E-bike Riding Tips: Improving Your Electric Bicycle’s Range

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Electricity has been utilized to bring power to our gadgets and appliances like television, computers, air-conditioning machines, etc. However, due to the technological advancements, we are experiencing now, you can also use electricity to accelerate and give energy to cars and bikes.

One of the innovative inventions made in our modern time is the electric bicycle, also known for its short-term “e-bike.” We all know that bicycles need to use some force to make them run, but an electric bike will only need power from electricity to use it.

E-bikes have been fastly emerging for the past years. Many individuals use it as a form of transportation instead of gassed-powered vehicles. There is no doubt that electric bikes will make a big hype as soon as they release their very first product on the market. According to some e-bike users, one significant factor they chose to use is the continuous increase of oil and gas in demand.

Another factor why electric bikes are the most preferred is because they can’t blow smoke, which is a significant advantage to advocating a healthier environment around us.

Suppose that you are an owner of e-bikes and are searching for some helpful ebike riding tips and how to improve your electric bike’s range, then this article is for you.

10 Tips for E-bike Riding

To help you maximize the use of your electric bicycle, we listed 10 riding tips just for you.

1. Wait for your e-bike battery to be fully charged

One of your electric bike’s primary and vital parts is its battery. The battery is in charge and responsible for powering up your e-bike. Now, you must care for your bike’s battery life to use it for a long time. Charging it and ensuring that your electric bike is fully recharged before using it is one of the vital tips that you should follow. It would be good if you scheduled a battery charging routine to keep the life of your e-bike battery as good as new.

2. Begin your trip with a smooth pedal

It is essential to know when the precise moment to start pedaling your electric bicycle. If you need transportation to go some places, but you see that your e-bike is running out of its battery, you can still use it by riding like a regular bicycle. Electric bikes are versatile, and it is one of their excellent features. One tip for pedaling your e-bike is to adjust the settings by decreasing the speed or turbo and use your pedal whenever bike’s battery is low.

3. Ensure that you have the proper gears

Electric bicycles are not the same as traditional or ordinary bicycles. Thus, using the proper gears solely made for e-bikes is also one of the essential tips when riding. Ensure that you have the right equipment for your e-bike to avoid issues. Lower gear should be utilized when going up on escalated places like hills, while the higher gear is used when you are going down on slopes, ridges, or thrust. It is also essential to know when to switch your gears so that you can easily pedal on your e-bike.

4. Think of having a spare battery

Battery, the essential part of an electric bike, should be the primary concern of an e-bike owner. There are times that your battery can decrease its energy, especially when you are using it. Thus, having a spare battery can be helpful if you are opting for long rides without hindrance. It can also help you save more time waiting for the battery to be fully charged when you can use your spare battery and go on with your ride.

5. Think of having another charger

Another essential part of your e-bike is the battery’s charger. The charger is the one that would help you recharge your battery. Thus, having a spare charger can be helpful if you are opting for long rides. It can also help you save more time by charging two batteries all at the same time. You can bring your spare charger and charge your battery anywhere you go (as long as there is a power socket).

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6. Put some grease on your e-bike chains

Maintaining your e-bike is essential, primarily after you have used it the whole day. One of the crucial parts of an electric bike is the chains. Putting some lube or grease to your bike’s chains would help and you would also benefit from it by having a smoother pedal experience. The recommended application of lube or grease in your chain is once a week.

7. Checking on your batteries

Old batteries may cause some issues and complications on your electric bike. Thus, you must know when is the right time to replace old battery with a new one. Most often, old batteries can result in slower and weak energy. Upon charging, you will notice that it has a more speedy charging session, but you will utilize the amount quickly. Electric bicycle stores are selling out new batteries to replace your old ones.

8. Check your tires

Tires are a part of every vehicle that helps the cars or bicycles run aside from their power. Checking your tires is one of the crucial tips that every e-bike user should know. Automobile experts always suggest keeping and monitoring your tire’s pressure. Having low-tire air would result in a slow and bumpy ride because your e-bike tires directly contact the floor. E-bike experts suggest using a tire with 50-60 pressure.

9. Use your battery moderately

Every battery has its shelf life. Many batteries are not recommended to store in a super-hot or cold room. It is good that you should keep them at a dry and room-level temperature. Also, you must watch and observe how fast or how slow your battery is charging. Never leave your battery charging for more than 24 hours. An overnight charging would do, but still, monitor it to avoid complications in your battery.

10. Maintain your e-bike’s rhythm

Ensure that your e-bike has its monthly tune-up with an electric bike specialist. Visiting your e-bike manufacturer and having it checked by them is an important tip to help you maintain the quality of your electric bike.

Final Thoughts

Due to the fast emergence of technology, people slowly embrace these changes in their lives. Being innovative helps our daily lives more easily through the help of these new inventions such as the electric bicycle. With that, individuals are switching to e-bikes, as for them, it is an affordable and helpful investment in their life.

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