Best Outdoor Activities: Top 10 Adventures Everyone Should Experience

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About 150 million American people paid at least a visit for outdoor activity in 2016. The tallies are increasing day by day as the gross total was nearly 12 billion times last year. Outdoor adventures contribute a lot to the economy of the country. The amount is nearly $750 billion each year. Most Americans believe that the world is not in the books and maps, it’s out there. So, they are interested to discover something be themselves.

In fact, life is meant for good friends and great adventures. There could be nothing better to have an adventure with friends. Though jobs fill your pockets, adventures fill your soul. Never be irritated to do a desk job, better be refreshed up yourself. Get ready with your best backpack for a new adventure. You may be the subject of next Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

What is Outdoor Recreation or Activity?

Simply outdoor activity is a kind of adventure. It shows you the meaning of life as how to live a life. It helps you to get the most out of life. You can’t say outside activity is just passing leisure in nature. It’s an attitude which can be applied your day to day life challenges.

However, outdoor recreational activities refers to pass the leisure in the natural or semi-natural environment. Some are traditional, and some are newly discovered. The traditional activities are camping, riding, cycling, backpacking, caving, hiking, sailing, etc. also, the newly discovered outdoor recreation are kayaking, canoeing, fishing in salt water, surfing, golf, etc.

Why Should You Experience Some Outdoor Activities?

English business Magnate Richard Branson says, “If happiness is the goal and it should be, then adventures should be a top priority.” Adventure just doesn’t add happiness in your life, but it helps to broaden your outlook to take any challenge. So, you can get the most from an outdoor activity.

The reasons why you should experience the best outdoor activities are:

  • Physical Fitness: Physical fitness is a dream which can be achieved through some outside activities. A regular outdooring will help you to reduce blood pressure, arthritis pain, losing weight, or risk of diabetes. A study says moderate exercise like brisk walking or biking helps to maintain a healthy life. Also, vigorous exercise in each week will boost your stamina by reducing chronic disease.
  • Social Relationship: It is a great chance to build up your social relations. It helps to meet new people every week. Team activities in outdooring will boost your ability to work with others in the workplace. On the other hand, working in a group in outdoor recreation will build the kinship among the members of the society.
  • Intellectual strength: Who doesn’t want creativity? Who doesn’t want to control emotion? Who doesn’t want to boost confidence? The outing will help you achieving everything by teaching you how to control yourself. It will boost your confidence, improve creativity, and reduce stress depression and anxiety. On the other hand, staying within nature will help you to survive in all the odd situation.

So, why will you wait? Get ready with your best backpack and set for a challenging experience.

Top 10 Best Outdoor Adventures

Outdoor adventures will relieve you of all the stress and anxiety. You’ll be boosted by getting new knowledge and experience. In this article, we have picked top 10 best adventures so that you will choose the best and perfect one.

1. Trail running

Surprisingly, trail running occupied the first place for favorite outdoor recreation in the Statista, the most renowned statistics journal of U.S.A. About 52 million Americans participated in trail running last year.

Trail running is the combination of running and hiking together. It is an excitement for the outing challengers who love to be attached to nature. However, it’s not a-day-challenge. Also, tracking on mountainous terrain is not as easy as running on the roadside.

You must need to pack all your necessary things in your backpack as you can’t return in a day. It is better to have a backpack in which you can take all the things you need to stay on the mountain.

Vasa Pathway is the best trail to start your trail running as it converts you from easy to difficult. But if you are accustomed to training running, Tahoe Rim Trail can give you much pleasure.

2. Kayaking

Kayaking is a non-traditional modern outdoor activity. According to the Statista, it is the most popular outdoor recreation among first-time practitioners. Though it is challenging, 35% participants like to enjoy kayaking.

Kayaking refers somehow similar to the canoeing though there have been significant differences. The difference is the sitting position among the activities.

However, there are three sorts of kayaks including general purpose kayaks, sit-on-top kayaks, and sea kayaks. Among them, sit-on-top kayaks are used to surf whereas sea kayaks are used to stay in the sea for group journeys. Through kayaking, you can experience the movie “Solo” or “Chasing Niagara” and be enriched with vast life lessons.

3. Fishing

Fishing is a traditional pastime which is recognized for hundreds of years. It is the 3rd favorite outdoor activity among all aged people. About 47 million Americans like fishing through most of them are old aged.

Fishing can be several activities such as freshwater fishing, saltwater fishing, fly fishing and kayak fishing. However, fishing is less expensive but effective for both mind and body. You just need a rod, reel, hooks, and lines for fishing.

Fishing helps to reduce stress and anxiety which helps you to energize yourself. It also boosts your confidence by concentrating on a particular subject for a long time. You will also be connected with your friends while fishing.

So, where is your next outing?

4. Hunting

As an outdoor activity, hunting will be an evergreen memory for the challenge-lovers. Hunting is an ancient recreation which needs lots of courage, dedication, and strength. It will be a fascinating experience when you chase a deer. It is a story for which you can deserve pride to your next generation.

