Chicco Red Bullet Balance Training Bike Review

Is the little one throwing a tantrum over their older brothers’ bikes? What they need is a bike that looks true enough -only, one designed to train them to balance, steer and coordinate. More precisely, they need a balance bike that looks almost just like a real bike. Plastic balance bikes have the advantage of … Read more

Strider – 12 Classic No-pedal Balance Bike Review

Are you looking to train your kids for the cycling experience? There is no better way to have them ready to cycle than through balance training. A balance bike is uniquely designed to train your child to do more than just balancing, but also to be able to steer and coordinate different muscle movements. It lets … Read more

How To Choose a Balance Bike for Kids: Buying Guide

the best balance bike design

Finding the right balance bike makes a huge difference for kids who are anxious to ride a two-wheeled bike. But some bikes are available in many different styles and colors, something that may give you a hard time selecting the most suitable bike for your kid. So, check the following key factors before making your … Read more