Best Balance Bikes for 2 Years Old: Guideline & Reviews

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Do you have any 2-year-old baby boy/girl? So you need to think about the balance bike for him/her. Before that let me explain something! One of the best experiences you can ever gift to your child is connecting with nature. And that doesn’t mean taking long walks in the woods and reveling in the greenery, but rather riding through the off-beaten paths and exploring the myriad hideouts of creatures. For this to occur, a balance bike is necessary.

The latter is a sturdy vehicle that allows your child to seamlessly graduate from his push-toy and master the basics of riding as well as balancing before learning to ride the pedal bike. Packed with plenty of safety features, a balance bike is high on comfort quotient too. Its eye-catchy design and dynamic color make it an instant hit with the tiny tots.

List & Reviews of Balance Bikes for 2 Years Old

Name of Balance Bike Ranking View on Amazon
Strider – 12 Classic Best pick
AyeKu Baby Bike Runner-up
ThinkMax Bike New arrival
Bodaon Baby Bike Budget pick
Chillafish Bunzi Gradual Also great
EZee Glider Kids
Name of Balance Bike Ranking View on Amazon

1. Vilano Childrens Balance Bike No-pedal Push Bicycle

You may have probably heard of Vilano Bikes and its great ingenuity in the world of balance bikes. This unisex balance bike is regarded as one of its flagship models. It is a sturdy bike that comes in a lightweight construction of 5.5 pounds.

The frame is made of steel and powder coated to ensure maximum durability and better scratch resistance. It is finished in an attractive blue color that adds to its elegance and style. The seat is adjustable and so are the handlebars. The bike provides a customized fit for children between 2 and 3 years old.

The tires are 12 inches in diameter and come in a flat-free design that copes well with the rough terrain. There is sufficient padding on the seat for added comfort. A rubberized grip is included on the handlebars to provide great control and steering. And to announce your presence, the bike is equipped with a bell for timely alerts. This bike takes your child’s balance and coordination skills to a whole new level.

Key features

  • It helps in easier transition to pedal bikes
  • Frame is made of steel ensures maximum durability
  • Has adjustable seat height and handlebar
  • Has exclusive bell and handlebar pad
  • Extremely lightweight construction of 5.5 pounds.
  • Customized fit for kids between 2 and 3 years old.

2. EZee Glider Kids Balance Bike

If your kid wants a bike that resembles the one his older sibling rides, then the EZee Glider fits the bill. Bearing a striking resemblance to the conventional steel-framed bicycles, it comes devoid of pedals. This makes it the best bike to teach your child the basics of riding and balancing.

The solid steel frame, handbrake, safe balance speed and sporty design are among the unique selling points of this bike. Other than that, the 12 inch tires are another plus as they allow a stable and smooth ride. To top it all, the seat is pretty padded, comfy, and easily adjustable. In fact, you can actually rely on it to “grow with your child”.

Basically, the EZee Glider Kids Bike comes equipped with all the aspects to ensure your child stays safe and comfortable during the ride. It features an equilibrated center of gravity and low-speed geometry for supreme balance. Moreover, two removable foot pegs are included to make sure your child learns how to balance sooner than later. The inbuilt handbrake is unique to this model and absent in its counterparts. This combined with the trendy design, makes it the perfect choice for doting parents.

Key features

  • The solid steel frame bike
  • It has removal foot pegs to improve balance and gliding
  • Seat height can be adjusted easily without any tools
  • Adjustable seat height range is 11″ to 16.5″
  • Handbrake for safe stopping
  • Total weight of this bike is 10 lbs

3. Vilano Rally Balance Bike

This bike is the perfect gift to keep your kid entertained. Its attractive yet elegant design makes it ideal for young children. Learning to ride and balance a bike is a huge step in a child’s life and this bike eases the progress of your child.

Vilano Rally, unlike training wheels and tricycles, allow kids to master balance without assistance. Therefore, this particular push bike takes pedaling totally out of the picture, making it easier for your child to focus on balancing only. Now when they become ready to ride a pedal bike, they’ll pick up much faster, considering that they already are comfortable balancing. All they have to do is simply pedal!

Made from durable steel, Vilano Rally Balance Bike is lightweight yet sturdy. Moreover, it comes equipped with padded handlebars, as well as light foam tires that never go flat. The only problem with this model is that it’s a bit difficult to clean and the paint chips off in less than a year.

Key features

  • Durable steel frame
  • Extremely lightweight balance bike, total weight 5.5 lbs
  • Adjustable seat height and handlebars
  • Easy to assemble
  • Has footrests to grow confidence
  • No-flat foam tires

4. YBIKE Balance Bike

The latest to join the bike bandwagon is the YBIKE kids bike. Designed solely for the younger tots, this plastic bike flaunts an interesting motorcycle-like design that includes an enlarged front fork angle. Available in four eye-catchy colors, this bike is sure to be an instant hit with your child.

