The 15 Best Bike Helmets for Babies & Toddlers: Reviews & Buying Guide

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A helmet is among the most important piece of safety gear your kid needs during a ride. Toddler bike helmets, either for recreational or trail riding have been quite a discussed topic. Lets be frank, there are lots of options to weigh up when shopping for the best for kid. You have to sift through hundreds of brands, styles, fits, you name it. We took the trouble of doing some digging on the Internet to find the helmet that might be a perfect match. We got a long list of options so we decided to narrow down our search to the best models that will take the safety of your kid to a whole new level.

Well, we’ve done a head to head comparison to find safe and certified bike helmets that appeal to safety-conscious parents and style-driven kids. Lets dive in on the 15 best bike helmets for toddlers & babies and the features that make them worthy choices. Remember, we also have a guide that walks you through the steps required to fit a helmet right.

Comparison & Reviews of Top 15 Bike Helmets for Kids

Helmets for Up to 3 Years Ranking View on Amazon
Giro Scamp Helmet Best pick
Nickelodeon Paw Patrol Runner-up
Schwinn Classic Design Also great
BELL Hockey Infant Sprout Recommended
Raskullz Infant Helmets
Bingggooo Multi-Sport
Bell Toddler Hot Wheels Trail Blazer
Giro ME2 Cycling Helmet
Bell Finding Dory 3D
Nutcase – Little Nutty
Helmets for 3 to 5 Years Ranking View on Amazon
BELL Spider-Man Web Shatter 3D Best pick
Bell Rally Child Helmet Runner-up
BERN, Kid’s Nino Also great
BeBeFun Kids Multi-Sports Recommended

15. Bell Toddler Hot Wheels Trail Blazer

Bell Hot Wheels is a perfect blend of elegance and functionality. The helmet comes in a lightweight construction of only 159 grams to provide added comfort. It is aerodynamically shaped to minimize drag and help you achieve the highest speed possible. It has reflectors designed for visibility and maximum safety. There are no size options available for this helmet.

However, this is compensated for by a series of straps that can be adjusted to provide a custom fit. Underneath the stylish shell are eight vents designed to keep your kid cool especially in hot summer. The rear of the helmet is extended to provide maximum coverage and added protection. It is integrated with a pinch guard system for added convenience.

14. Schwinn Helmet Classic Design

This is a helmet that stands true to Schwinn’s reputation in the cycling industry. It is stylish and adorned in decorative patterns to add to the fun. The colorful design makes it visible from far for added safety on the road. It will not weigh down your kid, thanks to its lightweight construction of 3.87 pounds.

It has a built-in visor that works well in providing shade in sunny weather. The interior has a ventilation system that facilitates free airflow to bring that cooling effect. Possible impact is taken care of by a pad system that cushions the head. Most helmets rely of straps to provide that snug fit.

However, this helmet takes it a notch higher. Instead of straps it has a dial fit mechanism that proves to be more efficient and much simple to use. It extends up to the neck region to provide maximum security and safety.

13. Giro ME2 Cycling Helmet

Giro Me2 helmet takes aerodynamics to greater heights. It has a streamline shape to help your kid slice through the wind with ease. It is perfectly molded to conform to the natural contours of the head without compromising its stylish design. The brand’s logo sits well on the yellow background that is further adorned with accents of white and Grey.

It is built to last and withstand the harsh elements in the outdoors. It provides a perfect shield from the sun, wind and rain. And in case the weather gets too hot this helmet has a series of 6 vents that will help the head cool off. Beneath the vents is a bug net that functions to keep away insects. It weighs a mere 0.25 pounds to provide a lightweight and comfortable wear. It can be adjusted to grow with your child. The helmet is designed to fit toddlers having a head size of 18.75-20.5 inches in diameter.

12. LAZER BOB Helmet-Dots

Lazer BOB provides maximum protection for your kids whenever they hit the road. It is decorated in flowery patterns to add to the charm. Lazer designed this helmet to accommodate the growing needs of your child. It provides the convenience of an adjustable design that allows it to fit heads that are 45 to 51 cm in diameter. It provides a snug and secure fit that lets your kid ride with peace of mind.

