot or hand brakes, if child needs to stop or slow down the bike just tell them to put their feet down and push on the ground.

Final Verdict

According to many customer reviews, Schwinn balance bike is considered to be one of the best brands of balance bike that is available in the market today. When one goes through the various features, pros and cons associated with this bike, one thing is certain. It is a highly popular balance bike and the pros without any doubt overweight the cons (which are very few in number).

The final verdict is out. It is a wonderful bike for young kids and will put up them on course as far as balancing and learning cycling the safe and sure way is concerned. Though there are some concerns expressed in some quarters about the size of the bike, these are very few and far between.

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