Radio Flyer Classic Glide & Go Balance Bike Review

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I have searched far and deep for the models that satisfy the above requirements. Radio Flyer Classic Glide & Go was one model that topped my list. This balance bike appealed to me both in design and functionality. Does your kid’s biking skills need some few polishing? Or are you unable to determine which balance bike will provide great fun while cultivating confidence in your child’s biking skills?

Well, you are not alone since millions of parents across the world have a hard time when it comes to choosing the desired bike for their kids. But you may be wondering why its so difficult to select the right balance bike especially when you consider the numerous models that flock the market. The answer is simple – you need to weigh all the factors that make a good balance bike: safety, comfort, durability and affordability.

The Features of the Radio Flyer Classic Glide & Go Balance Bike

I decided it would be good to share with the world my review on Radio Flyer kids wooden bike. Dedicate some few minutes of your time and let me walk you through the features that make this balance bike one of a kind.

Stylish and lightweight design

Style plays a major role when it comes to selecting the best kid’s bike. And Classic Glide & Go doesn’t disappoint. This bike has an ergonomic frame made of natural wood. It provides a perfect blend of traditional and modern design.

The wood has undergone extensive treatment to ensure that it provides an equal performance to the tough steel or aluminum frames. Unlike ordinary wood, it doesn’t develop cracks or warp under weight. This bike has an overall dimension of 22.1 x 6.9 x 13.4 inches. This makes it quite bigger in size compared to other models.

However, it is quite surprising that it weighs a mere 9 pounds making it one of the lightest in its category. The bike can be lifted and carried around with ease. And the best thing of all, it gives your child an easy time during maneuvers.

Built for durability and sturdiness

As I mentioned above, the wooden frame of this bike provides enough sturdiness similar to what you get in metal frame balance bikes. This frame is built to transcend years. This means you won’t have to make any other purchase in the near future.

The frame can withstand the extremes and still hold up well. It is well protected from the elements making it an ideal choice for any weather. But you may ask, doesn’t this wooden frame rot over time? Well, it doesn’t. The answer to its remarkable durability is the fact that it has been well seasoned, perfectly sealed and painted to maintain its structural strength for longer.

And to paint a clear picture regarding the sturdiness of this bike, let me give you the figure. This wooden bike can support up to 49 pounds, which is quite an excellent figure for its wooden frame.

Adjustable seat

What an adjustable wooden balance bike? Well, that may come as a surprise to many considering the fact that most wooden balance bikes don’t provide the convenience of an adjustable seat. The bike is quite unique in its own way.

The seat is fully adjustable and you don’t need any specialized tools to accomplish that. It allows your child to relax in utmost comfort and eliminates the need to bend the knees in order to attain that perfect fit or the desired level of comfort. The ease-of-adjustment makes it an ideal choice for kids having the age of between 30 months to 5 years old.

Maximum comforts

The muscles and overall body structure of children are not fully developed. Therefore it makes sense to give them a balance bike that provides that cozy feel during rides.

This balance bike scores very well in terms of comfort. The ergonomic design and the smooth finish on the frame provides great comfort. There are no splinters that may bruise your child. Everything is smooth and curved to perfection.

Sometimes the ride can be quite long. This calls for a sitting platform that has plush cushioning to provide long hours of comfort. The seat of this balance bike is specially designed for that. It is cushioned with high density foam that has a reputation of lasting for longer.

The hand grips have also been taken into consideration. The rubberized cover makes them soft to touch. The hand grips enable your child to get that secure, non-slip grip.

Broad pneumatic tires

Excellent traction is something that you are assured of, thanks to the broad tires incorporated in this balance bike. The tires measure 12 inches in diameter. The tread, textured design provides better grip on many types of surfaces: sand, pavement and grass.

The tires guarantee smooth ride and are fitted with ball bearings to enable them roll much easier. They are easy to inflate and can be detached for hassle-free repairs in case of any punctures.

The spoke-free design adds to the safety of the bike. It works well in preventing bruises in the event of accidents. With these tires, you can venture virtually anywhere even on rough terrain.


    • Lightweight enough to carry and maneuver even by the small and weak
    • Stylish and elegant design
    • Durable frame that lasts for years accommodating your child from infant to toddler stage
    • Seat adjusts easily to adapt to your child’s growth and eliminates the need for any new purchase
    • Provides better traction allowing your children to test their skills on many types of surfaces and terrain
    • Padded with high density foam to provide maximum comfort during long rides
    • The grip is very secure even when wet
    • Pedal-free design makes it ideal for cultivating your child’s balancing skills
    • Much easier to assemble
    • Affordable balance bike


    • The handlebars cannot be adjusted to provide a more customized fit
    • The pneumatic tires are prone to developing punctures, which calls for frequent repairs

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Q: What is the maximum weight (child weight) capacity of this bike?

    Radio Flyer Classic Glide & Go can support up to 49 pounds, which is quite an excellent figure for its sturdy wooden frame.

    Q: Does this wooden balance bike come with the all terrains supported air tires?

    Yes, it has broad pneumatic tires that supported all-terrain and your child can venture anywhere even on rough terrain.

    Final Verdict

    Overall, this beautiful bike is an ideal choice for those that want to develop their children biking skills without having to spend much. It is an affordable bike that combines both style and functionality to bring out the best in your kid’s learning. It is adjustable to eliminate straining and can last for years under good care. If your budget doesn’t allow for a more luxurious balance bike, then Radio Flyer Classic Glide & Go is your best purchase.

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