How to Use a Baby Stroller: Step By Step Guideline

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Have you just purchased a stroller for your newborn? If yes, then it’s normal to get stuck using it. By the end of this post, you’ll know how to use the stroller. For new parents who have either never used a stroller before or have changed the model, things aren’t always easy. Selecting a stroller is the first hurdle that you must climb. The majority of parents agonize over the specs and online reviews that they have to pay attention to. Others give up and decide to ask for advice from their friends. When picking a stroller, you need to ensure that it’s the best for your baby. This means rising above the prices and going to the level of digging deep into the specs and features. After making a successful purchase, the next thing is to know how to use a baby stroller. Don’t worry about that- I’ll take you step-by-step!

1. Read the manufacturer’s instructions

Every kind of stroller is unique. You need to understand everything about it from the manufacturer’s user manual. Just take your time to read and understand the contents of those pages. Remember, the majority of hitches related to strollers have solutions in the manual.

2. Preparing the stroller for use

The second step should be about setting up the stroller. This depends on the model. Unlatch all the hooks holding the stroller in its place. Different strollers have different hook systems, so you should consider the manufacturer’s instructions. The majority of strollers are folded in a circular motion. Check out this site to find out more information about stroller at

3. Locking the wheels

The wheels give the stroller the mobility function. Ensure they are working correctly. This includes checking if the brakes are efficient. Check that all the wheels are functional too.

4. Use the bin to carry items

Do you have any baby accessories or other luggage that you want to carry in your stroller? If yes, use the bin under the baby seat. Most models have it adjacent to the wheel locking system. These items could include a notebook, toys or diaper bags. You shouldn’t place them together with the baby, it’s unhygienic!

5. Reservoir and hydration stations for baby bottle

Check if the stroller has baby bottle cup-holders and use them to keep the milk, water or other baby drinks. All bottles should face upwards to avoid spillage.

6. Fold the sun visor appropriately

Umbrella strollers don’t have the sun visor. But, modern strollers don’t need you to have an umbrella when carrying the baby. If yours has a sun visor, make sure that you fold it back before placing your baby on the stroller that’s obvious already!

7. Prepare the stroller for the baby

You need to re-position the stroller seat to ensure that it is not in a reclining position. This takes seconds. Remember, the stroller needs to be in the right position to enhance ergonomics and comfort.

8. Placing your baby

Now, lift your baby and place it in the soft-dedicated baby area on the stroller. Ensure that their feet get through the t-shaped buckle slot in such a way that their legs gang downwards. The feet will need fixing after the buckling. Oh, plus ensure you do this gently!

9. Buckle up your baby

Little children do not have enough strength to support their gait. You need to buckle them up to ensure they don’t fall from the position. Just find the t-shaped safety straps. The straps are made of soft cloth and have locking features. Ensure that they aren’t twisted as this could hurt your baby.

10. Fastening the belts

Locate the other attaching ends and gently fasten the belts. Make sure your child is buckled up in such a way that the straps don’t press them hard. Repeat the procedure with other belts until the baby is held appropriately.

11. Pull the sun visor

If you want the baby to sunbathe, you may not need the visor. However, the feature is necessary when you don’t want the sun to heat up your son or daughter. Remember, too much sunlight could hurt your baby’s delicate eyes. To put the visor in position, pull it towards the front.

12. Put the body comfortable on the stroller seat

Make sure the baby is comfortable. Recline their back so that they stay in an ergonomic position on the stroller seat. Let the kid’s feet rest upright.

13. Move the stroller

Walk back to the baby stroller. Release the wheel locks now and be ready for takeoff. This involves putting your shoe under the wheel locking feature and then pushing it upward. It should produce a click sound- not loud. Move it to any direction you want by pushing or pulling it. Just remember to ‘drive safely’!

Bad Stroller Habits to Avoid

Even the best parents have a few points they get wrong when using strollers. For the best experience with these baby carrying machines, you should know what to avoid. Read on!

Not correcting baby’s posture. Make sure that your kid is sitting in the right position. If yours is still an infant, ensure that they lie on their back with their head straight. Kids could get fatigued and end up hurting their spine or joints if you don’t correct their posture.

Forgetting to buckle up the baby. If you don’t buckle up the baby, you could expose them to inertia forces. This could hurt the baby especially when you apply the brakes. Ensure the straps are well fastened before you move the stroller.

Failing to correct the visor. Sunlight provides vitamin D. It’s also sweet, and the baby may like it. Too much of it, however, could hurt their eyes and skin. Ensure you place the visor in such a way that it blocks direct sunlight.

Not oiling the wheels. The baby stroller has many movable parts and joints. You should ensure that they are always oiled. This will boost the proper functioning of the stroller. Lubricating metallic joints also enhance the strollers’ durability.

If you follow the steps highlighted in this post, you can make the best use of your baby’s stroller. Do you have any queries or additional points on how to use a stroller, let’s know!

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