Mini Glider Kids Balance Bike Review: Patented Slow Speed Geometry

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How would you like a balance bike that offers the benefits of full functionality and portability without compromising on the ease of assembly? Mini Glider Balance Bike, the latest offering from the house of Glide Bikes, does just that. Marketed as the flagship 12″ model of the company, it does what it’s best at- helping children gain confidence while learning to balance in an enjoyable way!

The bike doesn’t come with those pesky pedals and training wheels that often get in the way of riding. Instead, it incorporates a state-of-the-art foot peg system to provide kids with a comfy place to rest their tired legs while gliding. This foot peg system is nothing like those ordinary footrests you find in other balance bikes. In fact, these pegs can be locked in place with an easy-to-use tool-free pin, thereby allowing quick installation or removal.

Mini Glider Kids Balance Bike Overview

RATING: Highly Recommended (4.3 out of 5)

BEST FOR: 2 to 5 years old

SEAT HEIGHT: Adjustable (11″ to 16.5″)

WEIGHT: 10.8 lbs

TIRES: 12-inch Air tires with composite mag wheels

FRAME: High quality aluminum alloy

HANDLEBAR: Adjustable handlebar with rubber grips



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mini glider balance bike

The Attractive Features

The patented Mini Glider bike is complete with features like a slow-speed design, removable foot pegs, mountain bike symmetry, as well as a perfectly sized handbrake, all of which are designed to deliver a safe and fun-filled experience on track. Here in this bike review, we take a bird’s eye view of all the features of this manufacturer’s marvel.

Mountain bike geometry

The bike flaunts a unique low-to-the-ground design that makes it ideal for kids aged between 2-5 years. Because of the slow speed geometry, it has a relatively lower center of gravity. This ensures enhanced control of the rider and consequently, greater stability while gliding through the tricky turns of roads.

Additionally, the low center of gravity also enables the rider to balance at a lower speed. Now this is extremely important for kids who are taking their baby steps in the world of riding and balancing.

Coupled with the mountain bike geometry is a sturdy yet lightweight frame, which makes this bike appropriate for toddlers and young kids just about learning to take charge of the wheels. Moreover, the design is not just functional, but also very appealing to behold. Kids love the fact that it comes in five dynamic color choices of blue, green, pink, orange and red.

Lightweight & sturdy frame of aluminum

At a weight of just 10.8 pounds, it is surprisingly lightweight and portable. Its sturdy, solid frame is made of high-quality aluminum, which promises dependable protection from rust, time and weather. It’s also entirely non-toxic, so you can rest assured of your child’s safety.

Unlike other balance bikes meant for the same age band, this one is extremely light to both ride and carry. Even a 2-year-old toddler can mount, dismount or turn it around effortlessly. And for those times when your child has had enough of riding for the day, you can lug it around comfortably till you reach home!

The lightweight structure of this bike also makes it very easy to assemble. All you have to do is attach the handle bars by tightening it with the help of the tools that come with the bike, then adjust the seat height and you’re good to go. Similarly, disassembling too is equally simple. You can disassemble it with alarming ease and load it on the top of your SUV to kick in some biking fun in your family picnics!

Child-sized handbrake

Unlike the tons of balance bikes out there, handbrakes haven’t been overlooked in the design of this bike. The latter incorporates a perfectly sized handbrake that offers the best fit to your child’s tiny fingers and ensures graceful gliding along unpredictable turns.

Additionally, it provides kids with supreme control over their riding and helps them stay safe even whilst they’re busy beckoning to the call of adventure. The handbrake is one feature that shouldn’t be undermined, as it plays an integral role in aiding the transition to larger bikes.

The fact that it is combined with foot pegs just adds to the whole safety quotient of the model. The belief that no child can ride faster than his feet can halt him is a myth. The handbrake, due to its proximity to the rider renders greater power in terms of stopping when it’s most required, like at the bottom of a hill.

12-inch heavy-duty tires

It has 12-inch heavy-duty tires. The most striking feature of these tires is that they don’t need air-filling to function. In addition to that, they are extremely light and do not contribute to the overall weight of the balance bike in any way. The fact that they are heavy duty is an added plus because this means they require minimal maintenance.

With a bike this lightweight, you don’t have to go through the hassle of airing up the tiny tires every once in a while. They are incredibly sturdy and provide plenty of traction on track. What’s more, thanks in part, to the durable, EVA foam nature of the tires, you get a lifetime warranty on this model!

Unique & detachable foot pegs

The Mini Glider doesn’t rely on a footrest to ensure secure riding and safe stopping. Instead, it features unique, removable foot pegs that enable a smooth transition to a big pedal bike. While most brands of balance bikes come devoid of a foot rest for the training foot position, the Bike includes a 10-inch long footplate that is big enough to accommodate varying foot sizes.

So if your tiny tot already has big feet, you can still count on this bike to provide him with a comfy fit. Moreover, the foot rest is padded, to make sure that he stays comfy and rested while exploring off-beaten paths and learning the arduous lessons of riding.

Remember, the foot pegs changeover to the bicycle’s pedal. Therefore, it is an indispensable component of balance bikes as it helps your child master balancing; which is, after all, is the sole purpose of riding such a bike.


This kid bike is not just packed with a random assortment of features to give the impression of a high-end model. In fact, it offers a wealth of real-time benefits to the rider.

  • It allows easy and quick adjustment of the seat height in order to accommodate the rider without the requirement of additional tools.
  • It features an ergonomic kick-stand that provides excellent support when not in use. Your child can use it to pivot to the rear axle for cruising through bumpy terrains with ease.
  • The adjustable handlebars provide proper arm alignment. Your kid can adjust them to face four different directions- forward/backward/up/down. Additionally, they are padded to preclude injuries to his little fingers from riding at a length.
  • The foot pegs are removable, so you can easily extend or rotate it as well. Rotating the foot pegs provides greater balance. Also, because the foot pegs are detachable, you can conveniently disassemble the vehicle to tuck it in the back seat of your car the next time you go holidaying.
  • The manufacturers of this bike are so sure of its durability and functionality that they have offered a lifetime warranty for this model. This not only provides you great value for your money but also shields the bike from both, workmanship defects and weather effects.


  • It has broad rear wheels, which makes it a tad too clumsy for cruising through narrow stretches.
  • The rear brakes offer limited usage as they are not designed to offer the best fit.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What is the seat height range of this bike?

This Bike has adjustable seat height and seat height range: 11 inches to 16.5 inches. Moreover you can order extra large seat post that would extended the maximum seat height.

Q: Are this balance bike’s foot pegs removal?

Yes, this bike’s foot pegs are removal and you can pop it out or rotate it in 90 degrees.

Final Verdict

To wrap up Mini Glider Balance Bike review, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the benefits far outweigh the downsides. Replete with an attractive design, lightweight structure, no-pump tires and tons of safety features, it’s ideal as a beginner’s bike. This is the perfect toy that your child can enjoy while engaging in some hands-on riding lessons. With a weight capacity of 100 pounds and adjustable seat height plus handlebars to match, this is one of those rare bikes that guarantees many years of satisfactory use.

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