MZZK Electric Mountain Bike Review: Falcon 2 Pro Fat Tire E-Bike

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With the invention of electric cars, it is only logical that e-bikes are also available. They are simple to operate, with different features depending on the brand. Among the many e-bikes, you may come across, there is the MZZK Electric Mountain Bike. It comes in various shades to match varying rider preferences. It is elegant, quick to put together, and has flexible features to foster user-friendliness and comfort.

Before buying any product, it is vital to research it first to make an informed purchasing decision. Here is a review to update you on the bike and what to expect.

MZZK Falcon 2 Pro E-Bike Overview

OUR RATING: Excellent pick (4.6 out of 5)

BEST FOR: Adults (both men & women)

FRAME: 6061 Aluminium-Alloy with Appearance Patent

BRAKE STYLE: Disc Brake,160mm Front,160mm Rear


WHEEL SIZE: 26-inch

TIRES: 26” x 4.0” Fat

BATTERY: 48V12.8Ah (614.4W) Removable Li-on, Fully Charged in 4-6 Hours

CHARGER: 48V 2A US Standard DC Smart Charger

MAX. SPEED: 32KM/H, Distance: 30-120km


THROTTLE TYPE: Variable Speed Control

DISPLAY: Multifunctional 5 Inch LCD Display, 5-steps

BIKE NET WEIGHT: 31kg(68lb)

LOAD CAPACITY: Maximum 264 lbs.

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mzzk falcon 2 pro ebike

Bike’s performance

The Falcon 2 Pro is a comfortable, easy-to-ride mountain e-bike. It has an LCD display that shows different aspects of my riding experience. The seat height is adjustable to ensure a safe sitting position while the brushless motor, Shimano gearshift, and disc brakes foster efficiency and satisfactory performance on the road. You can ride the bike in different assist modes to suit the terrain.

You can also ride it in normal bike mode and pure electric option. It is well made to ensure you get value for your money, and the protection features ensure its durability and your safety. You get to enjoy your rides with no worries.


  • Comfortable with an adjustable seat
  • Has a sturdy, durable frame
  • Well-built and easy to operate
  • Usable on different road types
  • Runs in different modes
  • Light, versatile, and quick to assemble
  • Has a removable battery
  • The battery pack is not heavy
  • Has bright headlights
  • Uses a powerful, waterproof motor
  • Has a rustproof chain
  • Handlebars have a good grip
  • Utilizes simple, intuitive controls
  • Incorporates battery protections
  • Available in stunning colors


  • The seat is small and hard
  • Handlebars are a bit crowded
  • Has cruiser style handlebars, not mountain bike style
  • Treads on the tires are not as aggressive

Who is the MZZK Falcon 2 Pro the best fit for?

The Falcon 2 Pro is ideal for someone who enjoys commuting to work on a bike. It is comfortable, and you can ride it on the streets. The bike is also suitable for long-distance travel when having fun biking with your friends and family. It can also handle light off-road riding on gravel roads, sand, and trails.

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Most Important Features of This E-Bike

The MZZK Bike is an adult model. It has parts from leading brands in the industry, and below are the different aspects of this electric mountain bike.


It is an elegant electric mountain bike available in different colors, including matte black, comet brown, and orange. It is sturdy, has an aluminum frame, and runs on a lithium battery. The bike also has a 26-inch wheel size and KENDA tires. This fat tire e-bike has an adjustable front fork with shock-absorbing benefits. You can also adjust the seat post height to a comfortable level with the quick release mechanism. Besides, the chain is rustproof to ensure durability and maintain the bike’s elegance.


Falcon 2 Pro comes with a high-resolution LCD that has background lighting for visibility even in the dark. The screen displays rider data such as distance, battery status, speed, and motor level. However, you can set the five support levels individually and enjoy riding on various terrains. The 5-inch screen provides enough room for displaying information to prevent eye strain and promote comfort and safety on the road. Note that the handlebar carries several features used to control the bike, including LCD 5-steps, microshift 7 speed, and power off.

