How To Choose a Balance Bike for Kids: Buying Guide

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Finding the right balance bike makes a huge difference for kids who are anxious to ride a two-wheeled bike. But some bikes are available in many different styles and colors, something that may give you a hard time selecting the most suitable bike for your kid. So, check the following key factors before making your purchase that will help you get the best balance bike.

Top 5 Factors to Consider Before Choose a Balance Bike

Here is a guide on how to choose your desired kid’s balance bike. We’ve tried to discuss about balance bike and some important facts that will help to choose the right bike for your lovely kids.

1. Size

When it comes to size, “one-size-fits-all” is quite a misconception. Well, lets great real – the same bike won’t provide a proper fit for a 1-year-old and a 6-year-old.

The proper criteria to determining the right size would be to consider the size of the tires and seat height. 10 to 12-inch tires are considered a good choice for starters while 14 to 16 inches are perfect for tall preschoolers and grade-schoolers.

2. Weight

Experts recommend a balance bike that isn’t more than 30% the weight of your child. For instance, a 10-pound balance bike proves difficult to maneuver by a 25-pound kid.

However, the same bike can be a piece of cake for a 35-pound kid. Therefore ensure to choose a bike that’s been built lightweight without eliminating the features.

3. Geometry

Balance bikes are all about running and gliding. It’s natural for kids to lean forward when running. But to be able to do so, they need plenty of room.

That said, you need to consider a balance bike with a geometry that creates more space between the handlebars and seat post. This makes it easier to extend the legs for a more comfortable and natural run.

4. Tires

The type of tires in a balance bike will determine the smoothness of the ride and the traction achieved on various surfaces. Basically, there are five types of tires used on balance bikes. These include foam, air, plastic, rubber and big apple.

Air tires give the most cushioning and traction and are considered the best all-round tires. Foam tires are cheaper, lighter and generally puncture-proof. However, they lack in terms of traction. Rubber tires are quite solid, puncture-proof and better in traction than foam tires. Plastic are the lightest but lowest in quality.

5. Brakes

Though a rider’s feet provide some stopping power, brakes are often a better consideration. They help prevent injuries and keep your child’s shoe from being worn out quickly. Brakes are often recommended when your child is around the age of 3.5 years.

how to choose a balance bike

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Final Words

You definitely want to buy the best bike for your child because your child needs to learn balance through a comfortable ride. We hope you will choose a balance bike that will be matched with your desired features, budget, and your child’s age.

Besides, you can check our balance bikes comparison chart and read our reviews that will you to make a perfect decision. Or if you have any question about kids’ bike and related anything, share with me. There is a comment section bellow, please!

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