FirstBIKE Balance Bike Review: Limited Bike with Brake

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Balance bikes are fast becoming a common sight in many households. However, owning a balance bike is not a great deal. The thing that counts is what type of bike you have and how best it performs.

I have spent lots of time browsing the Internet just to find the right bike that is both unique and highly functional. The style, comfort and safety of FirstBIKE Limited Edition Balance Bike caught my eye. It takes elegance and style to the limits and offers a high level of comfort that is almost second to none. I am going to give you my review of this bike to help you get a clear picture regarding its built, design and performance.

FirstBIKE Limited Bike Overview

OUR RATING: Exceptional (4.6 out of 5)
BEST FOR: Children aged from 2 to 5 years
SEAT HEIGHT: Adjustable (12″-17.5″)
WEIGHT: 8.6 lbs
TIRES: Broad pneumatic tires
FRAME: Flexible composite frame
WEIGHT CAPACITY: Maximum 77 lbs

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FirstBIKE Limited Bike

The Attractive Features

There are other reviews out there on FirstBIKE balance bike. However, it’s my desire to give you something that is special and more unique – a comprehensive review that covers all the features and specs of this bike. Lets first look at its most distinguishing features that have earned it a top spot in the world of kids bikes.

Flexible frame

Most balance bikes have frames made of either high-strength steel or lightweight aluminum. This bike brings something much more different – a flexible frame made of tough plastic material. It has the strength of stainless steel and the lightweight nature of aluminum.

This high-tech material enables the frame to bend without causing any deformation. Unlike ordinary plastic it doesn’t break and offers great resistance against scratches. Compared to metallic frames, it provides better resistance against rust and corrosion.

Besides the high flexibility, this frame is a much safer choice for your kids. It works well in preventing bruises in case of accidental falls. Furthermore, it protects your child’s spine and absorbs shock during bumpy rides.

Ultra-Lightweight construction

The mention of a plastic frame speaks so much regarding the lightweight construction of this bike. There are several models that boast of being lightweight. However, it takes the aspect of lightweight design to new heights.

The bike measures 33 x 15 x 22 inches. This makes it one of the largest in the world of balance bikes. But with the large size, it weighs a mere 8.6 pounds. The small weight to size ratio puts it in the category of ultra-lightweight balance bikes.

This is a bike that you can lift or push effortlessly. I know you may be asking yourself if the lightweight design compromises its stability and sturdiness. Well, it doesn’t. It is as stable as the metallic models.

Adjustable “Horse Saddle”

Just as its name suggests, the saddle of this bike pays close resemblance to that of a horse saddle seat. The conventional saddles we are used to usually have that flat and even surface that doesn’t provide an extra level of comfort. But FirstBIKE changes that aspect.

The saddle comes in a curved shape that sinks in the middle. The ends are arched in a way that prevents your kid from shifting forward or backward. It provides more of a “locked-in” sitting position that keeps your kid from slipping off the bike.

Some people might argue that this is a comfort feature while others might say it is designed for safety. However, I totally disagree since the saddle is designed for both – safety and comfort. The saddle is adjustable in height to fit kids who are 2 to 5 years old.

Steering limiter

The high level of safety provided by this balance bike is something that any parent will greatly appreciate. You have seen the safety provided by its flexible frame and the arc-shaped saddle. But it doesn’t end there since the bike has lots more to provide in terms of your child’s safety. It comes with an advanced steering limiter.

This is something that you may even fail to get in most normal bicycles. Basically, a bike without a steering limit tends to be much difficult to control especially when making tight turns. It tends to overdo it and may probably make you loose control. However, with the steering limit the turning radius is limited to a certain range that makes the bike a safer option for kids.

Broad pneumatic tires

Ever rode on a bike that has plastic tires? If yes, then you may have probably noticed a slight difference compared to that equipped with rubber tires. The rubber tires provide the most in terms of suspension qualities. They function well to absorb shock and provide a more comfortable ride on uneven terrain.

The broad nature of these tires makes them stable enough to sharpen your kid’s balancing skills. The tires are patterned to provide better grip on mud tracks and other slippery surfaces. The rim is made of plastic and has no spokes. It makes the bike much lighter without compromising the smooth ride you get from it.


  • Lightweight plastic construction makes the bike easy to control, push and lift.
  • Flexible yet tough plastic frame works well in absorbing shock and protects your child’s spine.
  • Saddle is ergonomically shaped to prevent any shifting during rides while adding to user comfort.
  • The steering of this bike is restricted to a certain turning radius that makes it much easier to control.
  • Equipped with child-friendly brake system that provides gentle braking.
  • Broad rubber tires provide smooth rides and better grip on most surfaces.
  • Tool-free seat height adjustment lets the bike grow with your child.
  • Elegant and stylish construction makes it a real head turner.
  • Much easier to assemble.


  • The price tag of this bike is lightly higher compared to other rival models in the same category.
  • A lowering kit may be needed for younger kids.

Final Thoughts

This is a great purchase for those that desire maximum safety and comfort. It is tough, sturdy with a lightweight construction to match. This is a bike that lets you benefit from the great qualities provided by metallic balance bikes without necessarily being metallic itself.

Smooth rides are something that you are assured of in this balance bike. The elegant design lets your kids ride in style and makes them the envy of the neighborhood. Despite having a higher price tag compared to other models, this bike performs as advertised and will definitely exceed your expectations. It is a great bike that I highly recommend to any parent.

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