Cruzee Balance Bike Review: UltraLite Kids Bike (4.4 lbs)

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A balance bike might be the secret to your kid’s happiness. This is not to mention the fact that it improves balancing and coordination skills. You’ll agree with me that there are many balance bike brands out there. Choosing the right bike is one hell of a process in case you don’t know where to start looking.

I’m here to review one of the most sought-after balance bikes on the market. It’s Cruzee Balance Bike, a perfect ride that has all the essential features you’d wish for in a kid bike. So what features make this bike a good match for your kid? Well, this balance bike review gives the best answer to your question. Read more and find out.

The Features of the Cruzee Balance Bike

Good features make a good balance bike. Well, Cruzee doesn’t disappoint when it comes to the must-have essentials on a balance bike. Below, we look at the notable features of this bike and what sets them apart. As a matter of fact, I will be outlining the benefits that each feature brings so you can have a better understanding.

Ultra-lightweight built

Cruzee bike falls into the category of the lightest bikes on the market. This bike weighs a mere 4.4 pounds. Such weight gives confidence even to the smallest riders. You get to achieve that regardless of the terrain.

Apart from ease of storage and transportation, the ultra-lightweight design gives effortless control. In short, this is a bike that eliminates the hassle out of that fun riding experience. With it, your little rider has nothing to worry about.

Durable aluminum frame with good geometry

Frames of balance bikes aren’t built the same. You’ll get those with good geometry and those with bad geometry. Well, Cruzee has a good geometry that gives more room for maneuvering. That’s achieved by increasing the distance between the seat and handlebars.

With this type of geometry, you get a lower center of gravity for improved stability. The frame is made of rust-free anodized aluminum, which is light yet tough enough to support kids up to 5 years old.

Tool-free adjustment clamps

You want a bike that grows with your child, don’t you? Well, this feature will help you achieve that. The clamps make it possible to alter the height of the seat thereby proving more room for growth. The minimum seat position is 11.5 inches and adjusts by up to 8 inches. This is one of the widest push bike adjustability you can get out there.

The handlebars can also be adjusted by a height of up to 5 inches. These features combine to give a carefree riding taste anywhere you are. The adjustments let the bike keep up with a growing child from the age of 18 months to 5 years old. I must say that this is the best outdoor toy with a long-life journey.

Integrated footrests

For great comfort, a balance bike ought to have some form of leg support. On traditional bikes, this is achieved by fitting pedals. Well, balance bikes have no pedals. Instead, this is substituted by footrests. But then, this is something you don’t get in all balance bikes.

Well, Cruzee bike gives the convenience of integrated footrests. These give a resting platform for the legs. The result is reduced leg fatigue and improved rider comfort. One good thing about the footrests of this bike is that you won’t even notice it’s there. It sits flush with the bike’s frame for that sleek, flawless look.

Flat-free foam tires

A punctured tire is one of the things that can come between your kid and that better riding experience. Cruzee bike eliminates such worry by sporting flat-free foam tires. These are solid tires safe to use even on rough terrain. Apart from being solid, these tires also come light.

Well, this is one of the things that function to keep the weight of the bike to a minimum. Though it doesn’t compare to pneumatic tires in terms of cushioning and traction, these tires give a good level of performance. What’s more, they’re the cheapest options out there so you won’t spend so much on tire replacement.

Maintenance-free sealed bearings

The smoothness and speed of a ride are very important aspects of the performance of balance bikes. Cruzee UltraLite balance bike is built with this in mind. This balance bike is fitted with sealed bearings. That means that the bearings stay free of water, dirt, and dust.

The result is less friction and hence less effort required to ride the bike. Sealed bearings are high-end features on any balance bike. That explains why the price tag of this bike comes quite high. But then, you get high quality that will never disappoint.


  • Lightest push balance bike in the world designed for easy control, pushing, and transportation
  • Tool-free height adjustment for the seat and handlebars allowing the bike to grow with your child
  • Sealed bearings ensure smooth ride at maximized speed for improved riding experience
  • Frame is made of anodized aluminum, which is a material that won’t rust
  • Footrests give good leg support to minimize fatigue, even during long rides
  • Good geometry gives increased stability and more room for maneuvering
  • Tires are puncture-free and so don’t require maintenance
  • Low-profile axle bolts minimize risk for injuries resulting from ankle strikes
  • This bike comes with a lifetime warranty


  • Foam tires don’t provide good traction except only on paved surfaces
  • Bike doesn’t teach how to brake

Final Words

From this review, it’s clear that your child will get an experience like no other. This kid’s bike is a good gift for exploration and adventure. It sharpens coordination skills while building confidence and self-reliance in small riders. This is a bike that qualifies as the lightest in the world without sacrificing comfort and performance. Almost all customers that review this bike give a positive feedback. Now it’s time that you let your child give it a try. Just go visit Amazon and place your order. I’m sure you won’t get disappointed!

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