Why You Should Change Your Old Tactical Backpack? (Top 5 Reasons)

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Necessity is the mother of invention; the slogan has been a force to reckon with in the tactical backpack arena. The past generation of outdoor enthusiasts trudged across hike spots carrying heavy gear in a number of creative ways.

The modern era has witnessed a lot of changes and to satisfy the needs of a modern hiker; major innovations have been made. The need for a compact, comfortable, and safe way of carrying hiking gear has been the motivation for the invention of the modern tactical backpack.

Top 5 Reasons to Change Old Tactical Backpack

If you are holding onto your old tactical back, you are missing a lot. The modern industry has presented the best tactical backpacks designed to effectively and securely carry essential provisions, gear, and necessities. Here are some reasons to change old tactical backpack.

1. Durability

The modern tactical backpacks are designed to be extra resilient. Although they are made of many interconnected features, they derive durability from their quality materials. There are a plethora of durable tactical backpacks made from materials including;

  • Nylon: this is a solid, strong, and highly durable material. Besides, nylon is an effective material which self-dry quickly in case it gets wet.
  • Ripstop nylon: this another widely used material which is stronger than the traditional nylon. Its strength is derived from the extra-large threads which are intertwined in the standard nylon.
  • Polyester: although polyester is less strong than nylon it resists ultraviolet light.
  • Canvas: durability is the stand out attribute for this material, but it’s quite heavy.

Unlike traditional tactical backpacks, modern backpacks are made of tough materials which are explicitly intended for rugged use. In addition, modern tactical backpacks are reinforced at all the stress point. They also feature high-quality handle and straps which can support more weight without failing.

2. Capacity and organization

Do you have a few things you want to carry for the hike? As aforementioned the modern hiking gear has changed and for this reason, you ought to change your old backpack. Your old tactical backpack has two compartments, and if endowed, it has three. Now, imagine carrying all your hiking gear in such a bag? You will hurriedly stuff them in the backpack only to realize you left the most important gadget when it’s too late.

The modern tactical backpack provides good organization, strapping MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment)/PALS (Pouch Attachment Ladder System) webbing, ice tool loops, wet bags, organization panels, mesh stretch pockets for water bottle and more. They come with different compartments of varying sizes which make it easier to pack all your belongings for easier retrieval.

The capacity of your tactical backpack is great importance. Unlike the traditional, modern backpack come in varying sizes. They give you the freedom to select a size that will comfortably accommodate all your hiking gear and leave additional free space. Additionally, the hydration packs of this modern backpack are placed outside the main compartment and away from the rest of the gear. This means even when it leaks it will not mess the rest of your supplies.

3. Comfort

There is no denying tactical backpack are designed to carry heavy gear on long hiking trips. However, these bags should serve their purpose and at the same time offer comfort. Do you think your old tactical is capable of bestowing this convenience?

The modern tactical backpacks sport a plethora of excellent features which provide additional comfort. These backpacks come with extra filling in the shoulder strap, a cushioned midsection belt, and padded & breathable backing.

The padded belt ensures even distribution of weight borne by your hips and shoulders. This is advantageous because your hips are more sturdy and powerful than the shoulders. Additionally, the modern tactical backpack has a reliable waistband belt which makes carrying bulk loads much easier. This helps you to concentrate more on your hiking activity and not the hurting back. It saves you energy and time giving you the freedom to take the task at hand with ease.

4. Accessibility

The modern tactical backpacks come with duffle style access and large panel openings. This gives you the freedom to unzip the backpack vertically and easily access your gear. This a core benefit especially when traversing difficult terrain in a not so ideal weather.

You do not have to remove all the belongings to access some of the most vital gadgets. The backpacks are designed to loads in an organized manner which makes getting items further down hassle free. In addition, some of the tactical backpacks come with special pockets for your communication or radio device. These pockets feature an outlet for your radio antenna.

5. Concealment

The traditional/old tactical backpacks are almost identical in terms of their design. They are crafted to be an accessory and just something to carry your hiking gear. They disregard one key aspect; some hiking activities are critical, and concealment is paramount.

The best tactical backpack will not only provide an accessory to carry your gear but also will not be easily noticed. They are designed with camouflage pattern material for the special use. The concealment of the backpack will not always translate to camouflaging. Sometimes the backpacks are just grey or black packs featuring simple, understated outer structures which do not bring attention. This makes them ideal for all outdoor occasions doing a fantastic job to confuse the visual sense of your would-be assailants.


A modern backpack will offer convenience when you need it. They are designed for the unique situations when you want to traverse bumpy terrain and reserve the stamina for the core activities. The tactical backpacks have come into their own to be light and comfortable. The modern backpacks are now stronger, lighter, and more comfortable to carry.

If you are planning for long hiking missions, you do not have to struggle with fatigue. Purchase one of the modern tactical backpacks for your liking, and you will enjoy the convenience they accord. However, you should know that the benefits you derive from the backpacks will largely depend on how and where you plan to use the backpack.

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