Bike Rental Facts: What Should You Consider Before Renting a Bicycle?

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Accompanying a friend that led you to a beautiful small town by the mountain with the blue lake with crystal clear water surrounded by the pine forest or something similarly beautiful. You want to enjoy the wilderness, the solitude with nature and ride along with the dirt of trails the mountains. You are eager to hit the dirt with a bike and enjoy the natural beauty, may be accompanied by someone close, even with your kids. Maybe on one evening, you want to ride a bike to explore the city and its suburbs or ride along the paved paths of the parks, or, maybe you want to burn some fat or take part in a backcountry endurance riding.

You want to ride a bicycle, but you are in a situation that you don’t want to buy one just for time being or want to ride a comfortable high-end bicycle in which you don’t want to spend some serious money at the moment. Also, maybe you are in a situation that you couldn’t your bicycle along, or, don’t own one, or, anyone to share from. For all these situations and more, you don’t have to bother spending a bunch of money on a bicycle that you can just rent for very little.

So, when embarking on accompanying your friends along the desert trails in Ohio or Palm desert trail in California on a bike, enjoying the scenic beauty of the Grand Canyon riding, and thinking of riding on the next holiday, or ride along the wilderness or want to take a long tour, endurance biking, burning fat, taking part in an event, commuting through the congested city traffic in a busy day to your destination.

Along with the many perks of riding a bike, we may choose not to or don’t want to spend a lot owning a better quality bicycle. For that, we can rent or lease a bike. You would be astonished too, for the people of the past renting a dismal object like a bicycle, which even a minimum wage earner can afford, sounds quite absurd (a little history would be better).

Things to Consider Before Renting a Bike

So, now that you have decided to rent a bike, the immediate query comes to our mind, which bike is best suited for us? The answer depends upon many factors.

Figuring out the types of bike

The types of bike suited for your ride to be rented depends upon where you are planning to ride, events you are taking part in, the surfaces-gravel paths, or roads, rough terrains etc. Though all the bikes are suitable for paved surfaces, but for natural, dirt, trail, rough surfaces, terrains or a random combination of those bikes with specially adopted design and built are needed, such as mountain bikes, gravel bikes or touring bikes.

For paved roads, bike trails or hard, smooth surfaces you can choose road bikes, travel bikes suited for paved surfaces. For mostly smooth natural surfaces and pavements hybrid or electric bikes. For all road conditions asphalt to graveled, you can rent gravel or touring bikes. For trails and dirt roads mountain bikes are best suitable.

renting a bike

The Size and fit

You went to a rental shop and rented the most lavish looking one, but did you even think that would fit you properly. You can’t touch the ground with your toe when saddled on the bike, too high for you, or the cycle is so small that your knees have to be bent in a very strained manner that’s very unsettling for you.

So, upon choosing the bicycle to rent look into the merits of the bike not only the outlooks and style. Is that nearly perfect for you, you may require larger saddles? To be more certain and well prepared about the size (from crank to seat post) of the bike you may consult a bike chart or look into some websites that are there for your queries, one such is Also, in hand, the rental shop personnel can assist you. As physical activity is one of the major aspects of cycling, you should always choose a bike that is comfortable for you.


Is there anything special to consider for a certain condition, say it’s dry and sunny, you have chosen your terrain specific bicycle. But it’s been raining moderately for the past couple of days and you like to hit the dirt even in that muddy, slippery condition. You just look for the tires that come with extra grip or for winter conditions when the tires frequently puncture, look for a puncture resistance tire. So, it’s always better to check the weather, especially if you are riding for a longer period of time or distance.


You are so captivated with the rent, looks that you didn’t pay much attention to the gears needed for the ride. I always advice to the readers that they should make sure they brought along all the necessary gears for the ride like, Helmet (the most important one, if accidents happen or you fell from the bike), lights (may be on some it is attached on the front of the bike, but you may also choose bring along the handheld ones), Locks, Maps with trails, lanes.

Kits and accessories

On a ride it’s typical that some wear and tear will happen, either to the riders or the bike itself. So, it’s better to bring a first aid kit and if you require some medications, you should bring them along. Bike pumps, tube fixing tools, extra tubes, and other necessary tools are must for longer rides.

Final Thoughts

After all the necessary attributes have been looked after and chosen from a selection of options you finally rented a bike within your means and are eager to hit the road. Not asking about the biker to be extra vigilant and careful in the ride, but you should just be cautious when riding the tougher and dangerous trails.

The Bootleg Canyon trail Nevada, the Porcupine Rim trail in Utah happens to be few such among many dangerous, harder ones. Some trails are even deceptive. Many mishaps and even fatalities happen, don’t let your guard down. Finally ask the local cyclists, bike shops or inquire online about the area and shortcuts, a little insight may come in handy in times.

Also, don’t forget about timing, when to start or relax or camp. Checklist all the necessary gears and accessories, or in cities when riding in traffic if there are bikes lane available or if you can ride through the congested traffic or when on riding on a graveled road of the country side where nothing but the blue sky and mountains are in view, make sure to take along foods and liquid for your consumption. So, have a safer journey, we should always try to have fun and enjoy ourselves and take necessary measures to avoid any undue mishaps.

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