Riding Modes

You can ride the bike in three modes pure electric, normal bike mode, and pedal assist. These modes promote the bike’s flexibility, allowing riders to use different biking techniques. Besides, you do not have to buy an electric and normal bike separately. The pedal assist option has six modes of riding to use. You can turn off the power and ride the bike manually or use the energy-efficient, leisure, trekking, speed, or the strongest modes.


MZZK Falcon 2 Pro utilizes a Samsung lithium battery to provide you with the boost you need to navigate different terrains. It utilizes a disc brake system that ensures quick response speed and has a powerful brushless 750w motor that contributes to its high performance. Additionally, the bike’s 7-speed Shimano gearshift kit provides smooth gear shifting. That way, you can begin quickly and ride up and downhill faster while saving energy. However, the bike’s maximum speed is 20mph (32km/h), and it can carry a maximum load of 264lbs.

Battery and protections

It operates on a removable battery, which takes four to six hours to charge. The manufacturer incorporates protection features in the bike for your safety and the bike’s longevity. The eight protection features include balance function, anti-reversal charging, overvoltage, overcharge, temperature, short circuit, over-discharge, and overcurrent protection. These elements assure you of your safety when riding this e-mountain bike. You can ride the bike on the pavement in your neighborhood, gravel roads, and the streets.

MZZK E-Bike vs Other Brands

The market provides other e-bikes besides the MZZK Falcon 2 Pro. Some brands may have a few similar features but differ in other ways, such as performance. Nevertheless, e-bikes are designed to give you a boost when biking to enhance your riding experience.

MZZK Falcon 2 Pro

It is a versatile, comfortable e-bike with a removable battery. It has a powerful motor and provides smooth rides on different surfaces. However, the Aostimotor mountain e-bike provides a faster speed of 28mph compared to MZZK’s 20mph. It also has a rack and fender. Nonetheless, both brands are worthwhile purchases offering aluminum frames, shock absorption, 7-speed gears, and fat tires.

AOSTIMOTOR Mountain E-Bike

Aostimotor e-bike has a 13ah battery, front suspension, an aluminum frame, and 26-inch fat tires. It also has a 7-speed gear system and front and rear disc brakes. It runs on a 750w motor and is a proper alternative for MZZK Falcon 2 Pro, considering the minor differences. However, MZZK provides e-bikes in different colors, while Aostimotor offers them in a black shade.

ECOTRIC Electric Bike

On the other hand, the Ecotric e-bike has a 750w motor, 26-inch fat tires, disc brakes, and a Shimano 7-speed gear system. The bike takes a vintage style that gives it a unique design on the market. However, it has an additional mode called the booster mode, which the previous brands lack.

Comparison between them

Name MZZK Falcon 2 Pro AOSTIMOTOR E-Mountain Bike ECOTRIC Electric Bike
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Frame Material Aluminum Aluminum Aluminum
Wheel Size 26″ 26″ 26″
No. of Speed 7 7 7
Suspension Type Rear, Front Front Rear, Dual
Bike Net Weight 68 lbs 77 lbs 69 lbs
Max. Weight Capacity 264 lbs 300 lbs 265 lbs
Maximum Speed 20 mph 28 mph 25 mph
Battery Charging Time 4-6 hours 4-6 hours 6-8 hours

Final Verdict

Electric bikes like MZZK E-bike add fun to rides, as they provide a boost when riding. It is a comfortable, fast e-bike with a powerful motor and a Shimano gear system. It is simple to operate and has an LCD display. The bike is efficient and well-made to ensure quality and durability.

However, the seat can be small, although the height is adjustable. The handlebar carries several features that can cause crowding, but other e-bikes have a similar design. Nonetheless, Falcon 2 Pro’s upsides outweigh the cons, making the e-bike a worthwhile purchase.

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  1. Where can I get my MZZK ebike repaired? I’ve serached high and low and have not found anyone who will even diagnose my MZZK bike. I’m having issues with loss of power durning riding, but the battery is fully charged.


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