Age-appropriate Toys: Choosing the Right Toys for the Right Age of Your Child

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Toys are a major part of children’s development process and can range from small squawking ducks to elaborate building blocks. Every child deserves and needs this element that would help them develop, grow and build on their interest.

The most important factor of all, it should be a source of fun for the child. This helps them enjoy while learning.

Factors to Consider Before Choosing the Right Toys

Since every child is different, in age and curiosity; if a toy is suitable for one, it may or may not be suitable for others.

Thus, when buying toys, it is keenly essential to consider some of these factors concerning the child.

1. Development

A child’s age and mind continuously grow to absorb new information around itself.

It is now up to the parents to buy them appropriate toys and control the kind of things that he or she absorbs.

Often informative toys help a child’s development as they adjust to the world in form of sounds, object, actions and more.

More often than not, the direction that a child takes leads them to develop interests in particular areas, pushing them in a certain direction.

2. Learning

The area of interest that develops in a child also plays an important role when parents select or buy toys.

Toys like cars, crayons, dolls and such are a result of special interests that develop in a child.

This also happens vice versa when certain toys ignite a kid’s interest in a particular area.

Thus, parents can choose to control what they wish for their child to learn and buy a certain toy relatively to fulfill that purpose.

3. Fun Factor

While everything that happens in a toy is information and learning to a child’s brain, there is no denying that the main purpose of a toy is ‘enjoyment’.

For what is a toy without fun?

The more engaging a toy is for a child, the more fun they are bound to have!

These toys vary with age, promoting the kids to interact with the toy based on their growing mental levels like simple building blocks or a remote-controlled car or even puzzle pieces.

4. Child’s Safety

The factors which determine the safety of a child from the toy are primarily the size and shape of the object.

Sharp objects are always off- limits to any child.

Moreover, small kids are prone to chewing or swallowing on small objects, especially if they are used to a chew toy.

Thus the size of the toy being made available to the kid comes into play.

Additionally, some toys may cause the child to act aggressively, therefore glorifying violent personality.

It is, within the parent’s perspective to buy such toys keeping in mind the child’s safety.

age appropriate toys

Age-appropriate Toys

When talking about learning, development and fun, it is vital to consider a child’s age and his mental growth which helps in determining the above three factors.

For example, a baby would associate, recognize and learn from toys that make sound pleasing to its ears whereas to kids of above age 4 and above, toys like molding clay, colors, sandbox and such would be of great interest.

Such toys are also created while keeping in mind the safety of the child.

The market for buying toys is quite vast with different kinds of variety for the same toy.

While looking for a toy, the above factors are to be kept in mind.

Different toys are differently suited according to a child’s age.

0 to 8 months

Kids at this age are getting attuned to their surrounding with parents’ hair and fingers as their toys and eventually the items at home to feel and throw around.

Finding them toys for them to hold onto or listen to work great.

Toys that make different sounds are quite interesting for these kids.

Getting them washable animals or chewing toys as the former promotes learning and the latter promotes growth.

The more colorful the toys, the better it is for the kids.

8 to 18 months

A child in this age duration is known grow rapidly. They learn words and they learn to walk.

Getting these kids, large sized toys which they can hold on to while trying to stand helps them grow.

Toys like rings, objects with pulling strings and battery operated animals that move around the house are a good idea.

It is also time to start buying and stacking up on toys and books that help the child identify names with objects.

18 to 24 months

Basic knowledge books, picture books, sorting shapes, soft playing balls and other simple identifying objects are the primary part of toy section in this age.

The kids learn to read, identify different shapes and objects and associate with words with everything.

It is also the time to start giving them musical toys like a hand-held drum, a musical keyboard and more.

Not only is the musical aspect fun but kids learn to pick up on patterns.

2 to 4 years

During this time, kids are prone to be energetic and curious to explore creative ideas.

Fill they toy section with actionable items like play dolls, reshaping clays of various colors, building blocks, simple puzzles of objects they identify and such.

It is also a great time to get them crayons and papers and the creativity or scribbling flow.

There are also toys like ride-on cars which will pique their interest and fun.

4 to 6 years

At this time of childhood, the kids are appropriate for school age, have absorbed too much from their surroundings and are ready to pretend-play, with you or with their friends.

Get them their favorite prop items.

It is also a time of childhood that cartoon and its character are a major part of the games. Cartoon toys are the most popular toy option at this age among most kids.

Board games, large puzzles and craft items are going to be major for them in terms of a new learning curve.

Final Words

For a child, the right toy is everything.

More important than any factor stated above, a toy is an emotional value for children.

It grows on them and accompanies them from the toddler sleeping stage to pretend play stage.

It is essential that kids gather various toys over the years as these items often objectify great memories and a happy childhood along with creating constructive mental development.

Toys are a way of communication for kids too.

Many adults have also known to associate their hobbies as ‘interested since childhood’. It is time to let your kid have fun with their toys too!

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