Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bike Review: MTBs for Youth/Adult (Men & Women)

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Riding a bike is a marvelous workout and a thrilling adventure for competitive riders. The Schwinn Bike is one of the bikes available on the market. It comes in a stunning shade and has various features for bikers.

Are you considering the High Timber Mountain Bike from Schwinn? Below is a comprehensive mountain bike review to ensure you make an informed purchasing decision.

Schwinn High Timber Bike Overview

OUR RATING: Highly recommended (4.2 out of 5)

BEST FOR: Adults (both men & women)

FRAME: Aluminium frame

BRAKE STYLE: Disc brake


WHEEL SIZE: 27.5 inches

RIMS: Alloy double wall, aluminum

TIRES: All-terrain, wide knobby mountain tires

NO. OF SPEED: 21-speed


SEAT HEIGHT: Easy height adjustment

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schwinn high timber

Bike’s Performance

The Schwinn High Timber is a lovely, functional mountain bike. The adjustable seat allows a person to ride the bike without straining the back. The over twenty speeds to choose from adds to the versatility of the bike, enabling riders to handle different terrains with ease. Besides, the smooth gear-shifting ensures riders focus on enjoying the rides.

The bike’s wide tires ensure stability and good grip on different surfaces, while the brakes offer great stopping power. The tires and the suspension fork also contribute to comfortable rides, absorbing the shock on roads. You get to ride the bike in an upright position to prevent an uncomfortable posture.


  • Well-made with a quality frame
  • Comfortable and versatile
  • Lightweight with an elegant design
  • Durable, sturdy, and stable
  • Easy to put together
  • Allows smooth gear-shifting
  • Made of quality materials
  • Provides precision stopping power
  • Suitable for men and women


  • The saddle is not cushioned
  • Some buyers complain about the bike’s quality

Who is the Schwinn High Timber the Best Fit for?

The Schwinn High Timber Mountain bike is best for serious riders, both male and female, who enjoy different terrains. You can ride it on tarmac and trails and have fun outdoors. The bike also has wide tires that can handle all-terrain, all-weather conditions, giving you an easy time wherever you go.

Most Important Features of This Bike

The Schwinn High Timber bike is ideal for young adults, men, and women. It is elegant and suitable for everyone, fostering convenience. Here are the features it comes with.


The Bike comes in a stunning yellow color (this model has more colors on that looks spectacular wherever you go, setting you apart from other riders. The bright shade also increases visibility during rides, fostering safety on the road.

High Timber men’s mountain bike comes with an ergonomic seat that adds fun to your riding experiences. The frame, saddle, and handlebars are well-designed to ensure highly satisfactory riding and comfort for users. The bike is also made of durable materials, and the tires have a good grip on any surface. The bike’s size is 27.5 inches and is ideal for riders of 5.5-6.0-foot height.


Schwinn utilizes high-quality materials to make this sturdy High Timber Women’s Mountain Bike that is also ideal for men and young people. The model is well-made and features alloyed materials that enhance longevity and secure riding.

It has an aluminum frame, an alloy steel suspension fork, a steel headset, a vinyl saddle, and alloy double-wall aluminum rims, not forgetting Shimano shifters. These components make up a solid, durable bike that provides safety on the road and thrilling riding adventures. Besides, the pedal is a resin platform with a reflector design.


High Timber is a comfortable model for riders. The saddle is shaped to ensure comfort. It is also adjustable, allowing you to ride the bike in a comfortable, upright position. Get to work out your legs or ride around the block for fresh air. The aluminum frame on this bike provides control when riding on different surfaces. Moreover, the suspension fork shields you from feeling the bumps on the road, ensuring you get comfortable rides at all times.

Ease of use

This Mountain Bike is a handy bike for many riders. It provides the comfort you need during rides with all-terrain, wide tires that provide proper grip and stability on different road types. Besides, the alloy wheels provide lightweight strength giving you an easy time during rides. The bike is not heavy, so nothing holds you back when enjoying those invigorating uphill and downhill terrains. The 21-speed shifters ensure smooth gear shifting, ensuring quick, precision functionality. Besides, the triple crank offers optimal gearing and less maintenance.


The High Timber model is an all-weather, all-terrain mountain bike. You can ride this on and off-road bike on pavements, the streets, paths, and new trails without any problems. You don’t have to buy separate bikes for different surfaces.

Have fun with your family and friends, or go hiking with this lightweight bike that gives you the comfort, speed, and performance you need for a good time outdoors. The front and rear mechanical disc brakes on this bike give you speed control and all-weather stopping power, allowing you to ride around with confidence, stability, and safety.

Schwinn High Timber vs. Other Brands

The market has other mountain bikes to consider purchasing, offering different features. Here is how High Timber compares to other models & brands.

Schwinn High Timber

This is a sturdy, versatile mountain bike that provides efficiency on different terrains. The Schwinn Mesa is an alternative for the High Timber model. However, it provides 21-24 speeds, unlike High Timber’s 7-21 speeds. On the other hand, the Hiland Mountain Bike offers 24 speeds and comes in different sizes.

Hiland Mountain Bike

The Hiland Mountain Bike offers riders 24 speeds to enjoy, unlike High Timber’s 21 speeds. The disparity may not be huge, but it could make a significant difference for some riders. Hiland also has common features with the High Timber model, such as a lightweight aluminum frame, dual disc brakes, and a front suspension fork.

Schwinn Mesa

The Schwinn Mesa mountain bike is available in small to extra-large sizes to match the needs of different riders. It has an aluminum suspension fork and frame and is great for gravel and dirt trails. It is a good substitute for the High Timber model if you love Schwinn bikes. However, the high Timber back can also be used on new trails.

Comparison between them

Name Schwinn High Timber Hiland Mountain Bike Schwinn Mesa
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Frame Material Aluminum, Steel Aluminum Aluminum
Wheel Size 27.5″ 26″ 27.5″
No. of Speed 21 24 21
Suspension Type Front Front Front

Final Verdict

The Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bike is a lightweight model with an aluminum frame. It is an on and off-road bike that provides fast gear shifting and impressive stopping power due to the rear and front disc brakes. It can take on rough terrains and handles other surfaces well with proper grip and stability. Despite the adjustable seat lacking cushioning, this mountain bike is a good purchase for casual riders and those who enjoy trails.

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