The helmet comes in a near-dome shape that minimizes wind resistance. The smooth shell allows it to easily wipe clean with a damp cloth. There are 6 vents that eliminate moisture buildup and allow the head to cool. Injuries due to impact are kept at bay by a padding system. The pads are soft and can be detached for hassle-free cleaning. The straps are made of a high reflective material that provides improved visibility. The rear is extended and flattened to rest easily on the back.

11. Raskullz Infant Helmets

This is a nice choice for those that desire something unique that will add to the fun. It is a 3D helmet that has become a favorite among most kids across the world. A series of spikes are attached on the shell to provide a sense of style. The shell comes in Grey and is made of EPS material for maximum protection against impact.

Adjustments are made much easier by a strapping mechanism made of nylon material. It provides enough room for growth to last your kid from infant to toddler stage. It weighs at 2 pounds for easy handling and comfortable fit. It has been designed to comply with the set standards for bicycle helmets. The helmet is meant for kids who are 18 months to 2 years old.

10. Bell Finding Dory 3D Helmet

A helmet with beautiful graphics to protect your kid in style. It has an adorable design that mimics the blue tang fish in a fun 3D design. Combine that with a bright colored finish and you get a helmet that your kid will be too eager to wear.

This is a multi-sport helmet that makes a versatile choice for biking and skating. It’s made tough and comfortable for Skate Park or trails. There are 6 vents to enhance wind-flow and keep the head cool. TrueFit one-step adjustment side buckle straps provide a snug fit without the hassle. The straps have PinchGuard technology to ensure a comfortable fit every time.

Apart from the cute style and comfort, this toddler helmet offers industry-standard protection and safety. The rear coverage is extended for extra protection. High-impact reflectors make your kid more visible to other road users, especially motorists.

09. Giro Scamp Recreational

Lightweight, comfortable helmet that borrows some of the best features found in adult helmets. It has in-mold construction that fuses the polycarbonate shell and EPS liner for greater strength to weight ratio.

It is MIPS equipped without compromising style, fit, and ventilation. This Multi-directional Impact Protection System protects the head from rotational forces experienced during a crash. A built-in visor makes a good sun-shield without sacrificing much on visibility.

There are 8 vents for cooling and further cutting down on the weight of the helmet. Hair port makes a good addition, especially for girls with ponytails. It holds long hair in place to keep it from blowing into the face during the ride.

It has a durable, functional Roc Loc fit system with a pinch-guard buckle. This makes a good combination for a quick, secure, and comfortable fit. Scamp helmet is available in a range of fun, kid-friendly colors.

08. BERN, Kid’s Nino Helmet

Scaled-down, skater-style helmet that makes the new standard for toddlers. It has a signature Bern look with cool graphics and exciting colors. Bern uses a proprietary zip-mold technology, a construction found in high-end adult helmets. This technology uses liquid-injected foam to create a solid, unified, ultra-light helmet.

It offers a comfortable, low-profile fit. 7 vents provide just the right amount of ventilation to keep the rider cool. A soft visor shields the eyes from the sun and gives your kid a hipster-style look. The visor can be flipped to get the right amount of deflection.

There is the option of purchasing a separate winter liner with integrated ear flaps to make the helmet a nice all-season wear. This helmet is specially designed for boys. It comes in Extra-Small/Small size to fit head sizes of 48 – 52 cm.

07. BELL Hockey-Helmets Infant Sprout

Versatile toddler helmet with a self-adjusting fit that eliminates the hassle of strap adjustments. It comes in a wide selection of colorful prints that’s sure to excite the young generation.

It has 7 vents that keep weight to a minimum and provide a cooling effect. The helmet has Bell’s signature extended rear that provides more coverage for maximum protection. Hi-impact reflectors come in handy to improve visibility on the road.

