MyKick Balance Bike Review: Burley Design

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Do your kids have a love for cycling? Or do they have that burning desire to learn new biking skills at one go? Well, balance bikes are the perfect choice that will turn their dreams into a reality. They help to boost their co-ordination skills and build confidence, something that is key in the world of biking. But success largely depends on the quality of a particular balance bike.

Therefore it goes without saying that you need a kid bike that is rated among the best on the market. MyKick Balance Bike is one such model that has proven to be an excellent choice for safety-conscious parents. It’s a quality bike that takes safety to a whole new level. It is no wonder that most people are ditching other models in favor of this bike.

Burley Design MyKick Overview

RATING: Highly recommended (4.4 out of 5)

BEST FOR: Suitable for 2 to 4 years

SEAT HEIGHT: Adjustable

WEIGHT: 11 lbs

WHEEL SIZE: 12 Inches

TIRES: Rubber, long lasting, flat-free

FRAME: Lightweight steel

HANDLEBAR: Adjustable


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The Most Important Features

It makes it much easier to teach children the principle of balance and makes the whole experience a lot more fun. Lets take a look at my review and introduce the features that make this bike one of the best kid’s bikes.

Rugged and durable construction

A balance bike can sometime be subjected to all kinds of abuse and rough handling. Therefore it is only wise that you get something that can withstand all these and still offer the same level of comfort and safety. This bike is specially built for that. It has a sturdy aluminum frame that provides maximum support.

The frame is further coated in a specialized powder that makes it scratch resistant while adding to its strength. It can withstand the harsh elements to enable you derive more years of use out of it. The bike doesn’t wobble under weight and can support a whopping 50 pounds. It is a perfect choice for those looking for quality and longevity in a balance bike.

Lightweight design

Kids don’t have that strength to handle bulky equipment. Therefore is fair enough to buy them something that they will handle with ease. Weight matters a lot in the world of balance bikes and Burley Design did all it can to address that. The bike provides the convenience of a lightweight aluminum frame.

Overall, it weighs at just 11 pounds making it one of the lightest on the market. It can be lifted with ease especially during transportation. But you may be asking, does that affect its sturdiness and overall strength? Well, it doesn’t. On the contrary, this balance bike provides unrivaled sturdiness that has made it a more effective choice than most models on the market.

Adjustable height

Imagine the frustrations you would go through if you had to purchase a balance bike that has a fixed height. It would mean no more adjustments and you will have a difficult time trying to achieve a posture that is less straining. This bike is specially engineered to eliminate all these. It provides the convenience of adjustable seat and handlebars that grow with your kid.

The seat can be elevated from 12.5 inches to a maximum height of 16 inches. The adjustments are simple to execute via a quick release mechanism. The handlebars can be adjusted by using a wrench. The bike can be used by kids who are 3 years and above. It provides the best for those looking for a customized posture.

Broad & flexible rubber tires

The wide, broad tires are one of the most distinguishing features of this balance bike. But they are not just put there for display. These tires have a very important role to play. They come in handy especially on surfaces that are too slippery to ride on. The honeycomb design provides better traction to help your kids ride with confidence.

Unlike most models, the tires come in a flat-free design to eliminate the need for pumping. The fact that they don’t puncture means that your kids can venture in the rugged off-road terrain. But these flexible 12-inch rubber tires are not all about traction. They are also built to provide smooth rides. The wheels are equipped with ball bearings that enable them to roll easily and add to their durability.

Padded seat and handlebars

Sufficient padding can make a huge difference in a balance bike. Most models come with seats made of plastic material. Though they look flashy and stylish, they have very little to offer in terms of your child’s comfort. This balance bike uses a new approach to provide ultimate comfort.

The seat is padded with foam to enable your child sit for long without feeling much fatigue. Furthermore, the seat is made wider to provide great balance. It is roomy enough to accommodate large users. The ergonomic shape allows it to mold into the natural body contour to provide a healthy sitting posture. The handlebars are not left bare either. They are fitted with rubber to provide non-slip grip even when wet.


  • Lightweight construction for easy lifting and maneuvering
  • Durable design provides long-term use even when subjected to harsh weather
  • Low stand-over height makes it much easier to bring the bike to a halt without the need for brakes
  • Provides excellent traction on all types of surfaces for enhanced versatility
  • Tires are flat-free to eliminate the need for pumping and frequent repairs
  • The balance bike can be adjusted in height to accommodate the needs of a growing child
  • Reduced friction provides smooth, quiet and comfortable rides
  • Provides non-slip grip and plush cushioning for added comfort
  • Comes with headsets to enable your kids enjoy their favorite music as they ride along


  • Doesn’t have a platform for kids to put their feet
  • No handbrakes to practice on
  • The balance bike doesn’t have a turn limiter to secure the handlebars

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Is it really possible to have punctures the tires of this bike?

Tires of this bike are really stable with punctures actually not possible at all. For your kind information, bike has long lasting, durable and flat free tires.

Q: What is the weight of this balance bike, is it light weight?

Yes, Burley MyKick bike is a lightweight balance bike. Total weight of this bike is 11.3 lbs.

Final Verdict

Overall, the bike provides a perfect alternative to training wheels and this review is a true testimony to that. Its unsurpassed durability, superior quality and ease-of-use make it a dream balance bike for every child. Some might argue that the price tag is quite high. However, the performance that you get from this balance bike is worth it all. I recommend it to any parent that wants to take their child’s biking skills to a new level.

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