Magic Vida Kid’s No-pedal Bike Review: 12-Inch Training Bike

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Are you looking for a budget balance bike that integrates the most useful of features and that too without compromising on appearance? Well, then the Magic Vida Kid’s Balance Bike (No Pedal 12-Inch Training Bike) is your answer. An innovative training cycle, the bike has no pedals or training wheels as it’s built to serve the sole purpose of helping preschoolers learn how to take charge of the wheels. The fact that it’s so easy to ride makes it the perfect bike for tiny tots taking their baby steps in the world of biking. Kids find it remarkably easy to walk this lightweight bike and stay firmly seated even while cruising over bumpy roads. There is an inbuilt steering limiter to help children maintain control while turning around tricky bends.

Another big plus is the smooth, rolling tires that vouch for a steady ride across all kinds of terrains. In addition to that, the padded hand grips, the shock absorbing wheels as well as an ergonomically designed seat all act to give little riders a wee bit of extra comfort. Once your child has mastered the Magic Vida Balance Bike, the transition to a traditional bike becomes fun, easy and safe.

The Features of the Magic Vida Kid’s Balance Bike

Here, in this review, we provide you with a bird’s eye look into the features, benefits and flaws of this product.

Novel child-friendly frame design

This balance bike flaunts a unique, child-friendly frame design that’s simple, functional and has a minimalistic charm about it. A welcome respite from the gaudier versions in the market, it is available in a brilliant blue color that is vivid and eye-catchy to behold.

Thanks to its novel frame design, children find it easy to rest their feet on the ground while learning to balance the right way. This, in essence, is the first step to mastering the lessons of bike riding. Once they learn this step, they do not need to put in a lot of effort and time in coordinating with the bike to cruise over unpredictable terrains.

The framework of the bike is solid and resistant to smears and stains. Therefore, you can blissfully rely on this balance bike to last you for years. Upkeep too, is pretty simple with this model.

Foot brake & cockpit

One of the major USPs of this Bike is its foot brake. Made of solid rubber, it offers children with considerable space to rest their feet in order to control steering and speed. While it is easy to rule it off as just another add-on to the framework of a balance bike, the presence of a foot brake should never be undermined.

Most balance bikes built for the same age band neglect this feature, but this particular product begs to differ. Another beneficial aspect of the foot brake is that it is sturdy and doesn’t go rolling incessantly following a spurt of use.

Kids find it easy to control and use it to prevent going off-limits while exploring off-beaten paths. Added to the reliable foot brake is the comfy, ergonomic saddle that has oversized caps and soft grips to make for a perfect fit.

Adjustable seat & handlebars

This vehicle is just perfect for a family having a growing kid or many children of varying age ranges. Everyone, right from the toddlers to 5-year old kids can make use of this product.

The diversity of its usage can be attributed, in part, to the presence of adjustable components like the handlebars as well as the seat height. The seat height can be easily adjusted and it uses a simple flip lock to stay in place. This enables a comfy, customized fit and also lengthens the overall lifespan of the bike.

Next comes the handlebars, that can be easily adjusted just like the seat to suit your child’s height and provide a comfy fit. It comes equipped with flip locks to allow for easy and tight adjustment. Once the seat is adjusted, you can adjust the handlebars accordingly to make the ride more comfortable.

Additionally, the handlebars are made of rubber, and incorporate padded grips to make sure your child’s delicate palms are protected whenever they use them. Needless to say, thanks to the comfort provided by these features, your child is sure to spend endless hours cruising over on this bike without getting fatigued.

Pneumatic & puncture-resistant tires

Magic Vida Balance Bike is fitted with 12-inch tires that are not only durable and functional, but also very attractive to behold with their steel rims and glistening spokes. Additionally, they have great grip and full of air in the packaged condition. So all you have to do is unpack the vehicle from the box, assemble it (which takes less than 10 minutes) and you’re good to go.

Built solidly with heavy duty rubber, they are smooth and offer high traction on unfavorable terrains. Their smooth exterior makes them easy to roll and glide over rough roads. Being puncture-resistant, they preclude the chances of stopping for an air-refill during emergencies. Another big plus about these tires is that they perform exceptionally well while gliding over obstacles.

Suitable for 18 months-5 years old kids

Another feature that most parents love about the Magic Vida is that it looks every bit like an adult bike. With steel wheels, rubber tires, attractive handlebars and a comfy seat, it’s quite like the mini version of a traditional, adult bike. However, although it looks like it’s meant for the older kids, it entails simple operation.

Additionally, it is loaded with safety features that make it apt for a bike of this age group. The wheel axles are welded properly to ensure the wheels stay in place yet roll smoothly whenever needed. There are no sharp corners, unnecessary components or dangling ends to add to the complexity of bike riding.

So you can rest assured that your child will not fall over while learning to balance it. As long as you make sure his feet touches the ground while he walks it, this bike is safe to let him play it by himself.


  • The balance bike features a simple, no-pedal design that eliminates the fear of falling from a failure in balancing, thereby allowing children to progress at their own pace.
  • The unique, child-friendly framework of the bike teaches young kids to balance on two wheels right from the beginning, avoiding developmental delays typical with the tricycles and ride-on toys.
  • There are no pedals, training wheels or chains to get in the way of riding the bike. This helps children to learn how to steer a bicycle without worrying about added complications or distractions such as peddling or high maintenance.
  • The foot brake is a necessary safety feature that helps him to control speed while going downhill. It is positioned closer to the framework and farther from the wheel to preclude the chances of hitting the wheel and getting hurt in the process.
  • The saddle is padded and comfy, making it easier for kids to learn how to ride for hours at a stretch. Also with the quick release on the seat, you can adjust the saddle’s height without using tools. This makes the assembly process very easy and fast.
  • The tires have a solid built and are thus durable enough to withstand the ravages of use and time. You can expect this vehicle to last up to 5 years with little or no maintenance.
  • Buyers love the fact that this balance bike comes along with an attractive and comfy helmet. Apart from enhancing the safety quotient of the balancing process, it is a great hit with the tiny tots due to its pretty design.


  • The major complaint that most users have with this balance bike is that it lacks a kickstand. Due to the absence of a kickstand, the bike tends to fall over when novice riders get off it. Over time, the bike may even get scratched from falling over a lot. Therefore, it is advisable for newbie riders to practice indoors and later on take out the bike for riding.
  • Additionally, the bike is a tad too heavy for other balance bikes designed for the same age group. Although being a small, 12-inch bike, it feels heavy. However, this may, in part, be due to its sturdy framework and well-built tires.
  • Users don’t appreciate the fact that it comes without additional tools or instructions to walk them through the assembly process. The inclusion of wrenches and short manual would be great. With that said, assembling this bike isn’t really daunting as it seems.

Final Verdict

To put it simply, this kids bike, with its no-pedal design, solid, puncture-resistant tires and adjustable components does exceed all expectations. It is one of those rare balance bikes that helps kids to build the confidence they’ll need when they are ready to ride a traditional bicycle with pedals. Complete with padded handlebars, a comfy foot brake and reliable, smooth air-tires, it enables children to stay focused on the road ahead, instead of paying attention to their surroundings.

So to wrap up this balance bike review, it would be rightful to say that this bike isn’t a waste of time and money. It is a well-stated fact that balance bikes simplify the transition to pedal bikes. And the Magic Vida Kid’s Balance Bike is the perfect example of this.

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