Comparison of Top Balance Bikes – Charts and Ratings

Balance bike is a no-pedal bike and it gives your child balance and coordination which are the most important skills that a child should acquire before making a transition to the two-wheel bike with pedals. Although, not all bikes give your kids the comfort and confidence that they need in training. Choose the suitable balance bike for kid is very daunting task. There are many kid’s bike models out there with different technologies, so picking the right one is not as easy as it seems.

Are you looking for a cheap or high rated training bike for your child? Is your bike too big to give your little one the balance and comfort that they need? Well, you will agree with me that it’s very hard to get one, because toy or simply balance bike companies are more worried about the look of their bike or toy models and the price point rather than the functionality. So, instead of building an efficient and small bike, they create a stunning big balance bike with unreasonable price but with no kid’s balance mind in them. Don’t worry, I will help you to find out the right model based on your child’s age and this is why I’ve researched and managed full comparison charts of top balance bikes.

Top 5 Balance Bikes for 1 to 2 Years Old

NameChillafish Bunzi GradualStrider – 12 SportMini GliderYBIKE OrginalStrider 12 Classic
Our Rating4.
Weight (lbs)46.7876.4
Load Capacity (Max. lbs)5550607060
Seat Height (Inch)8.6 to 9.811 to 1611 to 16.510.211 to 16
Wheel Type (Tires)PlasticFoamFoamPlasticFoam
Warranty1 Year2 YearsLifetime90 Days2 Years
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Top 5 Balance Bikes for 2 to 3 Years Old

NameTauki BikeTrikke BikeeHigh BounceCritical Cycles CubRadio Flyer Glide & Go
Our Rating4.
Weight (lbs)116.76.596.8
Load Capacity (Max. lbs)5550706550
Seat Height (Inch)12.6 to 15.7514.5 to 18.511 to 1612.5 to 17.514.5 to 18
Wheel Type (Tires)Air RubberFoamEVA AirlessFoamAir
Warranty1 Year1 Year1 YearN/A1 Year
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Top 5 Balance Bikes for 3 to 4 Years Old

NameKaZAM ClassicBurley MyKickDiggin Active SkuutFirstBIKE Street BikeChicco Red Bullet
Our Rating4.
Weight (lbs)1111.3108.68.1
Load Capacity (Max. lbs)7560756560
Seat Height (Inch)14 to 17.512.5 to 1613.5 to 16.512 to 17.513 to 15
Wheel Type (Tires)Air RubberRubberRubberAirFoam
Warranty2 Years3 Years1 YearLifetime1 Year
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Top 5 Balance Bikes for 4 Years to Older

NameGo GliderRadio Flyer ClassicJoovy BicycooFirstBIKE Limited BikeSchwinn 12-Inch
Our Rating4.
Weight (lbs)1198.758.610.5
Load Capacity (Max. lbs)8055606560
Seat Height (Inch)16.5 to 25Adjustable14 to 16.512 to 17.514 to 16.5
Wheel Type (Tires)AirAirAirAirAir
WarrantyLifetime1 Year1 YearLifetime2 Years
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