Benefits of Cycling for Children: Bike Riding is Good for Your Kid’s Health

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Bike riding has been around for a very long time now, but the purpose hasn’t changed. It’s one of the sports where your complete body is working out and it’s considered as a cardio exercise just by riding your bike wherever you want. Doing cardio is good for you and your body health which you might have known by now already.

However, are there any benefits of cycling for children and their health you may ask? Of course, there are. Just because they are little and maybe don’t even know how to properly ride. There are still many benefits why kids should learn to ride a bike and why parents should take them on bike rides often. Even going to the park with a bicycle will benefit the kids.

Why Should You Go on a Bike Rides With Your Kids?

There have never been so many different bike sizes as today, which makes it simple to find the perfect bike which will fit your kids.

It will benefit both the parents and the kids in many ways. Bike riding will improve your fitness and boost your positive mental attitude, even your kid’s as well. It’s also a great way to relieve stress.

Also, you will get to hang out with your kids more and bike riding will allow you to spend some quality time outside the house with your kids. A benefit is that you will be able to travel around the town for free with your kids with you.

By introducing a healthy activity to your kids, most likely that they will pick up on those healthy habits and they will follow the parent’s steps. Doing something together outside on the fresh air which is totally free is awesome and there’s no excuse not to do it.

How Bike Riding Improves Kid’s Health?

As I have mentioned before, bike riding is one of the exercises where the complete body is working out and almost every muscle in the body is used.

However, there are also many mental and psychological effects which benefit kid’s health.

Ways it benefits the kid’s health:

  • It’s simple and fun
  • Physically
  • Mentally
  • Great for bonding
  • Good for environment
  • It’s free transport

There are many more reasons, just these are some of them.

It’s simple and fun and kids enjoy it. Also, I should mention it’s totally free once you have a bike. Sometimes simplest things in life are the most pleasing ones. It’s really hard not to love a simple and fun bike ride.

It physically keeps kids active and it’s very important. It’s advised that kids engage in activities and sports at least an hour per day to stay healthy. Bike riding provides that and it’s a great way to connect something healthy which is fun to do.

It benefits kids mentally as it was proven that kids who ride bikes to school are more focused and they are more willing to learn. Bike riding can increase happiness and release stress, yet it’s a great way to make more social connections.

Great for bonding with the kids while they’re out there riding with their families. It’s a great way to spend some quality time out of the house. Any member of the family can go on a bike ride, including even grandparents because it should be fun and at the slow pace with plenty of breaks.

Good for the environment as using transport such as bike instead of a car decreases carbon emissions. It’s easier for traffic and there are no parking problems. It means there is less pollution and our community will become greener, less stressful and healthier place to live.

It’s free transport so it’s a good way to get around the town or even to the school, or any sports activities.

If your kids get used to the cycling, parents will see the benefits as well. For example, if your kids get used to riding their bikes to school – you will save time by not having to ride them around the town.

They will also get more familiar with the area they live in, and also it’s a great way to stay healthy.

Also as I have mentioned before, it’s important that kids have at least an hour of exercise and activities in order to stay healthy and for their body to develop properly.

How To Get Your Kids To Ride Their Bikes More Often?

If your kids don’t want to go for bike rides or they want to ride their bikes but not only recreationally, here are few ways to keep them active even when they’re busy.

Ride to school will help them get active and get a daily habit. It’s also proven that the kids who ride bikes to school are more focused and are willing to learn more than kids who get driven by cars to the school. Also, it boosts kids creativity and confidence. It’s a great way to socialize with other kids as well.

Family rides is a great way to make kids ride their bikes as they will enjoy doing it with their family for sure. It’s a great way to leave the car once in a while and take the kids to the cinema with bikes instead. You will save some money on the gas while kids will enjoy trips more than they did with the car.

Run errands is another way to keep kids active. If you need to go to the grocery shop, bank, post office or something which doesn’t demand a lot of space to carry things – you should take your kids on a bike ride to the downtown. It’s a good way to connect useful with healthy & enjoyable.


In one research, it’s been said that only less than 13% of the kids in primary school go to their school with bikes.

It’s really sad since they’re missing on all the fun we had when we were growing up.

Bike riding should be fun and healthy, so make sure you are patient when it comes to bike rides with your kids.

How do you stay active with your kids? Leave a comment below and let me know your opinion!

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