Lightweight Single-Speed Electric Bike that Got Our Attention and Reality of Riding an e-Bike

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Single-speed electric bikes epitomize the simple design of fixed gear bikes for comfortable and relaxed rides. Fixed gear bikes are bikes with only a single gear ratio. Single-speed e-bikes’ designs do not include parts for varying the gear ratio. With components such as derailleurs hangers and gear shifters missing, these are lightweight, easy to maintain, and affordable compared to many hybrid bikes and road bikes.

But unlike true ‘fixies’ these e-bikes offer one more advantage, they do not have a fixed cog in the back, instead, they have a freewheel mechanism making them goddamn enjoyable for bombing down steep terrains.

What is a Single-Speed e-Bike?

A single-speed e-bike is a version of the lightweight bike design that features a powerful motor and battery combination for pedaling assistance, so you can clock over 20mph. Most of these lightweight e-bikes feature 250W or 750W motors with speeds of 20-35mph and some high capacity battery to last for long miles without having to recharge. The motor and battery combination provides pedaling assistance making these great for commuting.

Examples of the best include Single Speed e-Bikes by State Physical. These bikes are loaded with parts for excellent shock absorption, efficient braking system, firm road grip, and pedal assistance for enjoyable and tireless rides. If you want a lightweight, low-maintenance bike without breaking the bank, consider the above mentioned lightweight e-bike models.

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Differences Between a Regular Bike and an e-Bike

If you’re unfamiliar with the concept of an e-bike, it is essentially a standard bicycle except that it has a built-in electric motor that helps the rider pedal the bike. There are a couple of main varieties of motors that e-bikes use, and we’ll cover those in a bit more detail later on.

But for now, it’s enough to know that regardless of which type of motor an e-bike uses, it will help the rider pedal the bike faster by applying mechanical torque to either the crankset or the rear hub, which in turn turns the drive-train and ultimately helps the rider drive the bike faster with less effort.

There are also a few key design differences between regular bikes and e-bikes. Because an e-bike’s motor is typically quite heavy, e-bike frames require reinforcement in places such as the bottom bracket and chain-stays to accommodate the extra weight. E-bikes also tend to use more robust components across the bike, such as disc brakes with 203mm rotors to provide maximum stopping power, 36-spoke wheels, and wide hubs, all in an effort to withstand the extra strain that the electric motor placed on the bike.

Differences Between a Moped and an Electric Bike

You may be wondering what the difference is between an e-bike and a moped. The key difference is that most mopeds use some form of the internal combustion engine, similar to the engine of a motorcycle, which requires the burning of fossil fuel such as gasoline to keep the engine running. By contrast, e-bikes use rechargeable electric motors.

Second, many mopeds are capable of moving regardless of whether the rider is pedaling the machine. In this sense, mopeds are very similar to motorcycles. E-bikes, on the other hand, typically require the rider to at least pedal the bike lightly before the motor kicks in to assist.

This is not true of all e-bikes, and some have throttles that allow the bike to move without the rider pedaling. But most e-bikes, especially most modern e-bikes, use “pedal-assist” motors, which means the motor does not activate unless the rider is pedaling.

Benefits of Single-Speed e-Bike with Facts of e-Bike Cycling

Low maintenance design

Say goodbye to those stressful bike parts that keep falling off or burning out whenever you take on those long-distance rides. Single-speed e-bikes have a minimalistic design with only one chain, one cog while missing parts like shifters and derailleur hangers.

Regular bikes, on the other hand, utilize a combination of derailleurs, multiple cogs, chainrings, and shifters that must move together seamlessly; if one part fails, the entire system breaks down. With these bikes minimalistic design, you don’t have to worry about that or losing parts when taking on long journeys.

The lack of overwhelming moving parts results in a simple design that is enjoyable to ride; you just have to pedal faster to move faster. The only maintenance task you are going to have to concern yourself with occasionally is oiling the single gear to keep the machine working seamlessly

Healthier for commuters

Because of the restrictive gear ratio, these e-bikes require much effort when going uphill. Therefore, for commuters, it is very easy to mix in a workout here and exercise those legs. You just have to move them faster to increase the pace and overcome the steep terrain. Leading such an active lifestyle by biking to work is beneficial to your health. Exercising your legs whenever you are on your e-bike helps sculpt those calf muscles and hamstrings.


Single-speed (fixed gear) electric bikes are relatively affordable because the design requires very few moving parts. What determines the cost of a bike includes housing, derailleurs, crankset, shifters, cables, and cassettes. But this bike’s designs eliminate most of these parts leading to an affordable bike.

With few moving parts, the overall maintenance cost is also lower. For example, with regular bikes, you have to worry about replacing bent rear derailleur, gear shifters, etc, when they fail, but with single speed, these parts are missing, hence minimal maintenance cost.

Lightweight design

Stripped of all the excesses, you will find in regular bikes, the single-speed e-bike design is lightweight and easy to pedal even without the help of the powerful motors.

These e-bikes also feature lightweight aluminum or steel frames. Some frame designs are even easy to fold so you can easily transport your lovely e-bike to your leisure spot.

Freewheel mechanism

It is just a regular bike with one gear in the front and a freewheel mechanism in the back so you can still perform the tricks as with any other regular bike, the only thing lacking is the ability to switch to different gears.

The freewheel mechanism is the biggest advantage of this e-bike design. The mechanism makes it possible to coast or cruise. Bombing down those steep terrains is comfortable and much safer on these e-bikes. The freewheel mechanism is also beneficial when taking on long miles; you can just relax your foot and cruise.

Safe and easy to ride

Fixed gear electric bikes come equipped with easy-to-use standard brakes making it easy and simple to stop whenever you want. Another significant advantage is that the bike’s design is easy to ride, even for amateurs transitioning from regular to fixed gear bikes.

The lightweight design also requires just a small amount of effort to pedal. Plus, if you get designs with pedal assist systems, you can expect tireless rides. Anytime you wish to get away, just hop in the bike and ride, you don’t need any experience to do so.


For those who love cruising around town in some aesthetic-looking bike, the single-speed e-bike design won’t let you down. A minimalistic design means the bike looks clean, slick, and simple.

In conclusion, should you get a lightweight e-bike? Yes, you should consider getting an e-bike with a freewheel if you want a lightweight, low-maintenance commuting bike without breaking the bank. These bikes are simple and enjoyable, especially when coasting downhill or riding those long miles, you can just free your legs and cruise. And when it comes to getting uphill, this is an opportunity to add a workout routine, move those legs faster and exercise those quad hamstrings and calf muscles!

The only caveat is the freewheel mechanism takes control of the bike from the rider. For those who want to develop a strong connection with the bike by putting thoughts into the pedaling process, the freewheel mechanism is somewhat a let-down. But for cruising long miles or bombing down steep terrains, it is goddamn safer and enjoyable!

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