Montella Cycling in Review: Unique and High-Quality Cycling Wears & Gears

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Are you looking for cycling wear, gear, and accessories from the comfort of your home? Montella Cycling gives you that opportunity. That doesn’t mean you have to pick from a rigid inventory compared to your physically buying from a specialty cycling shop. They value their customers, their value for money, and not going to deceive you as they are meant to be here for a very long time to come.

Founded by Italian-American avid cycling enthusiasts and branded as Montella Cycling. Their passion for cycling transcended beyond as online retailers of cycling wears and accessories at reasonable prices with high-quality unique design, and size, wider up to 6XL. Their products cover all-weather, seasons, in unique designs and styles, for solo or team events there are jerseys for you. Most of all, they make sure that you wouldn’t have to pay even a penny more whatever the commodities are worth.

Unique and Quality Cycling Clothing for Men & Women

For Men: Polka-long, short or dot sleeve, La Vie Clarie styled, various colored striped jerseys, and classic, pro, or retro-styled jerseys for a team or solo event. Some of their retro styles are well accepted and adored, like 1965 Campionato Mondiale or Italian style or Cambridge pro. Also, few notables are French Team Cycling Jersey, Amsterdam Original Cycling jersey, Men’s Army Camouflage Cycling Jersey, retro Navy Stripes, Black Striped Oxford Long Sleeve Jersey.

For rough weather, they offer Ultra Thermal Long Sleeve Cycling Jersey. They also offer cycling shorts, tights, and bibs, each of their 60+ from their inventory is unique in design and style with comfort and padding. Their shorts are made of contoured and breathable silicone gel pad that provides extra durability to the cyclists.

For Women: In the past few women rode and they were easily distinguishable in the flock of male riders. Nowadays, cycling has become gender-neutral. So there are almost equal women bike riders as men. Their diverse collection of women’s clothing is both unique and stylish, and they never compromise quality and comfort.

They offer for women as well as men’s, long or short-sleeved clothing and jerseys, more colorful, dotted or striped. Along with jerseys they also offer shorts and bibs for women. Among their vast collection of women’s clothing forever infinity jersey, various colored Infinity Jersey, and Pink Dot Cycling Jersey are adored much by their customers.

montella cycling cloths

Thinking about their customers they have a wide range of size options, not addressed by most of their competitors, ranging from size S to 6XL. Whether you are leaner or bulky, looking for a relaxed fit or larger size, they address most of them.

Auxiliary Wears and Accessories

They also cover the auxiliary wears and accessories along with the basic clothing. They have a diverse collection of socks, gloves, caps, and bike covers. Their full-finger, half-finger, anti-slip gloves, compression socks, and cycling caps are offered in a wide range of design, make and texture with uncompromising high quality and uniqueness. They also thought about the bike, they have an assorted collection of bike covers as well.

Reducing Price for The Customers and Their ‘Online Only’ Policy

Since inception they are operating ‘online only’, which they have adopted prioritizing their customers’ needs, to be able to provide them with a relatively cheaper price. But how? To make sure of that, they have stricken the middle man, warehousing of stocks, expensive storefront, and logistics cost. Which made them able to offer huge discounts on most of the products and cheaper than their competitors, $150 jersey elsewhere can be bought there in just at $44 to $90.

Keeping The Quality High Despite Discounted Prices

We as a consumer have doubts about cheap and discounted products relative to other similar ones. It takes some better business policies to offer you, the customers such incentives. Despite discounted sales they do not compromise in quality, ensuring its consumers enhanced performance and durability, much-needed aid in cycling. Which are achieved by innovative upgraded products, for example, their recent addition of 120 GSM mesh.

You can get your Montella Cycling Jerseys from $44 on

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Que: What type of fabrics are used for cycling jerseys?
Ans: Their precisely chosen high-quality polyester fabric jerseys provide its consumer’s comfort, durability despite being lightweight, breathable, and protected against harsh elements and conditions.

Que: What is the exchange policy?
Ans: Just send them back, no return process needed and additional 70% discount on new chosen one.

Que: Do they ship worldwide?
Ans: They ship their products to 220 countries at present.

Que: How long it takes to reach the customers?
Ans: Usually 7 days by DHL. Within the USA the shipping time is between 7 to 14 days.


Based upon a business policy to serve their consumers by high-quality, unique, diverse collection of design, yet at a discounted, cheaper price compared to their competitors. Montella Cycling offers them novel and happy cycling wears combined with their value for money culminating a unique sense of customer satisfaction augmented by the accompanying mixture of modern international flavor and retro Italian styles.

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