Safety of Your Child: 5 Safety Concerns for Baby

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One thing is very common to every child – curiosity. Since everything on earth is completely new to them, they got excited whenever they see anything they are not familiar with. This never ending curiosity helps to learn things. Curiosity leads to imagination and imagination leads to brain development.

Although, this is just the one side of the coin. The other side of the coin consists of potential dangers for curious baby. You can’t completely prevent all of such unpleasant events, but you can take some necessary steps to minimize any of such dangers. Here are 5 safety tips to follow:

1. Danger From Baby Mattress

SIDS happen while infants are sleeping. A soft mattress surface is a potential cause of suffocation which leads to SIDS. You certainly don’t want that. For the infant, always prefer firm surface mattress which most of the best baby mattress have and is considered to be safe for the baby.

If you choose to have a foam mattress, make sure it is CertiPUR-US® certified. The firm surface may feel a little bit stiff to you, but your little one will get used to it, and most importantly she will be safe there.

For toddlers, you can have a soft surface mattress. So, the best decision you could make is to have a dual surface mattress. That way you can use it for the infant and when the infant outgrows it, you can use it for the toddler. It’s really cost effective and really popular.

2. Dangers From Baby Mobile

A crib mobile is must for the infant. Most of the best baby mobiles have music box and projector with some small attached toys. The mobile is really helpful to calm down the little wiggle monster of yours. Also, crib mobiles help to develop eyesight, hearing capabilities and overall brain development of your little one. Overall, it’s a great companion for the baby.

But there are some potential dangers of a baby crib mobile too. If the length of the crib string is more than 7 inches, your baby can strangle herself. Also, if there are any loose parts on the mobile, there are some potential choking hazards too.

So, to ensure the safety of your child, do not use any antique or homemade mobile. Rather you should always try to get a newly introduced crib mobile for kids from your nearest baby store or any online store like Amazon. The price of any decent crib mobile varies between $30 to $50. Fisher-Price, GEENNY, NoJo are some great brands to produce crib mobile.

3. Use Only Certified Crib

From newborn to 3 years, every baby will spend at least 18 hours of a day in the crib. This is the most crucial time when SIDS might happen (up to 6 months). And SIDS happens due to many reasons but it mostly happens during the nap time. Pretty scary, right? And I believe you already understood the importance of having a safe crib.

But if you buy a crib meeting U.S. CPSC and ASTM International safety standards, you have nothing to worry. There are plenty of best cribs available for sale on Amazon where you can get the right one for your little one.

For the safest baby crib, you don’t have to drain your bank account. $200 is more than enough to get any decent baby crib. For design, go for the minimalist one. Make sure to get at least 4 adjustable mattress settings. The distance between the spindles should not be more than 2 inches. Once you get everything right in a crib, you can rest assured, that the crib is safe for the baby.

4. Danger From kids Bicycle

Kids love to ride their bikes. It’s a great source of kids pleasure and helps to kids’ physical and mental development. To kids, a bicycle may seem like just a toy but in reality, it’s a vehicle. So like all vehicles, there are some safety concerns for baby.

Injury from bicycle riding is very common in the U.S.A just like the rest of the world. So as a parent, you need to be careful to ensure the safety of your child from bicycle accidents.

Most importantly, make sure your baby never go riding her bicycle without a helmet. Most fatal head injuries happen due to riding without a helmet. In worst case scenario, a perfectly fitted helmet will prevent brain injury which may lead to even death.

And lastly, you should not allow your baby to ride the bicycle at night. But if for some reasons you can’t prevent him/her doing so, make sure he/she wears something that reflects lights to be seen by others.

5. Danger From Stroller

You already know the benefits of a baby stroller. I am not going over them again. But let me tell you how a baby stroller can be potentially dangerous for your baby. And, it’s not the fault of the baby stroller, danger comes when you try to make the stroller extra safe and comfortable for the baby.

Have you ever covered the stroller with a blanket or cloth to save your baby from the sunlight? I am pretty sure you did. Most of the parents do the same mistake.

Several studies and research run by pediatricians and child experts found out that using a blanket or cloth on the stroller can create a furnace like heat inside the stroller and hence create a heating trouble for the baby.

So what you should do to protect your baby from the sun ray? As per experts and experienced parents, you should buy a stroller having a bigger canopy with the light color. This is the only way you can protect your baby from the dangers of a stroller.

There you have it five most important safety hazards and their respective safety tips. If you follow them tightly, you can hope your baby is getting the safe environment. I hope you like it and if you need additional information, let me know in the comment box. I am waiting for your questions!

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