10 Things That Annoy All Table Tennis Players

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Sports might be there to make us learn more about the calm mindedness and contempt. But sometimes it gets over our nerves, for that we don’t really have to blame the sport itself. We just have to agree that there is something missing in the opponent or the outer factors directly influencing the game are far bigger than anything.

Table Tennis might be a game for fast and furious but it often gets angry and injurious too. There are definitely some things that all table tennis players can relate to and really get annoyed. Those things are exactly what we have tried to cover in our 10 things that annoy all table tennis players.

1. When people wear strange clothes

Okay, table tennis might involve moving a lot but this is not soccer people. You really don’t have to dress up like a proper player if the match is not going to take a place on an international level. Anything light and good to go is going to help but most of the player’s dress in the shirts that are really annoying and have multiple other things up their sleeve that really takes your attention off the game.

2. People who blame table

In the game of ping pong, you are definitely going to find people who think that they are totally flawless and might be the Gods of the game. Even if you manage to bring them down on their best day they are not going to agree that you actually have outdone themselves, but they are going to blame the table or other conditions like the nets and edges. Seriously? If you have lost, then show some sportsmanship. But no, it’s hard to get most of the times.

3. Immense opponent celebrations

This should definitely be declared a phobia because one just can’t stand a person who is celebrating and exhaling like a beast. And you just stand there trying to understand how much a single point actually means for that person. So when you are down or out and you need to make sure that there is a healthy game to make up the day but out of nowhere, you hit a guy who thinks he’s competing for a gold medal. That is truly a big turn off and everyone just hates having that especially in table tennis.

4. Is it Ping Pong or Table Tennis?

Well, well, well. This can go as long as iOS vs Android does or Windows vs Mac does. It’s one of those discussions that can actually make people get angry because even if there is a good explanation for what the real name for the game is? People are still going to ask this question. But it should be totally fine, Football or Soccer, who cares? All you need to do is to make sure that you play the game and what you call it shouldn’t really matter at all.

5. Away venues

This happens a lot! People come out and join a sport with expectation and when they sign up for any league match or any other local tournament that is taking place in a proper sports community. The expectations start hitting the roof and when the real time comes the roof of the venue itself is either missing or you just get a room in which you can put your gear in the corner and get worried that you might hit a wall. Table tennis player needs a space to move! People and organizers often forget that as well.

6. When money gets involved

All of the sudden when nothing is going on your end and you really don’t like that racket you got from the club and the balls aren’t swinging the way they need to. That’s the moment when you have to be generous enough and also a little bit of a Richie rich to give a nice set of balls and then all of a sudden everyone becomes your friend and start practicing with you. But soon when those balls go out of service and you are left alone like they don’t even know you. That does annoy people but it also hurts!

7. Getting to be excused by pro players

Okay, face it! You are definitely going to have that one guy who has been spending a lot of time in the club to learn the game and has multiple tricks up his sleeve. He is always going to make sure that he plays his best game in front of you. But when you ask him to have a go with you on the same table he will have his dinner with his girlfriend who doesn’t even exist or he simply makes sure that only his game improves.

8. Players with all fancy gear but no care

Look at that table tennis racket, those balls, those grips and shreds! He must be… wait! He couldn’t even play that simple shot. You are definitely going to come across those guys who know nothing about the game but they somehow manage to buy and get a gear that you always deserved and knew was out of your range. You know how to play but they don’t know a thing. That’s annoying as anything.

9. People who don’t apologize for net

You are too much into the game, everything is going on an intense note. Things are rushing and blood is pumping and then a decider comes and your opponent actually hits a lame shot that kisses the net and lands in your battleground. They earn a point but are they going to say sorry for that? No. They’re going to stand in front of you and celebrate like they won a world cup. This shoots blood pressure.

10. When matches get cancelled last moment

Oh, nothing beats this one! Nothing can get more annoying than a feeling you get when you take a warm-up session by yourself. You rehearse all of the shots in your mind. You focus with everything you’ve got and then when you’re done doing kit and take your bag out on the last moment you check your phone, only to get a message that the game is cancelled.

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