How To Ride A Balance Bike – Teach Your Kids To Ride A Bike

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Do you think that how to teach your kids to ride a balance bike and how will he/she learn balance on a bike? Answer is yes, then you should consider a balance bike to teaching them. Many people go into teaching their kids to ride on a tricycle or a pedal bike or training wheels. Actually, most of the kids need to start off with more basic.

How To Ride A Balance Bike (Step By Step Guideline)

Here is our step by step guideline that will help you to teach your kids to ride a balance bike. Hopefully, you will be able to complete your aim within a short time and your kids will also be able to learn balancing properly and very quickly.

Lets get started

Encourage your child to wear a helmet at the beginning. Make sure helmet is on properly, it needs to cover your child’s forehead and helmet straps should be tight.

Checking the bike

The tires of the bike should be pumped up, the brake should work properly and the seat should not be wobbly.

Getting on and off a bike

how to ride a balance bike

Show your kid to lean the bike and tell them swing their leg over. Get them to stand with the balance bike on their right side and lean the bikes towards them.

Both feet of the kids should be flat on the ground and both hands on the handlebars. Make sure your kid can use the brake comfortably.

Ask the kids to go at walking slowly with the balance bike. Explain and tell them that they just stop walking when they want to stop.


scooting and Lifting kid’s feet up

Inspire your child to walk and tell them to push on the ground using feet. Tell them to look where they are going; always look straight ahead, not at their feet. Kids are distracted easily, so it helps them to control their balance on the bike.

After doing this many times, they will naturally sit on the seat and pick up speed. If they want to stop or slow down just tell them to put their feet down.

Lifting kid’s feet up

When your kids gain more confidence, you try to encourage them for longer steps. Tell them to lift their feet off the ground. They will need to try this more and more. Remember, practice makes perfect.


When they will expert in lifting their feet, help them to steering. Very simple, get them to lean and the handlebars very gently.


If kids are ready, show them how to use or control the brake gently for slow down. Always stop your child before they are bored, hungry and tired. So help the kids to rest and make them energetic for next practices.


Remember, make it fun and keep it positive. Kids love the independence, so be inspiring even if their progress is slow. Let them enjoy the feeling of their activities with the bike. Very soon they will realize that riding a bike is pretty cool. Generally, when your kids are 4 to 5 years old and they have been using a balance bike, you can give them a pedal bike and can watch wonders!

To know more guidelines about “How To Ride A Balance Bike”, you can watch this video.

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