The strap and buckle system has a pinch-guard feature that makes the helmet gentle on soft, toddler skin. The straps are made soft to eliminate skin irritation and abrasion. Recommended age for this helmet is 1 to 3 years. It’s a one-size helmet suitable for head sizes of 47 – 52 cm.

06. Nickelodeon Childrens-Bike-Helmets Paw Patrol

Fun ride with Nickelodeon paw patrol crew is sure to put a smile on the young faces. This bike helmet is designed to give a style upgrade to safety. You get an advanced 360-degree adjustable dial fit. This means a perfect, customized fit that adjusts to different head sizes. In short, this is a helmet that gives your kid a comfortable tailored fit.

The lower shell is molded for added durability. It extends a little bit for more rear coverage, hence more protection. The helmet has 8 cooling vents that add more comfort to the ride, especially in hot summer weather.

There’s the option of purchasing a separate matching paw patrol pad for a more cozy feel and added protection. There are 3 color options for this helmet: Blue, Light Blue, and Purple. Recommended ages for this helmet is 3 to 5 years.

05. Bingggooo Children’s Multi-Sport

Road bike helmets are loved for their lightweight built, aerodynamic design, and generous ventilation. Mountain bikes on the other hand provide a rugged, secure fit. Well, this helmet combines the best of both worlds to create a versatile head gear suitable for many kinds of sports.

Fused polycarbonate shell and a high-density EPS liner create an in-mold construction for greater strength to weight ratio. 10 vent holes in this helmet means more cooling and great weight savings. The strap system has a quick-release buckle that lets your kid out with ease.

There’s a separate pad for the chin strap to help absorb sweat. Mesh pad lining makes the helmet more breathable and can be removed for washing. This helmet comes in a tactile military design with 5 color options. The helmet is suitable for kids who are 3 to 8 years old.

04. Bell Rally Child Helmet

Bike helmet that provides style and comfort in an ultra-lightweight built. Bell Rally is built to include more vents that drastically cut down on the weight. There are 11 vents for improved heat dissipation during hot summer rides. Extended rear gives more coverage for ultimate protection.

It eliminates the confusion involved in strap adjustments, thanks to a True-Fit self-adjusting fit belt. The belt gets your child buckled up with just one simple adjustment. The buckle has a pinch-guard feature to protect tender, toddler fingers.

Tapeless technology provides a seamless finish that increases durability. This helmet has a built-in visor that deflects the elements, especially the glaring sun rays. 9 color options are available for this bike helmet. It fits 52 – 56 cm heads and makes a good recommendation for children above 3 years.

03. Nutcase – Little Nutty Helmet

A multi-sport, street-style helmet for kids who love fun and funky styles. It has a hard, in-mold shell construction designed for long term durability. The tough ABS shell is filled with EPS foam that disperses energy on impact for maximum protection. There is a set of three pads you can use to get a customized fit on front, top, and back. This helmet sits light and breezy, thanks to 11 vents incorporated on the shell.

These vents facilitate maximum airflow for great cooling effect. Getting a secure fit is made less cumbersome via a magnetic buckle closure. In fact, it’s a snap and go process that provides a customized fit in a flash moment. A dial fit system easily adjusts length of the helmet to keep it from flopping.

There’s a chin pad that comes in handy to absorb sweat and add comfort. 360-degree reflectivity adds a flashy look to this helmet while providing extra safety. A removable visor shields the rider’s eyes from sun and rain. This bike helmet is available in 4 color styles. It fits kids aged 3 to 6 years old.

02. BeBeFun Kids Multi-Sports Helmet

Super cool boys helmet with lightning-inspired theme. It’s a multi-sport helmet designed with a number of kids’ sports in mind. The helmet offers a cape-like head-hugging comfort that has a lightweight feel to it. The shell is made of hard polycarbonate material that’s designed to last. EPS liner dissipates force generated during impact for maximum protection. It adds a cozy feel for extra comfort.

This helmet has 16 vents that make it lighter and more breathable. Lightweight yet strong nylon strap provides a customized fit. This multi-sport helmet is available in 6 color styles. It fits head sizes of 20.5 – 22 inches and is recommended for children who are 3 to 7 years old.

