Chillafish Bunzi Gradual Balance Bike Review: 2-in-1 Ride on Toy

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Are you always worried that your child keeps lagging behind his older playmates? Does the idea of bike riding seem to trigger fear in him? Then worry no more, as the Chillafish Bunzi Gradual is here to create self-esteem in your child and help him learn to balance before graduating to the conventional bike. It is ideal for all those looking for a balance bike for their toddlers. With truckloads of balance bikes abuzz in the market, you may think what’s so special about this one. Well, one look at the model will tell you why it’s so suitable for the tiny tots. These kinds of bikes come devoid of pedals, and as such, focus on building confidence while learning to balance in a step-by-step manner.

Additionally, this bike is lightweight and its cute design is a great hit with the kids. The seat can be adjusted on either the two-wheel mode or the three-wheel mode for meeting the needs of comfort and speed. The fact that it’s easy to grip means that you can comfortably lug it around for a day out with your child. Another big plus of the Bunzi is that it’s equipped with sturdy, skid-proof tires that do not scrape wooden floors. That along with its small size just makes it apt for indoor use.

Chillafish Bunzi Gradual Balance Bike Overview

RATING: Recommended (4.3 out of 5)

BEST FOR: Kids from 1-3 years old

WEIGHT: 2.2 lbs


SEAT HEIGHT: 8.7 inch in 3-wheel mode to 9.8 inch  in 2-wheel mode

WHEEL SIZE: 12 Inches

TIRES: Anti-skid TPE synthetic rubber tires



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Chillafish Bunzi Gradual Balance Bike

The Attractive Features

It’s not just packed with meaningless features. Instead, it has been devised intuitively to deliver premium performance when you need it the most. Here, in this bike review, we’ve highlighted a few of its attributes:

Suitable for kids between 1-3 years

With its small, compact size and tons of safety features, and designed to suit children aged between one to four years. However, your child can still use this bike to play around or pass some boring years after he has outgrown its size.

The adjustable saddle allows him to stay comfortable during lengthy rides, and even speed up if necessary. As it’s at a low level from the ground, he can easily touch the floor with his feet to produce movement. This acts a great starting point to learn how to balance and coordinate with the bike. It can be adjusted to stay 8.6 inches above the ground for the three-wheel conformation and 9.8 inches from the ground for the two-wheel conformation.

These measurements have been based according to the average height of children in this age bracket. Being very lightweight, it’s easy to maneuver and control. The small seat even has a tiny storage compartment at one end to stock up on few items.

Gradual balancing mechanism

The bike changes form seamlessly from the three-wheeler to two-wheeler. This, in turn, allows your kid to master the skill of maneuvering and coordinating with the bike before without having to balance. Later, when he feels confident and comfortable with the vehicle, you can adjust the vehicle into a two-wheeler balance bike to teach him the useful lessons of balancing the right way.

This gradual balancing mechanism that the bike entails makes it a thoughtfully designed product, and one that is suitable for toddlers and kids who’ve just begun to walk on their own feet.

To top it all, you won’t be requiring any tools or additional equipment to transform the Bunzi from a two-wheeler to a three-wheeler. The switch is unbelievably simple and intuitive, and requires little or no effort on your part. The seat position differs in the two conformations. In the two-wheeler mode, it rests lower to the ground to ensure comfort, while in the three-wheeler mode; it rests higher, to allow greater speed during riding.

Crafted from high-quality & durable materials

At a weight of just 6.5 pounds, the balance bike feels extremely lightweight to carry around. Additionally, it has a decent weight capacity of 55 lbs that’s perfect for accommodating children belonging to the age bracket of 1-3 years. You can count on it to lend a comfy fit to your kid and preclude any unforeseen falls due to a sudden break in a part, or even worse, the collapse of the entire unit.

The bike is built with high-quality ABS materials that not only make it durable enough to outlive its warranty, but also promise dependable protection from the elements. Additionally, its framework has been subjected to standard quality-control tests to ensure a solid construction. Therefore, you can be sure that even if the bike falls accidentally, it won’t suffer any major damage.

Unique & intuitive ABS handlebars

One of the major highlights of the Bunzi bike is its handlebars. Built with high-quality ABS material, they are exceptionally solid, durable and easy-to-grip. Additionally, they flaunt a novel bunny design that’s very eye-catchy and instill interest in your toddler.

Moreover, they are incredibly easy to grip and your child doesn’t need to put in a great deal of effort to control his bike using the handlebars. They feel pretty comfy as well, so he can ride as much as he wants without getting his tiny, delicate fingers bruised.

Thanks to the handlebars, this beautiful plastic bike is much safer as compared to other similar models available in the market. Your child will find it easy to control it and speed up or slow down by simply manipulating his grip on the handlebars. Moreover, the gaps of the handle have been programmed thoughtfully to ensure easy adjustment to suit your kid’s reach.

Smooth & skid-free wheels

The Bunzi Gradual comes set with trusted wheels that are bound to be a favorite with your kid. They run smoothly, easily and without making any noise. And the best part is that they are built to work equally well both outdoors, as well as indoors. That means this bike is perfect for all those who live where it snows year-round, and it’s just too miserable to play outdoors.

The outdoor TPE tires are durable, time-worthy and designed on the anti-skid principle. Now, this brings plenty of benefits to the table. Because they are skid-free, they perform well on rough and bumpy terrains.

Additionally, this makes them very easy to control, so your child can stop easily when he wants to, or take the bike in any particular direction. Apart from enhancing the safety quotient of bike riding, this enables your child to add a zest of fun and excitement during his learning years!


  • Your child will find it extremely easy to learn. All he has to do is grasp the handlebars and begin walking the bike.
  • Built of high-quality ABS-grade material, the bike has a solid framework and is thus durable enough to survive the ravages of time and use. Moreover, the hard plastic frame is incredibly easy to clean. You can wipe off any stain with water or detergent and still expect the bike to look brand new!
  • Despite its solid structure, it is extremely lightweight. Therefore, you can comfortably lug it around on a day out with your toddler. Its small size allows compact storage as it occupies little space.
  • The bike’s unique selling proposition is its gradual balancing principle. You can trust it to build confidence in your child and fade away any fears that he may have about taking charge of the wheels!
  • Its outdoor TPE wheels are skid-proof and make for a smooth, silent ride. It works great indoors as well, due to its size, rubber wheels, as well as turning radius. That means, your child doesn’t need to give up on riding when its pouring outside.
  • Kids love the tiny storage trunk in the seat as they find it very useful to stash in some cash and snacks for those long, arduous bike rides.


  • Firstly, while the small size of the Chillafish has a lot of advantages, prolonged usage isn’t one of them. You may have to look for a new bike soon after your child outgrows the size. With that said, it’s still a clever model to practice balancing and gain confidence before graduating to a 12-inch balance bike.
  • Additionally, this bike comes with a costly price tag. This invariably deters people on a tight budget. However, the solid construction and the sizable warranty surely justify the high price.

Final Verdict

Watching one’s cute toddler zoom about the house in a bike is an immense pleasure for every parent. The Chillafis Bunzi balance bike enables you to experience that pleasure. Additionally, it also lets you lay the foundation for cycling, which is actually a good habit as well.

With an attractive design and compact size, it is perfect for children who that just started to walk. Complete with adjustable parts, safety features and the promise of high-quality materials, it manages to strike the perfect balance between design and functionality. Its simplistic charm is hard to resist and its easy-to-control handlebars make riding lessons fun! As is evident from this reviews, this vehicle prepares your child for real bikes and makes him smart well ahead of his years.

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