The lightweight, injection molded plastic construction allows your kid to commute to various locations with an alarming ease. With 2 closely set rear wheels, this bike is far more stable than conventional walking bikes. In addition to that, it can stand independently, which is a big plus for teaching your little one to turn and stop. The only downside is the steering column, which is a bit stiff and serves to slow down the biking experience.

Other than that, the YBIKE Balance Bike is apt for both outdoor and indoor use and stands up to the ravages of time and use surprisingly well. High on durability and safety, this balance bike is easily the best bike for your 2 years old kid. If I were purchasing a gift for a two-year-old, I’d buy it in a jiffy!

Key features

  • Award-winning balance bike
  • Lightweight bike, that’s why kids can easily handle it
  • Total weight 10 lbs
  • High impact plastic ensures bike durability
  • Has bigger wheels for safety during riding

5. Strider ST-2 PREbike Balance Running Bike

If your kid can walk, your kid can ride a Strider ST-2 PREbike too. This bike teaches your child to balance and develop both coordination and confidence during rides. While traditional bicycles place excessive focus on learning to pedal, this bike allows a gradual progression from a push toy. Therefore, it comes across as a welcome change from those heavy, clunky and uncontrollable bikes of yesteryear.

With this kid bike, your kids find it easy and fun to ride and master all the precious lessons of balance and coordination even before starting to pedal. With no training wheels or pedals, your little one powers the Strider ST-2 using his feet safely and firmly on the ground. That, in essence, does wonders to his confidence level and enables him to master balancing a bike within no time.

Moreover, the presence of premium safety features like the launch pad footrests allows for the seamless learning of advanced riding skills. This balance bike also integrates an adjustable handlebar and seat height to fit kids of a varying height range. So ditch the training wheels and tricycle and teach your tot to ride a bike faster and safer with the Strider ST-2 PREbike!

Key features

  • Lightweight (total weight 6.9 lbs) with pedal-less balance bike
  • Steel frame ensures bike durability
  • Puncture-proof tires which are fit in all terrains
  • Has pad footrests for gliding
  • It has an adjustable seat (11″ to 16″) and adjustable handlebars
  • This bike has 1-year warranty

How to Choose the Best Balance Bike for 2 Years Old?

Not everything is hunky dory with balance bikes. To avail the full range of advantages from one, you need to use your discretion and choose an appropriate model that fits your tiny tot and allows for an easy ride. Here are a set of features to consider when selecting the best kid bike for 2-year-old.


Balance bikes are usually available with 10 to 20-inch tires, with the most popular size being 12″. For most two-year-old, the 12-inch bikes are a good place to start. However, since the frames of the 12-inch bikes vary greatly with size, it is always safer to rely on the minimum as well as maximum seat height of the bike, instead of its tire size.


By rule of thumb, the balance bike shouldn’t weight more than 35% of your kid’s weight. While a 10 lb balance bike may be tough for 25 pounds, 2-year old to glide around, this may seem like a cakewalk for 35 pounds, 4-year old. Therefore, the weight of the bike does matter. A good idea would be to buy a lightweight bike as the indecisive nature of your toddler may very well cause you to carry the bike around often.


Tires of balance bikes may be solid foam, plastic, rubber or pneumatic. Pneumatic (air) tires are undoubtedly the best of all as they offer maximum traction and cushion. They allow a smooth ride, irrespective of the terrain. Pneumatic tires with knobby tread are best suited for kids who’re confident about their balancing abilities and would like to learn advanced skills in the same.

Seat Height

Ideally, the bikes meant for two-year-olds have a minimum seat height between 10″-26.5″. Whatever be the minimum seat height of your prospective bike, as long as it is 1 inch below your child’s inseam, it’s fine. If you’re at a loss of your child’s inseam, consider determining it with a hardbound book. Just have your child pinch the book between his legs and then gradually raise the book until it reaches his crotch. Following this, measure the length from the floor to the book’s end. The value you get is your child’s inseam.


The balance bikes for 2 years old should be lightweight, attractive design, incorporates a plethora of cutting-edge features, right from the 12 inch tires and additional hand brakes to removable foot pegs and safe speed limits.

All the balance bikes that I have listed and reviewed above incorporate these features and much more. They are durable, time-worthy and not as costly as you think! Most importantly, they allow your 2-year-old toddler to make a smooth and natural transition from his ride-on toy, and learn balance even before graduating to the pedal bike!

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