01. BELL Spider-Man Web Shatter 3D Child Multisport

Spidey themed 3D helmet with a Mohawk style. It’s a versatile bike helmet designed to double as a skating helmet. The helmet has a hard, puncture-resistant shell infused with EPS liner to provide impact protection and comfort.

Smooth, low-friction exterior makes the shell slide on impact to reduce amount of force transferred to the brain. 8 vents dissipate heat to keep little heads cool in hot summer rides. Side-squeeze buckle makes adjustments a breeze. The helmet has high-impact reflectors for better visibility. It fits head sizes 50-54 cm.

Buying Guide: How to Find The Best Bike Helmets for Toddlers?

Before winding up it would be a good idea to give you a “how to” list when it comes to selecting the best and safety bike helmet for toddler. This will enable you make a wise and informed choice that will be worth the money spend. Below are factors that need to be put into consideration during the selection process.


It is recommended that you go for a helmet that is easy on your budget. Most people have the perception that quality is directly related to price. However, this is not true as you can get a cheap helmet that performs just as well as the more expensive ones.


There is a long list of brands that specialize in the manufacture and supply of the bike helmets for kids. But not all of them deliver as expected. This means that you need to select brands that have gained great customer trust and have a reputation of making superior quality products. Among the brands to select from include Raskullz, Lazer, Schwinn, Bell and Giro.

Weight and Size

The weight and size of a helmet matter a lot. Always go for a helmet that comes in a lightweight construction to minimize the bulk during wear. Also select a size that will fit well and securely. If you are unsure about your size then you can opt for those helmets that provide the convenience of easy adjustment to provide a snug fit.

Customer reviews

Get to know what other people are saying about a particular helmet by reading customers reviews and the rating they have given for that specific product. The reviews will give first-hand information and help you know the benefits and drawbacks of a particular model.

How to choose the safest bike helmet? Watch this video.

How to Fit a Child’s Bike Helmet?

A good bike helmet guarantees a high level of comfort and safety during a ride, right? On the contrary, getting the good helmet isn’t enough. You need to know how to fit it right. In fact, a cheaply designed helmet fit correctly can rival the best wrongly-fit helmet in terms of comfort and safety. Well, we’re here to save you the trouble with 7 step-by-step guide.

1. Finding the correct helmet size is the first step to getting the right fit. Use a fitting chart to sample through the different options. One easy way is to use hat size as a guide. Alternatively, you can measure your head in order to get the size in inches or centimeters.

2. Push the helmet to the sides, front, back, and give it a twist. Any noticeable shift (at least 1 inch) means you need to adjust the fit. Use the sizing wheel located on the back of the helmet to make adjustments. Tighten the wheel once the helmet fits snug in place.

3. Now grab the helmet on the back and push towards the front. If it slips over your eyes, then consider shortening the back straps.

4. The next step is to buckle and tighten the chinstrap. The straps should rest as a “V” under the ears. Adjust accordingly around both ears till you get a comfortable fit.

5. Open your jaw halfway. In doing so, ensure that the helmet presses down on the top of your head. If it doesn’t, tighten the straps further and repeat. Avoid over-tightening to eliminate the risk of choking.

6. The front edge shouldn’t be more than 1 inch above the eyebrows. This ensures good forehead coverage and eliminates the “lift-up” effect of the wind.

7. The final step is to give the front edge a firm push upwards. Shorten the front straps and then tighten the chin strap in case you notice any backward movement.

NB: It always takes time to get the correct fit. However, once you get it right, you’ll realize that the whole process is worth the time and effort.

Final Thought

Ensuring your kid gets a safe, fun ride requires more than just good biking skills. What you need is the right safety equipment, more importantly, a helmet. Getting the best toddler’s bike helmet and knowing how to fit it right is a sure ticket to a fun, safe ride. Thankfully, we’ve furnished you with every information you need to know. Now that you know what sort of bike helmet to look for and how to fit it right, why not visit Amazon store and check them out? Who knows, it might be one of the best purchases you ever made for your kid.

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