NCM Moscow Plus Electric Mountain Bike Review: A Powerful e-MTB

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Regardless of the initial uncertainty, electric bikes have become common among bike lovers. E-MTBs are highly functional and impressively comfortable to ride and maintain. The new collection of pedal-assisted bikes has dependable drive mechanisms, great suspension, and excellent features, making them fantastic to ride. While some people see riding an electric mountain bike as cheating, it is not. You can cover your distance using your e-MTB quite easily and fast. They are impressively remarkable to ride, and they let all levels of cyclists ride faster and cover their target distance within a shorter while.

Therefore, today we will review the Moscow Plus Electric mountain bike. There is a lot to love about this e-bike, but the most impressive feature is its versatility. If you prefer a bike that’s versatile in the urban terrain and the trail, this spectacular electric bike is the way to go. We have tested it, and it’s definitely worth it. Want to find out more? Read on!

NCM Moscow Plus E-bike Overview

RATING: Highly Recommended (4.4 out of 5)

BEST FOR: Adults (both men & women) & riders 5’4” to 6’4” in height

WHEEL SIZE: 27.5” / 29”

FRAME: Aluminum 6061, Size: 19″ (27.5) & 20″ (29)

BRAKE STYLE: F/R: Hydraulic Tektro Disc Brakes



BATTERY: DEHAWK I5, 48V 16AH, 768WH, with USB port

SPEED: 20 mph

GEARSHIFT: Shimano, Altus, F: SL-M310-L, 3 Gang, R:SL-M310-8R, 8 Gang

LOAD CAPACITY: Maximum 275 lbs.

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NCM Moscow Plus Electric Mountain Bike

Most Attractive Features of NCM Moscow e-MTB

Great build quality

The one thing that’s always constant with NCM e-bikes is the build quality, and this one is no exception. It looks incredible, and it does not sacrifice safety and functionality. The disc brakes feature 160mm rotors which offer anticipated braking, and the levers integrate motor cut-off switches to guarantee a safe cycling session.

The frame of the Moscow Plus e-MTB is made of aluminum alloy, which reduces the bike’s weight, and ensures durability at the same time.


The 48V-13ah battery has a USB charging port for your phone. Typically, electric bikes feature battery packs that are large and bulky, and they take up a massive space on the frame. The Moscow Plus battery is added to the down tube, reducing the bike’s overall weight. This helps in enhancing stability.

The stated optimum range of 75 miles is quite optimistic though it can be achieved once you utilize the pedal-assist prudently. The battery’s total energy capacity is 624-watt hours; therefore, if you were using 20Wh per mile initially, your maximum range is supposed to be 31 miles.

DAS-Kit X15

The focal point of this e-MTB is the DAS-Kit Geared hub motor. This sturdy 250W rear motor is infamous for its proficiency and increased torque which stands at 55 Nm and is impressive considering its small size.

The hub motor is made in Germany, and it performs even better than it is marketed. Besides, it is invigorating to see such a top-quality unit on an inexpensive e-MTB.

Well-suited for all kinds of roads

This e-bike is ideal for weekend adventures on gravel tracks and trails. Its front has Suntour XCT forks which feature 100 travel Millimeters. This is more than enough for a bit of off-road cycling. Moreover, the Schwalbe Sam tires, designed for all terrains, offer a reliable grip whenever necessary.

The comfy gel saddle is an impressive bonus, and the Velo ergonomic grips look excellent, and they feel great as well. As for gearing, this bike has the reliable Shimano Altus 21-speed gears, and they are clearly indexed.


The bike has an upgraded display with extensive and readable writings. You will start by holding the power button on the control pad. This will trigger the display panel, and you will be offered multiple readouts such as battery capacity, level of assist, and current speed.

Pressing the power button once will trigger the background lighting on display, and holding down the arrow for some time will activate walk mode. This mode can help if you require going up a ramp, climbing stairs, or riding through a walk-only area.

The display also shows various menus once you press the set key. This feature is handy if you want to dive into the system some more. We liked the display’s positioning and size; it is pretty flexible since we could angle it differently. However, it is not detachable.

If you plan on walking, you could strap your helmet over the display panel to stop people from touching it, and it shields it from direct sunlight. Additionally, the display panel is relatively water-resistant; however, it would be best to use a damp cloth when you want to clean the bike compared to spraying it. Avoid submerging the bike and its components.


  • The Moscow combines suspension, off-road geometry, and tires with modern utility, and you can incorporate a rear rack and fenders. Additionally, there is a bottle cage on the top.
  • The DAS Kit motor is potent and zippy though it’s entirely independent of the pedal drivetrain, which is an excellent choice for an e-bike with a wide variety of gears. Also, it makes it possible for immediate throttle power despite the gear you’re using.
  • Perfect weight distribution since the battery is placed in a good position on the frame. It is well-shielded and combines decently with the black shades on the chainrings, fork, seat, and handlebar.
  • Excellent tires for all terrains, since the 27.5 by 2.25 inches size is light and proficient. They move swiftly, and Schwalbe usually produces high-quality products.


  • It has a one motor inhibitor. Most e-bikes have dual inhibitors for reliable braking.
  • It’s pretty heavy; considering the battery is larger than average, it might be somewhat tiring for some riders.

Who is it for

The Moscow Plus Electric Mountain Bike is for riders who ride on all kinds of terrain. It is for those searching for a versatile e-MTB that does not restrict you to one or two terrains only. As mentioned above, this bike is highly versatile, and you can ride with it on all sorts of terrain.

Why we like it

So why do we like this e-MTB? There are lots of reasons why we love it, and they include;

  • The cross-country design has a suspension of 80mm, durable alloy pedals, and knotted trail tires.
  • Furthermore, the display panel is adjustable, and the cadence sensor is highly responsive. The vast 180 mm hydraulic rotors in the front and rear and the motor inhibitors on either lever are also reasons to love this e-bike.
  • The kickstand functions well though it sometimes blocks the left arm when down, and the tires stand out in terms of performance and design.
  • Lastly, this e-bike is affordable. This fantastic electric bike is available in stores, and it comes with an economical price tag.

The Moscow e-MTB is an impressive bike, and it offers value for money. The specifications, as well as the features, are excellent. It is quite incredible to see a 48V battery integrated on a 250w e-bike.

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