Electric Bicycle Safety Tips: Ride an E-Bike Safely

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If you already have an electric bicycle, then you must be enjoying every minute of it. If you have not yet used it, it is time to try. Electric bikes have become common among riders all over the world. They work the same way as ordinary bicycles only that they have a battery to boost usability.

According to insurance 4 ebikes, an e-bike makes climbing hilly terrains a lot easier than pedaling a traditional bike. However, it calls for precaution when riding to ensure you are safe on the road. Here are a few e-bike safety tips to help you prevent unnecessary harm to yourself and other road users.

1. It starts with you

Before you take your electric bicycle out on the road, make sure you are wearing the right gear for the ride. Apart from your warm or light clothing (depending on the weather), you need a helmet. It prevents head injuries in case you fall or hit an obstacle. It also protects you from the scorching sun in summer and the cold in winter. The market has different brands of helmets. Buy those that are comfortable and with fastening straps to ensure a secure fit.

2. Always inflate your tires

This sounds obvious, but it is possible for you to pick up your bike without checking the tires. That can be dangerous. Make it a habit to check the tires before every ride. Before leaving, inspect your bicycle to ensure every part of it is in excellent condition. Tires with less air affect the functionality of an e-bike. Besides, as you inflate them, it is easy noticing if they are worn out so you can replace them. Nonetheless, make sure you do not over-inflate your bike.

3. Help other road users know you are around

It has to do with installing lights and a bell on your bike. Have a white light at the front and a red one at the rear. Doing so comes in handy at night. Lights make drivers and pedestrians see you. This way, you can prevent accidents. The bell is useful both at night and during the day. It lets people know you are around and they need to make way for you to pass. Consider adding an air horn for those driving cars. They may not hear your bell ring.

4. Add mirrors on your electric bike

The same way vehicles have side mirrors is the same way you can set up mirrors on your bicycle. As one of the safety tips, mirrors enable you to see what is on the rear. They foster road safety by ensuring you make the right turn when you should and avoid hitting things such as metal grids. Mirrors make reversing a lot faster and safer. You will not have to look behind you at the same time ride.

5. Watch traffic

Whenever you are cycling, it is crucial to be aware of the traffic around you. Do not assume that other drivers and riders are seeing you. Keep a safe distance to avoid bumping into other people on the street. E-bikes have a maximum speed of 40-miles per hour. Some people may not know that.

Therefore, always take care of yourself when riding. When you cannot handle heavy traffic, find an alternative route that is less crowded. This way, you do not need to worry about so many things around you that you lose control. Roads with many people and vehicles can be intimidating and hard to navigate.

6. Do not speed

The battery on an electric bike makes it faster than the traditional bicycles. If you are new to this type of bikes, start at slow speed then gradually increase it with time unless you are confident with the rig at 30-mph, then consider a slower speed for your own safety and that of others. A fast speed means you learn how to use the brakes well, so you can apply them instantaneously without losing control. Usually, you start applying breaks early enough.

7. Keep in mind the frame style when shopping

E-bikes have different frames. Some are easy to use than others. Buy a bicycle with a frame that is simple to get on and off. Go for a step-through style, for example. A standard frame that has a sloping top tube would also be good for you. In the end, you will be comfortable and in a position to ride without worrying about mounting or dismounting your bike. You will be safe from situations such as falling, which can cause accidents.

8. Focus on cycling

One of the most important safety tips is the focus. Concentrate on riding and avoid distractions. For instance, avoid the temptation of answering your phone when cycling. You will be risking your life and that of others. The prudent thing to do would be to stop the bike, stand at a safe distance from the road and attend to the call. Imagine you are going downhill at a high speed and you receive a phone call that makes you lose control. You will be lucky to come out unscathed.

9. Beware of obstacles on the way

Obstacles are things that surround you when cycling such as bumps, potholes, physical constructions, and people. If you are not careful, they can hurt you or damage your bike. Remember, you need to take care of your electric bike for it to last. You cannot afford to hit every bump and pothole you come across. Such wear out the tires and are hazardous. Never underestimate the damage a bike can cause. Be careful to avoid hitting people or worse even cause crashes. Otherwise, you risk being sued.

10. Consider installing GPS on your bike

You have invested money in buying an e-bike. You should keep it safe from unauthorized individuals. How do you do that? Attach a GPS gadget on the bike. With the GPS connected to your phone or computer, you can track your bicycle in case someone decides to ride away with it. The device also gives you directions and pinpoints your location. It shows you how many miles you have covered. There are many GPS tracker apps to select. Find one that matches your needs.


Some of the electric bicycle safety tips we have discussed are things you know already. However, emphasizing them is essential to ensure everyone is safe. As a rider, you should be the first to care about your safety before expecting other people to do so.

Wear a helmet, add lights and a bell on your bike, watch traffic, avoid getting distracted when cycling, do not speed and evade obstacles. All these are in an effort to ensure you have a durable bike, and as a rider, you are secure on the road. When every road user, including bike riders, has road safety in mind, it becomes easier reducing the number of accidents and damages.

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