However, lawful hunting is quite a different from illegal poaching. So, for hunting, you just need a legal permission from the authority.

Besides the regulations, you must need rifle, bow, shotgun, and handgun to get the optimum result from hunting. The best hunting pack contains all of these arsenals which can make you feel better.

Though environmentalists protest hunting, about 14.7 million people went on hunting in 2012. I think it is better for you to go on hunting if you love to prey.

5. Cycling

Cycling is not only a recreation but also an exercise. A cyclist uses a bicycle for biking, transporting, exercising or sporting. However, it is the most cost-effective and moderate transport ever.

Now, cycling is getting immense popularity as an outdoor recreation. In 2016, it was the 2nd most favorite among the travel-freaks. More than 37 million people were engaged in biking to pass their leisure.

Here, nowadays, people are fond of biking for several days in different places. So, it is a necessity to take all the exigent with them. The backpack is the best solution to take all the requisites as wherever they like to go.

The price range of a bike can be from $50 to $2000 depending on the varieties, features, and quality. Be ensured that you will buy a bicycle which is comfortable and adjustable. Otherwise, you can’t go longer or face problem while riding.

6. Backpacking

Backpacking is referred to an outdoor activity which is maintained by low-cost life living in sight countryside. It can be a long distance from the usual home for a long period.

The backpacker usually maintains low cost in every aspect of life when they travel for backpacking. They use public transports, stay on the low-cost hostel and try to taste the food originated locally.

Backpacking was in 3rd position among all other outdoor activities with 37 million participants in 2015. Still, it is a top choice among the younger when it’s time to chill them.

However, an experienced partner can make your outing enjoyable who know better the maps as well as the starting point and the destination. And one more thing, whether you love to go backpacking or hiking, you’ll need the best walking shoes to keep your feet happy. So, why let? Gear up and get ready for chilling out.

7. Bird watching

Bird watching is an amazing outdoor recreation which relates you to nature. It is also referred as birding. The bird-viewer can only see 800 birds out of 10000 species available. It has become popular among the sober tourists, especially among the children.

It requires less time than other outside recreation. The group members are reluctant to go far areas such as forest or hills. They are interested in paying a visit to nearby parks.

Compared to the other activities, birding is no longer an expensive recreation. It requires a binocular, a guidebook, a notebook, and a hat. You will fall in love with nature when you enjoy bird-viewing or wildlife viewing.

8. Camping

Especially teenagers are interested in an overnight stay in a camping tent outside the home. So, they are excited to arrange camping to be blessed with new experience.

The difference between camping and picnicking is that the stay time of outdoors. In a camping, minimum one night stays outside the home but in nature is a must.

About 40 million Americans enjoyed camping last year, according to the Statista statistics. In some educational institutions, it is an obligation for the pupils so that they can learn from nature.

To make your camping enjoyable, you can try fishing, swimming, kayaking, water skiing, or viewing wild animals. But never forget to take all your necessary things in your backpack.

9. Stand up paddling

Stand up paddling, a similar to surfing is the most grossing favorite outdoor activity among the new users. The difference between the two almost similar activities is the wave of the waterbody.

In surfing, waves are required so that you can enjoy challenging the waves. On the other hand, in stand up paddling, waves are not essential, and hence you can enjoy the quiet nature of the waterbody.

Though originating in Hawaii, stand up paddling has become the most popular recreation among the Americans. The numbers of participants are increasing every year.

In SUP, the borders of the stand-up paddle stand on their boards so that they can use the paddle to propel the boats through the water. Though the borders don’t get wet, they wear wetsuits. SUP helps the paddlers remain fresh with a breeze of the water and the calmness of the water body. It is an effective physical exercise to make you live a healthy life.

10. Skiing

best outdoor adventures

Skiing on the Alpine or the Downhill will give you feelings that go beyond description. Though there are two skiing like cross-country and freestyle, adventurers are fond of challenging the Alpine.

Skiing is rather than expensive compared to the all other outdoor activities. You have to pay some bucks if you want to be a good skier. Skis, boots and bindings, poles, helmets and ski suits, ski goggles, and skiing gloves are the critical elements for skiing.

You can also be skiing on water, or grass, or stimulator or dry surface. But when it is an adventure, you must experience in the winter. In 2017, till the date, about 34 million Americans experienced skiing, the most challenging outdoor adventure.

Summing Up

Life is short but not too short that you can’t enjoy. So, fill your life with adventures, not things. You have to make stories to tell others, not stuff to show.

Here, we have picked the most common adventures which you can enjoy. Thousands of adventures are still available to be discovered. Be the first man to discover a new one.

You can be Columbus or Marco Polo or Magellan. Live a life so that you can’t tell “Adventure is a bad thing“. Maybe someone is waiting to write a book on your adventure like “Seven Pillars of Wisdom“.

So, get, set ready. It’s time for a new adventure.

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