Woom 1 Balance Bike Review: WOOM BIKES USA

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For most kids, a lot of their fun time is spent on a bike. In fact, some of the fondest memories that people have include being taught how to ride a bike. If you had a bike as a kid, one of the biggest wins came with finally learning how to ride a bike without the training wheels. Introducing a child to a pedal bike might seem brave. However, it carries an added risk of falls and potential crashes.

With the Woom 1 balance bike, you welcome your toddler to the concept of straddle bikes as you transition them into pedaling. After exploring a range of straddle bikes in the 18-24 month, category, WOOM 1 stood out for its attention to detail. The makers of the WOOM 1 set out to develop a child-friendly bike that combined fun and functionality. The final product is a bike that can be handed down to friends and siblings as they seek to make their first bike memories.

Before you add the WOOM 1 to your cart, check out some of the features that you are getting.


When a toddler starts riding, their hand-eye coordination may not be the best as there is always the possibility of super sharp turns. The turns might be hard to maneuver even for a starter. The manufacturers took this into consideration and included a stable turning limiter.

The limiter controls the extent of turning and makes it easier to hit those corners. The WOOM 1’s target age group being toddlers, they might want to ride around the house. The limiters prevent accidents by offering correction when the rider makes a hard turn. However, if the rider seems to develop a liking for speed and challenging turns, you can remove the limiter and maintain the safety standard.


One of the toughest features for toddlers to handle is the handbrake. Some bike manufacturers make it hard to reach for the rider. The WOOM 1 makes it different by ensuring that the one-hand handbrake fits the child’s hands and is easily reachable.

Even at high speeds, a 3-year-old can easily reach for the brakes and activate them. The sanded edges assist in making the stop action smoother and safer. With other bikes in the same category, the rider might have to rely on leg action to assist in braking. However, with the WOOM 1, once the rider starts gliding and mastering the brakes, it is easier to slow down.

Long wheelbase and low step through

Getting on the bike may be tough for the young one. The low step through helps the rider easily get on and off the bike. Depending on the inseam of your child’s clothing, the low step through makes it easier to shift from walking to unassisted gliding.

The wheelbase is long and curves at a gradient. This makes the bike stable and makes sure that your child can glide when they ride. Since you need to make sure the child starts riding with an upright posture, the wheelbase combines with high handlebars to allow the bike to maintain stability and give the rider an easier time riding while sitting up.

Aluminum frame

Some bike manufacturers make weak frames because they assume that the target age group doesn’t need stable frames. WOOM 1 corrects this notion by making the entire frame rustproof 6061 aluminum. Every component of the bike is well secured and made from high-quality material that makes the bike all-seasonal.

The fork is made Chromoly steel, meaning that it can’t incur heavy damages if your little rider gets the initial bumps and hits as a first-timer.

Surprisingly, the stability doesn’t come at the expense of being too bulky. The bike is lightweight and weighs only 7.5 lbs, which makes it easy to push along the street in preparation for the thrill of riding.

Seat and pneumatic tires

One of the most important factors to consider when getting a toddler bike is the comfort. The seat has an ergonomically U-shaped to help the toddler stay in place when riding.

Your little one is bound to make a few buddies. If they are one to share, the seat features a quick release seat post. This feature makes it easy to adjust the seat and comes in handy when your child starts growing into the bike.

The pneumatic tires provide a cushion during hard landings. They work better than the airless tires that might not provide adequate padding in case your child rides on hard terrain. The tires also have great treading that makes the bike easily controllable even at high speeds.

To top it off, they come in silver anodized single chamber aluminum hoops and rust-free aluminum spokes.


It comes with a nifty cycling cap that helps your toddler stay injury free in case of any major falls. After they are done with the day’s ride, the wooden rack is a great tool for parking the bike for when it’s needed again.


After reviewing the features, these are some of the quick upsides of the bike

  • The bike is available in an array of colors
  • It is made of lightweight material that the child can handle and control
  • The bike is durable and is meant to outlast the toddler
  • The removable limiter helps the rider maneuver sharp corners and maintain control
  • The easily reachable rear brake makes it easy to make smooth stops in steep areas and on fast rides
  • The air-filled tires with aluminum hoops are excellent for rough terrain and hard bumps
  • The U-shaped seat will keep the child in the seat, whether they walk or ride
  • The low step through makes it easy to hop on and start riding
  • The curved wheelbase shifts the center of gravity to the seat and helps the rider maintain a straight gait as they ride


  • No footrest
  • Its price might be out of range for some people


The WOOM 1 is a solid purchase. For its price range, you would be getting a top shelf item for a great price. The Austrian manufacturers pumped a lot of time into the RnD of this bike and the final product is an amazing product that your toddler will love from the get-go.

This bike comes highly-rated. You can add plenty of accessories to the bike to make it more fun for your little one. Check it out from various outlets before you settle on your first buy.

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