Strider – 12 Classic No-pedal Balance Bike Review

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Are you looking to train your kids for the cycling experience? There is no better way to have them ready to cycle than through balance training. A balance bike is uniquely designed to train your child to do more than just balancing, but also to be able to steer and coordinate different muscle movements. It lets the children have fun walking or running the bike by simply pushing with their feet. It is from such fun moments that the kids are able to learn how to balance, steer and coordinate. They soon develop speed and confidence to ride an actual bike.

The Strider – 12 Classic is a highly rated, top selling balance bike. Its designed is well thought out. It features a pedal-less design so that the young rider is forced to balance using their feet and initiate motion through kicking/pushing using the same feet. I must say, it is the ultimate trainer for balance, steering and coordination. Eventually, the youngster is able to cruise faster and lift their legs as they go. When the bike props, instincts will have the kid quickly drop their feet to regain balance. It is simply the best option for the kid’s balance and motor development.

Strider 12 Classic Balance Bike Overview

RATING: Best pick (4.8 out of 5)

BEST FOR: Ages 18 Months to 3 Years

SEAT HEIGHT: Adjustable

WEIGHT: 6.7 lbs

TIRES: Never flat, no-maintenance tires


HANDLEBAR: Adjustable


WEIGHT CAPACITY: Maximun 60 lbs.

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strider 12 classic balance bike

The Important Features

Just from the looks of it, you could tell that this balance bike is unlike other bikes in a number of ways. It certainly feels like a high-quality product. The kind of performance you’d expect from a bike of its stature is simply incredible. With amazing features, so your child has fun and learns at the same time, this has to be one of the best options for the kids to learn their balancing, steering and coordination. Here are some of its outstanding features.

No-pedal design

The Strider – 12 classic looks decidedly simple for its elimination of pedals on the bike. This enables the bike to focus on the fundamental aspects of your child’s training; balancing, steering, leaning and coordination. The young rider is able to learn to do all these things on their own without the complications and distractions of pedals or training wheels.

By having their feet on the ground rather than up on the pedals, the child is able to build confidence and progress comfortably. The simple, no-pedal design ensures that the rider takes easy strides they are comfortable with until they are ready to cycle with confidence and prowess.

Lightweight yet sturdy build

I like this balance bike model of STRIDER because it is really lightweight. Its frame is made of solid metal for endurance, yet it is able to remain light enough for the kids to ride comfortably. From the handles, the frame, to the wheels, this bike seems to hold up pretty well. Both you and the young rider will appreciate a lightweight design for its ease in pushing.

The manufacturers went out of their way to design a bike that will do what it is intended for. They stripped it of any features that would only get in the way of the kids’ progress. You’ll agree that the move to make this a truly lightweight balance bike was genius.

Adjustable seat & handlebars

You’ll love this model because it has the lowest seat height. It is one of the few balance bikes with the youngest starting age. It is designed for kids as young as 18 months. The kids are able to learn their balancing, on two wheels, at a tender age. This actually helps the youngster learn faster and gain confidence while avoiding developmental delays- those typical with tricycles or ride-on toys.

The ability to adjust the seat and handlebar height to accommodate different rider heights is remarkable. This ability to adjust to growing children makes the bike a great choice for the fast growing little ones. This could be the only bike your child will need to develop their motor and balance skills, before transcending onto their very first pedal bike.

Solid tires

Solid tires are generally recommended for the kids’ bikes. Such tires roll well on any kind of terrain- both the roughs and the flats. The bike will comfortably ride over terrain plagued with debris and you won’t have to worry about flats or tire pressure going down. You’ll find such to be very easy to maintain, and rarely do they ever get damaged.

One thing you’ll love about a solid tire on your kid’s bike is that it offers great comfort even when riding on difficult terrain. And, seeing as the Strider Balance Bike comes with comfortable seats, and a nicely padded handlebar, you are sure that your child has the most comfortable riding experience.

Tested for safety

Knowing that the kid’s safety is something no parent is willing to compromise on, the strider classic is tested to the strictest safety standards. It is designed to be sturdy and comfortable to the kid’s liking. You won’t have to worry about your child not being able to balance on their own on their first ride.

The seat height is adjustable to the right height for the kids. They are able to move and stop safely without falling. The handlebar is nicely padded so that they don’t fatigue or get blisters for riding too long. Everything was well thought out, and you don’t have to worry about your child’s safety whenever they are on this bike.


  • Bike trains for balance, steering, and coordination
  • Minimal, no-pedal design enables the kid to ride undistracted
  • Lightweight frame makes riding easy
  • Simple bike design makes for easy maintenance
  • Youngest starting age; only 18 months
  • Adjustable seat and handlebar for growing riders
  • Solid tires ride on any terrain with no flats
  • Safety guaranteed


  • Tools required for adjusting seat and handlebar; other models do not require the use of tools

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: How does kid brake without hand brakes?

Kid’s feet are enough to stop the bike without any hand brake. If they want to stop or slow down just tell them to put their feet down. Actually, these bikes are to teach the kid to learn balance.

Q: What’s the minimum height of child requirement for Strider 12 Classic?

The seat and handlebars of this bike are adjustable. I’m sure kids will have no problem for their height. The seat height range is 11″ to 16″ and the minimum height for the handlebars are 18.5″. For kind information, this No-Pedal Balance Bike is recommended for 1.5 to 3 years old.

Final Verdict

Forget training wheels, the Strider – 12 Classic No-pedal balance bike is the way to go. This bike will have your child ready for the actual riding experience on a real bike with pedals. The young rider will be able to learn unobstructed by things like pedals, balance wheels and brakes. This makes their progress in balancing, leaning, steering, and coordinating much quicker. They will be able to ride a real bike faster than you anticipate.

The best thing is that the kids actually love riding on this push bike. Perhaps this is one of the reasons it is the most highly rated push bike. It promises high performance and remarkable results for just under $100. And, the modest price on the tag doesn’t mean quality and durability are compromised. Everything is still at the top of its game. More than that, both you and the kids will be happy with this great push bike.

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